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 Weather is so aweful last weeks, it's mostly raining and more than 90% humidity. Today the rain finally stopped but it's cold as fuck... 4º C right now and tomorrow it will be colder. For a person without blood in the veins like me, cold days are bad. If one day I go to Indiana to see Michael on winter for sure I won't survive lol. 
Yesterday I got home at 2 p.m. I was tired because the workout on Friday and because I stayed till late watching videos on Instagram  so at 4 p.m. I decided to take a nap. I slept 6 hours and it was so cold that I didn't want to get up. Anyway I was hungry so I got a coffee and some toasts. I wanted to study but nope... lazyness was stronger so I went to bed again. I stayed awake till 4 a.m. chatting with Mike then I fell asleep for 8 more hours. 

I got up and I had another coffee with toasts. I'm frozen but I feel my body can't lay in the bed more time so I will study while cycling on my mini bike.  I will try to work on my website also. Since I'm doing those courses it becomes easier to do whatever I want with websites and this is a good motivation. After improve my skills on web programming I want to do the course for Apps developer, which is the course that Michael is doing. 
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