May. 21st, 2017

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It was a hard week but I've survived!!! I struggle with my depression and anxiety, something that is harder when your hormones are messing with you, but the good thing is that I know perfectly what events cause those issues.

As I said before I'm talking with Michael again, I never give up before try everything. Nothing is fixed yet but we started to do small steps. He told me his fears about our relationship, they are very logic and I have same fears, and we could see what personal things each one need to fix.
I'm confronthing Michael with himself, and of course this make him mad at me. So I started to write in a private journal all that I have inside my mind (even my demonds) for he can understand me better. I always can explain the reasons for my actions, thoughts, opinions, feelings. I'm very honest and I even write why he makes me mad.
He understand my need to know him better (thoughts and feelings) so what he did just surprised me... he started to write about him for me.
I can't say if this will work or not, but at least we are trying.
There are so many hurted people who can't progress with their life because they just try to ignore their feelings...

Yesterday I spent all day long lying in bed and watching Prison Break, so today I did workout to not feel I wasted my weekend. I did also some beauty rutine.

My schlumbergera truncata is blooming

I'll sleep now but this week I need work on my website.


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