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 Day off today, this is how Mondays should be, is not? 
On saturday after work I came home and I did workout, then at 6pm I went to bed for a nap... I passed out until 6 a.m. on Sunday, and of course I was not going to get up so early then I slept for 4 hours more.

I got up and I spent 6 hours cleaning the house. I thought I was going to end exhausted but nope, maybe because the vitamins I started to take but not sure because it is just 2 days taking the pills. I bought some Collagen pills with A, C and E vitamins to see if this help me with my tiredness. Doing workout is a little hard latelly, and I don't want to stop it. I'm trying to improve my eating too, but I guess all this fatigue is because stress is messing with my sleeping. So after cleaned I took a shower and I sat down at the computer to work on my projects.

I worked to optimize my website for SEO, something that can take hours and hours of work. But so far I'm very satisfied with my work, after work on the website code I got 30 more points on the score that Google gives for page speed. The indexation is ok, and I don't have crawl errors. Anyway there is a lot of things I still need to do for SEO, and another sections I want to add to the website.

I said one more time to Michael that I'm serious about working on the mobile application, I don't know what he thinks I can't do many projects same time. That is how I always work, and this is why I use a project manager to track and write down all the tasks I need to do. I will start a course of Design for apps, to see what design program they use, what type of file I need to create, resolutions, etc. I really know nothing about mobile apps.
So far I'm doing 2 courses same time, and that doesn't stress me, in fact I'm excited about learning new skills.

What is stressing me is all the shit that is going on on my work. Last week 2 associate seller leave us. This is not a bad news to be honest, they both were stealing sales to our company, but instead give us a time to look for new sellers they leave us one day to another. And next month another associate seller will leaves the company because we won't renovate his contract since we got this guy stealing sales.
We still have 2 associate sellers who steal sales and I bring a lot of proofs to my boss about this. And I also got proofs that all those fuckers are doing a business together and this is why they suddenly leave us. 
To replace one of those sellers, my boss offered to my coworker who works with me at the office, to be seller. Right now he is meeting clients because there is noone to do that until we hire a new seller. I thought he was happy about this opportunity, sellers really earn so much money in our company, but he told me he won't accept the new job and also he will leave after December.... He said that the money doesn't worth all the stress we have. I'm agree if we talk about our actual salaries, but being seller means earn our salary x 5, and also being associate and not employee. So i can't understand this guys, he won't earn x5 his salary in other place, and since they moved him to my office I just hear him complaining for everything. Being seller is the position he wanted, and now that he got it, he doesn't want anymore.
So, I need to wait he talks to my boss about this, then I can sit with her and see how the hell we will organize the work, because this mean I will be alone in the office without any help if she doesnt hire someone else. She also needs look for at least 3 new sellers and I'm sure the other 2 thief we have left, will leave us soon. And of course they will continue doing damage even after leave us, so I need to think how to minimize that damage. 
My boss told me she is going to hire a sales manager "with universitary title" because our actual sellers don't respect anyone of us. And this manager won't be working with me in the office, he will not have a place, he will be going there and here. If she thinks that a title gives to someone some respect she is wrong. Our sellers don't respect us because she says No and then when sellers complain she changes her mind and then says Yes. All the shit that is going on happens because her lack of control. I understand she is old and she is not a business woman, she was kinder teacher before her husband dies. But she should learn about her mistakes instead repeating them. 
If al this shit is not enought stress for me, we can add the fact that all those sellers that are stealing and leaving us, tried to buy the company 2 years ago. And they are trying that we lose the representation of the brand that whe sell in our country to they get it. In the meanwhile they are trying to make our clients angry with us, promising things that they know we can't fulfill (like inmediate delivery) then when the clients claim they say "I can do nothing, this is the company who doesnt give us a solution" 
In the other hand I don't know what my boss will do when my coworker says to her that he is going to leave us too. I don't fucking know how many months I will keep my work, so you can imagine how stressed I am, but still trying to keep calm at work, and thinking new ways to minimize the damage and keep our clients. 

I'm really pissed about people from my country, many of them are dishonest and the worse is that they justify themselves. This is what u get when there is lack of education. This is what you get when for 12 years a thief ruled the country, and I am not optimist about this will change.
For the people who are still honest this mean we lose a lot of oportunities because dishonest people fucked us in one or other way. I won't care leaving this damned country but I won't ever be like they are. I hate them.

Plans for today is workout, maybe watching the eclipse since this is just 3 minutes (we won't see it from our country), doing some beauty routine, studying and working on my projects. 


Aug. 15th, 2017 12:22 am
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 After almost 10 days being lazy I started to do workout again. I missed it. I was doing very well: 1 hour exercises 3 times at week, 1 hour stationary bike 3 to 4 times at week. 
Latelly I'm sleeping very bad, I wake up many times at night... 4am, 5am, 6am... I think this is because I'm very stressed, too many problems at work... I wonder if doing exercises will help me to sleep better 


Aug. 14th, 2017 10:46 pm
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 I'm working on my website. It's almost done and it will be online this week I think. I'll improve some sections after it be online but so far the website looks pretty decent. 
The project manager is already working and I found it very useful. I also use it to organize the App project with Michael, we are going to make a game for cellphone  I take it easy because I need to learn mobile app design and Michael needs to learn the code to write it. Of course for him it's easier because he is programmer. Yesterday he started to teach me basic programmation, I like studying it with him.

So, I'm doing few courses same time: HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, React and basic programmation. I signed for a course of "Advanced web programmer" in the Technological University which starts in October. It cost $350 and they give a legal certification. In this course I will learn: PHP, MySQL, XML, JSON, Security, errors, Injection SQL, MVC, frameworks, Javascript, JQuery, Jquery UI, Ajax, AngularJS, AngularJS 2 and NodeJS. I don't know if my brain can learn all those things but I'll try. 

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 It had been almost 3 weeks since my last update. I'll try to write few shorts entries because my English is getting worse, I won't be able to write a decent post. I have so much to do this weekend but I want to read about you guys so I will check your journals, but now it is lunch time :)
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 I have not so much to say.. work is stressful. On my free time I do workout 3 at week, stationary bike 3 at week, I'm working on  my website, studying web programming, reading books and watching series.
This week I work from home because I got an ulcer on my eye and I can't use contacts lens. My eyes was swollen and red, now is better. Working from home is great, I wish I could do it always!! Anyways I'm tired, not sure why.
I asked to Dr how much surgery cost... it costs 30.000, stupid expensive. I should ask to mom for borrow me money but not sure, she is in Italy now and I'm sure when she comes back she will say she has no money because the travel. My mother is literally millonary but she always says she has not money... 
About Michael... it doesn't worth writing.

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 Weather is so aweful last weeks, it's mostly raining and more than 90% humidity. Today the rain finally stopped but it's cold as fuck... 4º C right now and tomorrow it will be colder. For a person without blood in the veins like me, cold days are bad. If one day I go to Indiana to see Michael on winter for sure I won't survive lol. 
Yesterday I got home at 2 p.m. I was tired because the workout on Friday and because I stayed till late watching videos on Instagram  so at 4 p.m. I decided to take a nap. I slept 6 hours and it was so cold that I didn't want to get up. Anyway I was hungry so I got a coffee and some toasts. I wanted to study but nope... lazyness was stronger so I went to bed again. I stayed awake till 4 a.m. chatting with Mike then I fell asleep for 8 more hours. 

I got up and I had another coffee with toasts. I'm frozen but I feel my body can't lay in the bed more time so I will study while cycling on my mini bike.  I will try to work on my website also. Since I'm doing those courses it becomes easier to do whatever I want with websites and this is a good motivation. After improve my skills on web programming I want to do the course for Apps developer, which is the course that Michael is doing. 
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 There is a coworker who time to time comes near home after work then he takes me home. Yesterday when we were leaving work I was messing with him when I said: You should take me home!!!! so he told me he was not coming to this place. I replied to him: oh well.... you will get a flat tire! 
The guy said "come on, don't be mean" ... I'm not mean, I said, if I were mean I would say that you are going to crash your car, but I just said you will get a flat tire! 
This morning I got the bus then I saw him there.... OMG... what are you doing here???? I asked. What happend with your car????' 
It took a minute to the guy replied, he was so serious. He said: what do you think that happend? Someone hits my car from behind when I was stopped at the traffic light, and to make it worse there were 2 or 3 cars in front of me so I hit those cars... my car is badly damaged. 
I was speechless. I feel so bad about what I said yesterday! I know this is not my fault but fuck... it is the second person from my work I say something bad joking and then it happens!! And of course my coworkers now call me witch 
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 I was sad because last weekend they were selling gym weights 30% off and I couldn't buy it because I was at the weekend house resting, very far away. Today I went to the supermarket to see how much the weights cost now and I got a better promotion! I got 50% off paying with my credit card 
I wanted a rounded weight to use to do squats but they are avaible in 1kg, 2.5kg and 5 kg. 2.5 seems little and 5kg seems heavy so I bought a russian weight of 4kg and I did my exercises using it. I'm very motivated with workout!!

There is the weight


Now I will start the second course of web programming then sleep.... depression??? anxiety?? was what that???!!!! 
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 I finished my first course of web programming! It was a basic HTML and CSS course that I did to see if I'm able to understand courses on English. I had no problems with it I think because the teacher is latin, so he speaks clearly and not so fast as american people do.
Now I'm going to start the second course, still for beginners but it is about html, css, java, bootstrap, sass, node, mongo and another APIs, and react. It sounds like a lot of new things to learn and this teacher is american sooooo this means he speaks fast  I watched the introduction video and I understand almost everything. We will see if I can follow him. 

Today I did more useful things like designing a new newsletter for my client and I did bike for 1 hour. I feel soooo good with myself! Now it's time to go to bed.
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 I'm so busy with myself that I don't have enough time to write here!. We had a meeting at work last week and I presented a marketing plan so I'm working in extra tasks like advertising, google adwords, updating our website, creating content for facebook, newsletters, etc.

I'm being very disciplined about workout, I do my exercises 3 times and bike 2 times at week or more. I'm burning at least 1500 calories every day but I'm not sure how many calories I earn for eating. The mini bike was a great idea, it motivates me to sit at the computer to do my HTML course while I do exercise. I'm also studying English and listening the audiobook of Narnia which I can understand better than the first time I tried.
Although I drink less coffee and I go to bed earlier I still wake up during the night. Slowly I'm improving my eating... very slowly. And..... still no anxiety!!! 
About men I'm not paying so much attention to them latelly. My ex is texting to me every day, I don't know his real intentions and I don't care. Michael is still lazy trying to force himself time to time to do something. I don't care anymore what he does and what he doesn't, that is not my business. I have no plans with him, just with myself and it feels great
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 I used the mini bike while I studied web programming. They are the status:

Time: 42 minutes
Distance: 0.544 km
Count: 2864
Calories: 218

and while I was doing another useful thing! I think I'll love this bike. 
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Today I got my mini exercise bike! I was a little afraid of buying that online because people are not careful with the shipping then you can receive your order broken, but my order was fine!

The bike is very easy to assemble and works perfectly. It does not slide with movement and it has a display to count the time, calories, distance, counts and total counts. Now I feel motivate to sit at the computer and work in the websites or to do my courses

I said to mom that I had to buy this because she took her bike back but I don't care because her bike makes my butt hurts and she says the same happens to her .. that is what I hate about bikes.

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They are the goals of today:
  • Waking up 6 a.m. for workout
  • Having a healthy breakdast
  • Taking care of how I look before leave home (ya I did girl things!!!) 
  • Drinking just 1 coffee and 2 liters of water
  • Studying English and web programming
  • Reading a book before sleep
  • Going to bed before midnight
Small things that makes my day great and motivate me for tomorrow  


Jul. 3rd, 2017 10:45 pm
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One of the things that stress provokes on me is skin allergy. I have tried a lot of different brands of face creams, expensives, hypoallergenics, etc. I couldn't find a cream to moisture my face and using make up was worse because it made my skin get more dehydrated and it looks cakey. The only that really worked for my skin is Korean brands. They are excellent, cheap and they use the best natural ingredients.

Few months ago I went to eBay and I bought some creams from Korea to try 

For the night rutine I'm using
Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream by Mizon for my eyes zone
All in one Snail Repair Cream by Mizon which cured my allergy
I use eos lips balm but that is not from korea

For the day I use
Hyaluronic acid 100 by Mizon which helps the skin to retain water
After that I use the snail cream for humect the skin and a FPS 50 if this is summer

Every 2 weeks I'm using
Tomatox by TonyMoly, a cream for face massages which containg tomato extrated. It vitalizes and clarify the skin.
Black Out Pore by Secret Key, this is a cream of activated charcoal for cleaning and minimizing pores. This is not the peel off cream, that one hurts. This one you wash with warm water when it get dry.
Therapy Air masks by Etude House, it's a face mask that you can get in more than 15 varieties and all of them are awesome. They cost 1usd or less and trust me, they are amazing!

I also use Gold Premium First eye patch to keeps skin moist and clear, this has colloidal gold components. Another thing I use so much is aloe vera. I take it directly from the plant.
I do a peeling on my face using mandelic acid, this minimize pores and renews the skin.

After try all those creams I can say I won't ever buy again a cream from Vichy, Loreal, Estee Lauder , etc.

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 I woke up at 6 a.m. to do workout!!! and it feels sooooo good! Seems I had more energy than at night although I didn't eat nothing before the exercises. It's cold today but after the first exercise I was sweating, something that hardly ever happens to me.
I took a shower then I had fruits, cereals, yogurth and toast for breakfast. I also had time to use make up before get ready for work 

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 It was a good week. I didn't feel anxious at all, it is my second week without anxiety?
It was a normal week at work. I'm working with my boss in different strategies to reactivate the sales. Because I am also who design our websites, newsletter, brochures, etc she told me if I need to work overtime at home she will pay me for this 
I did workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It seems I'm doing well because I can feel some pain on my muscles.. not that kind of pain when you get injured but some pain that make you know you worked your body... like Eminem's song says: a beautiful kind of pain! For tomorrow I'm going to try to wake up at 6 a.m. to do workout before go to work, let's see if I'm able to get up when it is cold.
In order to be able to do exercises without feel exhausted, I'm trying to improve my eating. I want to eat more vegetables and fruits and I need to have decent breakfast. Last 2 days I had fruits, yogurth, cereals and toast. I don't think I can eat eggs at morning but fruits is something that my body accept without get sick. And it looks very delicious for me!

Mike and I calculated how many calories it has and this breakfast has around 300-400 cal and all is non fat. I know nothing about nutrition but I guess it is good food to get energy at morning to face the day. 
ANother thing I have to do about my health is drinking less coffee. I know I have wrote this a lot of times on this journal, but I really need do it. I researched why my vertebral discs are dehydrated and if there is something I can do to hydrate them again. And guess what? vertebral discs get hydrated by the water you drink, and obviously they get dehydrated for the same reason all your body get dehydrated too, so this mean that if you drink much coffee, alcohol, you smoke, etc etc your body and the discs will lose water.  
I started to drink 3 big cups of coffee every day (sometimes 4 or 5) because my eating and sleeping are bad, and I use coffee to get fast energy (and I love how it taste to be honest). Althought I drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water my body is dehydrated always. I need pee every 1-2 hours. The good thing is that I dont suffer fluid retention even on summer but the bad thing is that this affect my whole body. I start to drink collagen again and I'm going to cut slowly the coffee. If I can wake up early to have a healthy breakfast I can skip the first coffee. The second coffee I can replace for green tea and just drink the coffee I have at 3 p.m., when I start to feel sleepy at work. It seems stupid that I can't stop drinking coffee but I think I'm addicted, so I need to stay strong to get this goal. 
Yesterday I cleaned the house even when I felt tired, I'm happy I did so today I can spend my time on beauty rutine and do my HTML course. At night I worked on the website of my client with the last changes he asked me to do and I studied English. Mike invited me to watch together the last chapter of dragon Ball and I did, I like this anime. I fell asleep 2 a.m.
Today I woke up 8.30 a.m. on panic because I was late for work, it took me few minutes to understand why I didn't set any alarm for wake up... it's Sunday I fell asleep again until 1 p.m. then I got up and I had a delicious breakfast (and after it I had a coffee )

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 I did potato and meat cake.. it weighed 2kg and we were 2 for dinner I guess tomorrow I'll have the same for lunch lol... it's delicious
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 My boss kicked one associate seller... about time she does it! She asked to my coworker if he wants move to live in that province and be seller, he said yes It's good and bad... bad because for some time I'll be alone for doing everything until we hire someone who works with me in the office and I have to train a person, but good because my coworker is not good for managment tasks. I hope he really moves there and if I'm lucky I'll get a smart coworker 


Jun. 29th, 2017 01:36 pm
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 I want to try to wake up earlier then do workout in the morning before go to work. This means I should get up 6am, and prolly will feel a little sleepy during the day, but I think I'll have more energy at morning than at 8pm. If I can do that, I can have better breakfast... yogurth, fruits, toast, eggs or cheese and coffee, or things like that instead just tea and some cookies. And also if I have time left I can start using all the make up I have which I hardly ever use because I wake up with time just to drink a tea and get dressed 
I was going for a walk on my lunch time to compensate my lack of movement but it's winter so it's cold and raining  Mom lent me her stationary bike but she wanted it again so yesterday I was looking how much they cost and I found a mini pedal exerciser which is cheaper (usd 50 agaisnt 200$ or more for a bike) and perfect for a small department, so I bought it and they already  sent it this morning  I'll get this in 2 or 3 days. 
This is what I bought, you can regulate it for more resistance: 

And this is the workout sessions last week :D

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Yday Florencia and Melina came home and since we were kinda bored they painted a strand of my hair with blue color. First we made it blonde then we painted with blue.
I don't think I will be blonde ever but the color was pretty nice on me, girls liked it and they said it looks honey instead yellow.
The blue strand is very nice and not flashy, it's hard to see it on my head because I have so much hair! I like it

pics arent good cuz it was at night and light is bad

Pics here )


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