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 I installed an app on my cellphone to improve my talking. It's called "English Conversation" and I like it so much! it's simple and efective. It has a lot of conversations that you can listen to and then you choose a person to replace. You can also record the conversation then few weeks later you can hear it to check if you have improved your talking.  Each conversation has a quiz to check your understanding. I did the first convo today, how awful is listening to myself talking so bad!! but it's ok, I'll become better soon 

Google fit

Apr. 21st, 2017 09:36 pm
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I see that the app I installed to register my physical activity show me how many calories I burn even doing the basical bodily functions. So I was wonder how many calories I should eat. I've never worried about diets, calories, weight, etc. so I had no idea about it. I got some calculator online and it says I should eat 2000 calories to keep my weight and 1500 if I want to lose 1.1lbs in a week. 

So, how to know how many calories I eat every day? My first thought was: if coffee has so many calories I'm really fucked up, so I researched about that and.... it has not calories!!!!!  if I add coffecream: 20 kcal. sugar 30 kcal. So, drinking 3 cups of coffee at work = 90 kcal. Coffee I drink at home at weekends: 50 kcal each. 

I researched the calories of all the food I eat and I think I eat less than 1500-1600 kcal every day, maybe it explains why I don't get fat and why I'm always tired when I try to do workout. The app shows I burn 1400-1500 kcal every day this week. Not sure if it's ok that I eat the same than I burn, if this healthy?
Anyway I won't start to calculate the calories of every single thing I eat, I was just curious about the numbers the app shows.


Apr. 12th, 2017 09:59 pm
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Today I didn't go to work for health issues so I've been working on the website. I setted a lot of things. I will keep working on it this weekend, I want finish it fast to get the payment. Tomorrow I work just until 2pm then I don't go to work until Monday because Easter  

A friend told me about some app to earn money filling survey. I instaled it on my 2 cellphones and earned 4usd in just 5 days. The surveys usually pay 1usd but sometimes you can get surveys wich pay 5usd. They pay by paypal every time you complete a survey (it can take 1 or 3 days sometimes, or few hours). I checked what functions the app uses from my phone and it use just the storage (because they will make you add a picture or video always) and contacts.
If someone wanna try it, the application is called Streetbees, and you can also add my referral code 9113LC (not sure if you get something for it but anyway you can install the app without enter any referral code)
I was about to install another app wich everybody say they really pay but when I checked, before download it, the permissions that you have to give to the app I changed my mind, because that app get the control of ALL your phone, even mic and camera. No thanks.
In the other hand today I sold some stuff in the auction website, and I still have a lot of products to post.
Talking about money, 2 coworkers (fat boy and ex sales manager) will start a new service business together and they want I make the website, newsletter, etc. 

I need to make time to start studying English again, and to practise it. It will help me with business too. 

I'm cooking spinach pie for dinner, it taste delicious! After eat I will play a little with Michael then sleep.
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I found this application for Android called Eljay to update journals like Livejournal, Dreamwidth, deadjournal and Insanejournal.
The style options when you create a post are just Bold and Italic. You can add a link and 'Read More'. Crossposting works. You can link an user too. But I don't see an option to add images. There is the only bad thing I found so fat. If anyone know how to add a pic please let me know.


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