Beach day!

Mar. 30th, 2017 08:38 pm
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 Since we woke up early, we decided to go to the beach. The weather is great since we arrived to Florida, always warm and no rain at all. 
We went again to Clearwater, it's like 2 hours driving, maybe more, not sure, but traffic wasn't so bad.This time Mike took another road to go there.

Some ships

I was wondering if there are any bus service and how it looks when we saw one, they look very different than here

The entrance of a beach next to the one that we were

This time the beach was more crowd than 2 days ago, I guess this is because we got there earlier. We put our towels on the sand and lie down, and guess what? Mike fell asleep 

I let him sleep a little while I was reading my book, then we went to the water. Again it was cold but I forced Mike to stay more time inside, what is the point to go to the beach if you won't swim??!!
After it we walked to a store next to the beach but we didn't like nothing there to eat. We were sunbathing again when I saw a pirate ship in the water. 

Mike told me that is the ship they used to film Pirates of the Caribbean... of course I didn't believe it! He's always tryng to trick me and always fails but we have fun in this way.
After we left the beach we started to drive back to Kissimmee but we stopped twice. One of them I can't give details here but now in our to-do list we have 1 less thing left   .

This is a pic I took in that place, the ocean is on the side of the road

The second time we stopped at some store wich sell stuff for offices. We picked 2 folders for our cards, Mike chose one blue and I chose purple. They are perfect for cards because are 3" for 650 sheets. We bought also some Sharpie markers wich I wanted, pens and paper.

Since we still have pizza we didn't need buy food today. So we went back to the hotel and we played cards. My deck is done finally! and isn't so bad how I expected, infact I'm beating Mike muahahaha 

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 We woke up early (well almost noon) to go to the beach. After coffee, we took our books, towels and something to drink, then we drove to Clearwater beach, on Tampa. It was sunny and hot, a perfect day!
We got there at 3pm. I think this time were more people than last year. 

We rent chairs and we lie a little, the sun felt very nice. After a while we went to the water. It was colder than in August and with some waves, but very clean. After few minutes inside, I stopped feeling cold and we had fun doing our usual stupid things :P
When we had enough in the water, we went out and we lie down a little more, then I forced Mike to go for a walk. I feel again that americans are very nice people, at least in Florida. I didn't see any woman trying to get attention showing her body, or men acting like superstarts, something typical in my country. People like saying funny things to others and Mike is always joking with everybody, it makes me never uncomfortable or ashame.

birds looking for something to eat

We tried to take some pics but I always ruin all the pics closing my eyes or because I look dumb... so I just post this pic of Mike kissing me because he's so cute

At 6pm we were starving so we left the beach and we drove back to Kissimmee.

We went to the game store to buy more cards... and card sleeves... and deck boxes... and dices!!! I got some Pop games toys of League of Legens for Flor.


When we back in the hotel Mike cooked a delicious meat and I made a salad with spinach, carrot and baby tomato. After it I continued making my deck wich again I could finish. Here my stuff

We played untill 6am then we went to bed, this game is really funny!

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Today we woke up early again, our last day to do things ermm.gif
We decided go to the beach but today we pick another one more near. It's was raining but in the place we want go it's sunny... yes Florida has a crazy weather.
First we went to Ulta very fast then Mike stopped in a Car service to fix something. While they worked in the car we went to buy something to drink. When we went back to the car services they were still working. It took like 2 hours to they let the car ready wallbash.gif
When we left the place it's was raining hard.

We drove to Cocoa Beach. The place is a little different to Clearwater. It's more similar to our villages near the beach but more nice.

Mike told me that there in the ocean are dolphins but I saw none. We were hungry so we was looking for a place to eat. First we stopped in Dunkin' Donuts as usual to get our coffee (I think the flavor is Macchiato). It's was hot as hell that we be able to drink it 2 hours after bought the coffee animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif and they made it terrible. In the store they had a beautiful, perfect, big ceramic mug and I didn't buy it wallbash.gif I think I could get it in Kissimmee but nope, they have another cups more small 128fs4765852.gif
The mug was like this

We went to Outback SteakHouse to eat because Mike wanted meat. The place is really nice. I like eating with Mike because he get always delicious food/drinks. Mike orderer Aussie Cheese Fries, wich are covered with Monterrey Jack cheese, cheddar and bacon. Love this fries

I had Grillen chicked with BBQ sauce and seasonal mixed veggies. Mike had some steak with sauce and fries.

I drank just water as usual I do with food but Mike was drinking Ice tea with lemon or something like this wich taste so good that I stole a little from it. Next vacations I will let Mike order everything to me lol

After the late lunch we had our coffee in the car and it was still hot!!! So i drank it while we were going to the beach. That was a private beach from a hotel that I don't know the name. Cocoa isn't so beautiful as Clearwater is. The sand isn't 100% white and the ocean has waves, whereby, the water is a little turbid. I think water is more warm than in Clearwater so we enjoyed it anyway. And we had fun catching crabs!!! There were many crabs, littles and big.

This one bit Mike on his finger hahahaha

There were not many people because it's a private beach, perfect for me Just_Cuz_13.gif

After the beach, we went to Ron Jon Surf shop, I bought a bikini and Mike found a shirt that he likes so much :)

Mike took me to a big Shopping but it was closed then we went back to the hotel.

Beach Day

Aug. 16th, 2016 10:26 pm
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Today we woke up a little more early, but as usual we take our time to be lazy, caress, kisses, sex, and shower. When we ready we decide go to beach. I choose Clearwater Beach, best beach ever I've seen... love it!!!!! Took like 2 hours get the beach but it worth.
We stopped in CVS to buy some beach towels, drinks and sunscreen then we went to the beach.
As its name suggests, the weater is very very clear and warn, no waves and the sand is white. There are just few people, something that make me love more this place.

We took a place in the sand for our things then went into the water. We had a lot of fun together doing stupid games, and the funny thing was when some seagulls stole the bread i had in my bag!!!! A man who was near our stuff tried to drive away the seagulls but they are expert thieves so I lost my delicious pizza bread happy0196.gif
After a long time inside the water we went out and lay in the towels. Mike made me try a Bud Light Beer with lime... I don't like beer at all but it was very good! I drank it all. We took pics of us

Then a stupid storm ruined our beach day 128fs4765852.gif

We had to ran back to the car and we went to Kissimee again. But in the way we stop in Buffalo Wild Wings to buy the Mike's fav chicken. He chose for me Honey BBQ sauce and we bought french fries.. i loved it .. I will get fat if we keep eating in this way!

And ofc we eat it watching Sillicon Valley, that serie is genial, Mike laugh so much watching it and I love when he is relaxed and happy

After it well... i keep some details in private posts blush.gif


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