Jul. 3rd, 2017 10:45 pm
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One of the things that stress provokes on me is skin allergy. I have tried a lot of different brands of face creams, expensives, hypoallergenics, etc. I couldn't find a cream to moisture my face and using make up was worse because it made my skin get more dehydrated and it looks cakey. The only that really worked for my skin is Korean brands. They are excellent, cheap and they use the best natural ingredients.

Few months ago I went to eBay and I bought some creams from Korea to try 

For the night rutine I'm using
Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream by Mizon for my eyes zone
All in one Snail Repair Cream by Mizon which cured my allergy
I use eos lips balm but that is not from korea

For the day I use
Hyaluronic acid 100 by Mizon which helps the skin to retain water
After that I use the snail cream for humect the skin and a FPS 50 if this is summer

Every 2 weeks I'm using
Tomatox by TonyMoly, a cream for face massages which containg tomato extrated. It vitalizes and clarify the skin.
Black Out Pore by Secret Key, this is a cream of activated charcoal for cleaning and minimizing pores. This is not the peel off cream, that one hurts. This one you wash with warm water when it get dry.
Therapy Air masks by Etude House, it's a face mask that you can get in more than 15 varieties and all of them are awesome. They cost 1usd or less and trust me, they are amazing!

I also use Gold Premium First eye patch to keeps skin moist and clear, this has colloidal gold components. Another thing I use so much is aloe vera. I take it directly from the plant.
I do a peeling on my face using mandelic acid, this minimize pores and renews the skin.

After try all those creams I can say I won't ever buy again a cream from Vichy, Loreal, Estee Lauder , etc.

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Yday Florencia and Melina came home and since we were kinda bored they painted a strand of my hair with blue color. First we made it blonde then we painted with blue.
I don't think I will be blonde ever but the color was pretty nice on me, girls liked it and they said it looks honey instead yellow.
The blue strand is very nice and not flashy, it's hard to see it on my head because I have so much hair! I like it

pics arent good cuz it was at night and light is bad

Pics here )
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 I've stopped doing the bikini body guide since few weeks until get more resistance, so I'm doing bike and squats. I realize that even when I do more and more squats I don't get the butt I want  I went to youtube and I watch some exercises to get a rounder butt, I tried it and finally I feel I'm training all the muscles of my butt  I will keep doing those exercises and add push up and abs.

Few days ago I bought some beauty stuff online. I got the order today. It's shea butter, coconut oil, mandelic acid, kojic acid, C and E vitamin and collagen. 

16 days to see mike again. He starts feeling nervous, I don't. I'm very happy and planning all the things we will do together this time.
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My actual face routine

Once a week:

Peel off mask
Apply ice

Every day:

Aloe vera
Moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid for the day
Snail cream and Collagen eyecream for the night
Wash face twice a day
Makeup remover

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2 aspirin
Coconut oil
E vitamin
Baking soda
Rosehip oil

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After 3 months waiting, I got my lipstick order from ColourPop Cosmetics. My order arrived to my country in just 2 weeks but they hold this for almost 3 months in the Customs then made me pay taxes like all that we buy from other countries.
My order was perfectly wrapped and it has a card inside

The colors I bought this time

Click to see the swatchs )
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 What the hell is wrong with this year???  I can't believe all the shit that is going on.  As if the rob were not enough, last saturday night Flor called me to say someone was trying to go into her house and she didn't know what to do! I called the police and a taxy, then I called her to say I was on my way.  Suddenly Flor heard noise at the door again then I couldn't hear her anymore, I just heard like someone yelling. I was on panic, running to the taxy, screaming on the phone... the call ended. I tried to call her but phone was off or out service, I tried again, and again and again... then Flor answered. Communication was distorted and make that noise... god I almost had heart attack! 
When I got her house police were there... 4 patrol cars. They didn't find anyone around but I take Flor to my house. I don't know if what they heard was real, but I knew something was wrong. I found what it is yesterday. It worries me and hurts me so much. So I'm thinking how to help her.
I'm not sure what I will to do about her situation yet. She is going to ruin her life and of course she won't admite it. But all of this is more than I can hold right now. Too much stress, too many issues... and it's hard dont fall into depression. I fight against my mind to stay strong, to keep calm, to have a positive attitude. But this got fucked up when a motorcycle hit me this morning!!! This mother fucker didn't stop at the red light when I was crossing the street!!!! Son of bitch, I didn't fall down but he hit my arm badly,  my neck and back hurt because I pushed him away with all my strength. Really????? I had to had an accident too?????  well... at least it was not serious. But I feel dizzy all the morning and body hurt... it was hard to work. Michael tried to do my day better but i got a better way to change my day.

After work I went shooping then I got home. I rest a little and I did workout, I took a shower and I took care of myself. If you are sad... GO SHOPPING!!! 

Yes, I went to Avon shop again. The liquid soap disappoint me a little. I thought the smell was going to stay on my skin but it is mild.Anyway this soap is moisturizer and i like it . The clear skin I will know if this work after try it for few days. The peel of mask is so weird! it seems like glue when I put on my skin, but seems it works. The argan and coconut oil I just bought it cuz the smell >.< it makes me remember the days on the beach with Mike.

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 Since I'm soooooo stressed cuz work, I went to beauty store to spend some money... ya I don't know why it works for women    
I got some body spray, nailpolish and cuticle remover from Avon Shop wich is GREAT.... all of them. The body spray is a sweet fragance of pink bouquet and ambar,  really nice. The cuticle remover is my new favorite product for hands. It really works! it let my cuticles very moisturized, and it cost less than 3 usd.  Anyway I want to try the remover from Sally Hansen too, I think it can be very superior.

Next week i think I will buy shoes. Ah!!! talking about shopping FINALLY I'm going to get my order from COLOURPOP in the following days. I did the order in September... I got it 3 months after stupid country.
But this means that I'll get all the make up Michael sent to me in 1 or 2 months 
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Day off. I dyed my hair with natural color, just to hide white hair, I did good job bbg.jpg Then I did my eyebrows. After this I started again my workout Guide. It was leg days and I did all the exercises, but I failed again with food. It's 8pm and I didn't eat nothing today, I had just 2 coffee with cookies. Despite I did all the exercises I end without energy. I will cook now while I learn the rules to play Magic cards. I'm happy, it was a useful weekend jurassic-park.jpg

This is how my hair looks

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Few days ago Mike got my box from the Korean seller wich sell beauty stuff in eBay. I bought Tomatox Magic Massage pack by Tonymoly, Snail repair cream by Mizon and Black Out Pore Minimizing by Secret Key.
Tomato cream is for clean the skin, moisturizing, anti-oxidant, purifying, and whitening. I read a lot of positive reviews about this cream. Mike opened it and he said the cream smell very good.
Snail Repair cream, I already have this but it's almost gone. It has a lot of benefits and so far this is the only cream that really moisturize my skin. Since i'm using I just have allergy time to time in my face.
Black Out Pore Minimizing is a cream with charcoal, garlic, sugar, sesame, etc. It is for minimize pores but I'm not sure if they send me the original or what happens because mike told me that cream is white... and it supposed to be black. Anyways is not the mask wich get dries and you have to pull out, this one when it dries you have to wash your face with warm water. I will not be sure if this product is original until March when I see Mike again ermm.gif I bought before from this seller and all was fine, I hope he still selling original products

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A mate from English class told me if I give to him a neutral face cream he will add Hyaluronic Acid to it... free!!! jurassic-park.jpg
I bought few months ago a serum with this acid, from Mizon, a Korean brand wich is very good. The man told me that this acid helps the skin to retain moisture so I use first a cream with snail extract then the serum with hyaluronic acid. It makes my face feel softer and smoother... and I'm going to get more acid free Just_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gif

That is wich I'm using now


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