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 Today I was walking to work when 2 kittens started to follow me! It was raining and their mom wasn't around, maybe because in that place are a lot of cats living in the vacant lands, then I took the kittens to my work. I looked for their mom but no cats around.  

I took they in a box, I gave them milk to drink because I didn't have any food for cats, and since my boss wasn't there I let them stay inside. The black cat, male, couldn't stay quiet for long. The gray cat, female, is very quiet and  look at him like "omg, boys so retard". She just wants sleep and caress, but him wanna run from here to there, climb, jump, bite things (including my fingers) etc.
I think they are just 2 or 3 weeks old. The black one tried to leave the box for a while then they took a nap... this is like they sleep, so lovely!

I took they to my office after lunch to play with them a little, this helped me to relax. Gray cat slept on me but the black couldn't stay quiet! he climb to my desk and started to walk over the keyboard and the papers. He also climb on me..... boys!!!!

She is so cute!!!

I'm trying to find owner to the cats but I had to take them to my house today, I won't let them in the street again! Flor will care the kittens till we get new owner for them.

I really want keep they with me, but landlord doesn't let me have pets in the flat 

These babies made my day 

New Year

Jan. 1st, 2017 11:28 pm
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 Nothing memorable about the first day of 2017. Hot day, swimming pool closed, bored as hell. As usual when we together my sister got jealous nonstop then she made argument and complained about everything. I went for a walk and was sitting outside most of the time. At night mom decided she was not coming back home then she called a taxy for we come back, so basically I stay all day long there for nothing 
This is why I don't like spending time with my small family, they mostly care about themselves and argue all the time, I don't like them but no point talk shit here. 
The best of this weekend: the swimming pool and the kitty, I had nice time playing with it.


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