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 Finally Friday!!!! this week I worked so hard. I'm dealing with a lot of issues at work and trying to fix it with my boss. I had a meeting with her today and I told her almost all I think and all we have to care and pay attention. I also spoke to her about my coworker attitude, we need work like a team and i won't let anyone fuck my work up. But I try to bring to her solutions instead keep focus in the mistakes company did.

At night I went to the mall to have some fun. It is some Christmas tree and crappy decoration I found there

I bought a book for Martu and my mom got a book for Flor, then we went to eat something there. Girls ate in Burguer King, mom got some sausage with fries and I got chicken sandwich.

Then we went to Starbucks to drink Frapuccinos

Mine was raspberry with green tea :)
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I had a quiet and nice Christmas. I went upstair to mom's flat and we have dinner together. It was meat with potatos and some sauce. To drink we chose Champagne. Kitty was playing with the head of some doll, he is so cute. I really want a cat but to have one I need keep the windows and balcony closed to the cat doesn't jump and I don't want keep all closed.
We spoke random things about work, men, family, etc. At midnight we had toast then we went to the balcony to see the fireworks. Ppl burned fireworks for almost 40 minutes. Was really nice to see.
I stayed there till 2am then I came back home and Mike started to teach me how to play Magic Cards. At 5am I went to the bed and I slept till 3pm.

Our Table

Out dinner!

Merry Christmas!


I wanted to do some nails design to Christmas but the white nailpolish I bought is very very poor quality and this doesn't dry. I got pissed about this and I had to change my design 128fs4765852.gif
This one I did isn't funny like the one I want to do

Of course I didn't get the Christmas gift that Michael sent me yet. It will take at least 2 months more to Customs decide give me it. Mike is pissed about this, sadly I'm resigned to things work in this way in this stupid country. I got a new bag wich I like so much! is big so I can carry all my shit there.

And this is my Xmas tree wich I don't like this year because I had to use multicolor lights, so I didn't decorate it with love

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It's really boring the way that American ppl celebrate the Chritsmas!! They do nothing at 24th... they wake up at 25th then open gifst, have breakfast and lunch together and it is all.
I like more the way we celebrate Chritsmas here. The 24th December we have dinner with family and/or friends. We usually eat coold food because we are on summer, and it's 30+ but we also like eating barbecue! for dessert we like icecream and fruit salad. Then at midnight we have toast, we kiss and hug each other saying Merry Christmas! and we open gifts. We have fireworks show then we stay at the table drinking sider, champagne, eating almonds, nuts, panettone, etc. The next day people usually have lunch together with the relatives they couldn't see the last day. We do the same for New year but without open gifts.
Mike think my Christmas are better and he wants to try it happy0196.gif
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Last days I've been busy at work. I got another business that ex sales manager and seller do to steal money. I didn't talk to my boss about this yet, I will wait after holidays to let her have a break. I'm going to need a break too, god, I'm stressed as hell for all this situation and another personal issues. And the bad thing is if I take my pills to relax it makes me fall asleep and be late to work... if I don't take it I can't sleep and the stress make me depressed. 128fs4765852.gif I think if I start workout again it will help me to take the stress away.
I got my bonus and my commissions, so I could buy whatever I wanted to give away for Christmas. Martu will get a electronic keyboard wich I'm sure she will love. To Flor, a new computer bbg.jpg Mom is the harder person to buy something because she has everything and more, and in her last vacations in Dubai she bought a lot of things.. iPhone7, perfums, clothes, shoes, etc. But 2 days ago she said she's bored at weekend house because no internet there and she doesn't have any book to read, then I take her to the bookshop and I made her to choose some books. She was happy with this idea.
I want to use Martu's keyboard to learn to play lol

Next week I'll get things for me. I don't like doing shopping on Christmas week because a lot of people in the stores and the street

Xmas gift

Dec. 5th, 2016 01:49 pm
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Good news! Michael is going to get the box today!!!!!! I tracked the order and it is out for delivery. I'm so happy! 

Xmas gift

Nov. 29th, 2016 06:24 pm
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Today Mike found a new electric toothbrush that he would like to have, he said he should get it for himself as xmas gift sooooo I went fast to amazon and I bought it for him 😊 When he realized what I was doing he told me to not get it because it is expensive but I don't care!!! I really want get something for him and it wast almost 200usd wich I can afford to spend for him 🤑 I paid also for they prepare it as gift and I added a card. So bad Mike didn't tell me before about this brush then I could get it without he realizes, but anyway I'm happy cuz he will get smt from me that he will love. The brush seems very nice and it has bluetooth. It save alot of info about how you brush your teeth, where place of your mouth you do more or less preassure, etc. It is Oral-B 8000 Genious Pro.
He will get the gift in 1 week 😻
The good about this gift is that he will uses it every day 😊


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