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Nov. 8th, 2016 11:51 am
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My boyfriend and I like game cards... he has many dufferent cards and he wants we play Magic Cards but I don't have. He is going to buy cards for me but he told me he has to control himself to not cheat me opening it and looking if I get better cards than him 😂 what a fucker!!!! And I know he is talking seriously. So we did a "deal", if I get a special awesome pro card I will sell it 😒
I really dont care, I just want play with him because I enjoy so much the things we do together. He also used to collect coins like me! But this fucker is always awesome in all that he does and ofc he has real collection coins.
Some of his cards

Coins wich a human never touch


Oct. 18th, 2016 10:38 am
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After workout I took a shower and got something to eat. Again I didn't pack nothing yesterday, it was Mike's bday and I wanted stay with him. But at least I washed some curtains. Today after work I'm going to English class so again I will not pack nothing. I will try to wash the rest of the curtains, then the pillows, blankets, etc because I want have everything clean when I move to the new house.
I'm very delayed with my English homework, it piss me off but I try to not push myself, I have enough stress since 2 months.
I will try to go to the Spa for massages in November 5th or 12th. And start using the sauna in our weekend house. In December the pool will be open so I guess i will can relax at year-end.
A new goal for the next year is learning to drive, since I'm going to live in the same building that mom live and she has her car there. She always tell me I nead learn to can use her car, so let's do it.
This issue about throwing everything or given things away become a necessity. I did it with my clothes, few days after I checked clothes again and I throw more things, and I will do it again in few days because I know I'm still keeping clothes that I will not use at all.
I decide also I will give away most of my blankets and buy new one in the next winter. I will change crockery and cookware.
But I still don't decide what I will do with my manga collection books. Sell it? This is just a part of my collection.

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Today I was throwing things in the trash when I found my old drawings and another stuff I collected. This isn't all that I have ofc and I don't know if I will continue saving it.
Some drawings from games (Lineage II, Ultima Online, etc)

Stickers Collection

Diary Collection

Still missing my Coins collection and Pencil&Pen Collection


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