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Last 2 days I worked 16 hours or more every day. Neck and back hurt as fuck but the website is almost done. Yesterday Flor wanted to eat pizza with me but I told her I should work, so she came to home and we have dinner together. She gave me some massages but it was not enough... I won't get ride of this pain until I stop using the computer few days, something that won't happens. And the stress... always messing with me.

Michael had a car accident yesterday. Some woman who was talking by phone while driving hit Mike's car. He was on rage and very frustrated because fixing the car will cost like 1000 bucks. Here if the drivers have insurance they pay the service to fix the car but Michael told me there insurance won't pay 100% of that  

Today I got home from work then I continued working in the website. I did a pause to drink coffee and look Instagram very fast, and of course I ended up stucked on cats pic for at least 20 min 
At 9pm I was done with the website and very tired but anyways I forced myself to do 1 hour workout and stretching. My back feels better but I can't relax my neck so prolly I'll take pills tonight. There isn't desire to cook, I'll get a soup then lay on bed and watch Prison Break until fall asleep. 
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 The client answered my mail. He says I'm doing very well and he's happy to see I understand what he wants. He see I take care of many details that he hasn't even think. He likes the website and soon he will send me the info that I asked to end the work. He said: excelent work! 

I'm so happy!!! 
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 Yesterday I worked all day long with the website. I fixed a lot of things. When Michael woke up from his nap, at 10pm, he wanted to play together. I tried, but I left 30 min later. I really don't want spend time on games when I can use that time to relax or earn money. He needs pay bills to get ride of some person but he use all his free time to nap and play games. I understand perfectly that his work makes him tired, it really squeeze his brain. But it's time he stop feeling sorry for himself and fix his issues. He needs to leave his comfort zone. I'm moving on with him or without.

I worked again all day long in the website. I did all that the customer asked me to do. Now I need he send me the rest of the information to finish it. I hate that customers are so slow to send all the information, they pretend I write about their business when I don't know what they do, and anyway my work is about DESIGN, unless they hire me to be their SEO, SEM, community manager or something else. I can't understand how people start a company and can't explain what they do, how they work, what services they offer, why someone has to choose they instead the competition, etc in a professional way.  I should open an adviser's business and start earning money of something that for now I do free. 

I will cook pizza then watch series or movies. I'm a little pissed, this weekend I decided to look for something to watch on Netflix after weeks that I watch nothing, then I watched 2 movies that I had already watched before: Da Vince Code, and Angels and Demons. Maybe I will write down all the movies I watch to avoid waste the few free time I have. 


Feb. 12th, 2017 07:09 pm
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 The first newsletter is done, but of course I would have to do many changes before we start this campaing. I can't understand how people want I do their newsletters without give me the info that they want it contain. It's is for a course but they didn't tell me when the course starts, if they want I add the topics or not, etc etc. I included random info to show them the design. 


Feb. 11th, 2017 11:43 pm
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 Today I took Martu to the cinema, we watched Lego Batman 3D. I was ready to get bored as fuck but it was funny and Martu enjoyed it so much because we never went alone to the cinema 

When I got home I tried to work, but I couldn't... I do not feel inspired to design, so I drank coffee and watched the movie "In time" with Justim Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. It got 4 and 1/2 stars. I don't think it's great but at least this serve to recreate my view.... he's sexy lol
Now I'm trying to design a newsletter and of course, I had another coffee 


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