Jan. 28th, 2017 08:33 pm
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 After exercise on the bike I fell asleep. O had a dream full of randoms things. I was in a place where sometimes was a place to learn, like a school or institute, and sometimes it was a place for work. I was with a little girl. I went to the first floor, prolly to take a class but the first floor was unstable, it moves to side to side. I thought "fuck it" and left the class, then I started to look for the little girl. She was barefoot... there were a lot of shoes but I couldn't find her shoes. While I was going to the other side of the building, a boy who was doing his makeup while a girl was taking pics of him, came to me and he made up my eyes. I went into a room, it was an office. My coworker, ex sales manager, was there talking on phone. A woman came in and asked for change. I gave her few coins. It was time to leave work, 6.15pm. I saw a girl who was sitting on the lap of an almost naked man. Took me few seconds to understand that the man was nebulized her. I open a refri to check if the things I had there was fine to the girl eat, but nope... all were ruined. When I left, another girl doing make up did my eyes but this time she used yellow and green color... and the eyeshadow was like a cream... it was horrible and she did awful job. Thanks God I woke up.

I had fan on because it's hot today... 82º. But my body goes so slow and dead when I lay/sleep that I'm cold. I wish to be normal 


Dec. 9th, 2016 07:17 pm
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I had a lot of weirs dreams.. I also woke up after every dream.
I remember just 2. One dream.. I was chatting with Mike then he sent to me a screenshot of the game. In the screen I saw he was in party with someone, low lvl toons, but I could see his phone gallery in the background. In his phone there was 3 pics of a girl who wore shorts. She took the pics to show to Mike her shorts, but not just from front , she showed from back also, to Mike can see her butt. And it was if Mike didn't realize that in the background I could see those pics. I asked him what he did last night, and he told me he was playing with this girl, she was lvling a low lvl toon then she invite him to joined her. In the pic I could see her nickname and her status, she was from my country so I said to Mike "good... you can meet her when you coming here to see me.... Ahora puedes tener hijos con ella, maldito desgraciado" Then I woke up 291.gif
After fall asleep again I started to dream... I was in some house to see a Dr. My grandma was there, alive... I dont know why... seems she was cooking or something. The Dr. was standing behind me then he put both hands in my boobs, and he touched it very softly. I think in my dream I already had silicones breast implant... so he was touching my boobs to check the implants and he told me I dont need do nothing, they are perfect... I feel excited when he did it but he was not excited, he was very professional. Then I went back to the sala of the house. On the wall, someone projected a movie... I know who.. it was 'the fake woman', but she was not in the sala... she was in her room. I left the house as fast as I could. I don't remember nothing else about this dream.
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I had weird dreams. It was very messy and I can't remember everything. I was in some house, or hotel, not sure, but a lot of people were there... and cats. Some of those cats had baby cats, and they were very little baby cats, same size of a cockroach. And this mini cats didn't walk, they laid in the top of the head of their mom cats. I caressed them.
Mom was around. It supossed we were about to go to some place but she got a bus and I decided not going with them. I stayed in that place, and them I was in a bed fucking a girl. Is not the first time I dream with girls but I feel they are me, like if I fuck myself lol.  I don't want try with girls for now. But this one, I was touching her, and the muscles of her belly were strong, like if she had an athlete body. I couldn't realize any more about her body because people were going and coming so we had to stop. I didn't feel it like something exciting, is more like I'm curious about the muscles... maybe it's the body I want get? I don't know but for sure I need push myself to workout more hard.
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I was dreaming when Mike woke me up. I dreamed a lot of shit this time and of course I don't remember all. I was trying to get something to buy in stores, no idea what I was looking for. Then i got a facebook notification from my best friend. She wrote something about be patient and trust on God when you call a taxy and it doesnt come at time. She was going to a salon to celebrate her daugther bday... she's religious of course. I used to love the calm she keep when things going bad, because she trust on God. I tried to do it but if there is a God I'm not able to have a relationship with him that means talk to him in the name of his son, go to church to listent to a man who maybe is there just to take ppl money, etc. I just take something from the Bible.. God is Love... and Jesus, doesnt matter if he was god's son or not, had a way to love the ppl that we all need try to get.
Going back to my dream, there was something with houses also, I don't remember what, and with some street concerts that some artist was doing in a bus. I was looking few of those, going there and here, when I got a dangerous situation in a street. A man was tried to kill, or killed, ppl in a bar, with a knife. A woman who worked there reduced him and forced him to lay in the floor. All her arms covered by blood. I said something to her, idk what it was now, then I woke up cuz Mike messaged me.


Oct. 26th, 2016 11:09 am
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Again dreamed with cats, there were many cats, one was just a lil baby... I feel I need to get a cat!
In the dream I was with some guy, not sure who, and we went inside houses and stealing coins .. it was dollars cents. In a house a woman almost catch us.
Cats and Coins... stupis dream
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Finally I got some rest. Yesterday after work I got home but I didn't went to English class because teacher told me I was the only who was going to class, so I stay at home and I went to bed 9pm . I was chatting with Mike when I fell asleep. I woke up 2am and obviously I fell asleep again till 6.30am. Was so hard to wake up!
I feel still tired and sleepy. Drank 2 coffee, early today, and I don't want start my work.. I'm lazy and there is a lot of things I have to do today grrrrrrrrrrrrr
I had some weird dreams, with other ppl that we were in a pub or something like this, and there in the dream was my mother and her ex husband also, like if we still living together but in the present... a nightmare! And there was also some singer flirting to me but trying to mess with me... fucker.
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So last night Mike and me had weird dreams... we both dreamed with the other and with bugs! lol
He dreamed that we were in our house then some cockroach came into and was hard to kill it, and even when it dying it let his eggs everywhere and we burned it. I will not look on google what bugs means in a dream, I think he dreamed it because there in his new house he found some similar bugs, and maybe he dreamed with me because I'm who he wants living with him.
I dreamed with spiders.... a lot of they. First was just one then Mike took a cat and put him near the spider to the cat catches it. But there in a bedroom I could see for the windows a lot of spider everywhere. In my dream he killed all the spiders I don't know how. A curious coincidence 126fs2277341.gif
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I had a really bad night. Last night I argue with Mike about the same than always... he want I take him like a bf when he has someone else in his life. I don't care that he has a fake relationship that is really a friendship, I'm not going to take him seriously to share just a week for year, i deserve more respect. But he want me in love with him when he can't give me a real relationship. No way. If we will be lovers then I will pick a "friend" like he has to share my life the rest of the year and someone who give me that he can't give me.
Yes i write this very easy but for me do it is very hard when my feelings are involved... I'm so stupid loyal to my feelings 128fs4765852.gif I feel so annoying with myself.

So all that shit came to my mind while I was sleeping and I'm my dream was his wife doing laundry. She hang out the washing in a long rope.. a lot of clothes. I don't know what this mean and I don't remember so much about this. Another fragment of my dream was me in a new house but in a city I knew. Martu, Flor and mom was there. I went out to buy food, I was cycling trying to get a store to get the food then I stopped in one, I got off the bike and few seconds after someone was stole it. I was very mad trying to find this asshole but I can't.
I woke up with headache, I don't feel it will be a good day. 
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15 months ago I had a wish, a dream with Mike. Every night I went to the bed with this dream in my mind but things was not going to be how i expected at all. Too much obstacles, too many people between us, too much panic.
I fought myself to kill this dream but I couldn't kill all that I feel for him.
But then I got a ticket to meet him because I'm not that kind of people who give up

I didn't know this ticket will change my life


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