Jun. 5th, 2017 10:56 am
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 Last Saturday my father came home to have dinner together and to talk. We have not seen each other for two years. I was tired because I work on Saturdays and I cleaned the house before he came. We ordered pizza. Dad drank 2 beers and I drank just 1 cup of a drink 4% alcohol. At midnight I was ready to sleep.  I had to drink 2 coffee after the dinner and still was sleepy.
To be honest I didn't enjoy so much the moment together. I didn't have so much to talk about, just about work and family, and both topic are boring. I've told him I don't go to his house because they are always arguing about politics. We talked about how my siblings use alcohol or drugs to evade the reality. I'm the opossite... I'm over aware of reality. He said he has failed 5 times like father, he believe there is not a need to set bounds because he can talk with people and make them reason so they should set their own bounds ... even with his grandchildren 3 years old He says life is simple, and you have to accept that there are a lot of things that you cant control. He admites he's bad couple, etc. But I never hear him saying he will try to be better person. For me he is an absent father, always busy with his work, gf and hobbies. I feel him like a friend who will be there if I need help. My family make me depressed.

Yesterday I had too much noise inside my head so I didn't leave the bed. I chatted for a couple of hours with Michael and it was all. 


Apr. 29th, 2017 05:52 pm
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 Today at work we moved to a the upstair office, wich is smaller than the other but it has some natural light and better ventilation. The good thing: the guy who smells very bad is not so close to me now. The bad thing: the guy who eats with open mouth is closer 

About the guy who smells bad, my other coworker and me tried to let him know how bad he smells buy seems he doesn't care at all. He keeps not taking a shower everyday and wearing same shirt for 2 or 3 days in a row. Anyways I'm pretty sure that what smells isn't his shirt but his ass . The other guy today bought an aromatizer, it was our last try to see if the smelly boy get the message. Well... isn't a "boy".. he's a 40+ man.

When I left work mom called me and I had to run to home to check if my sister, who lives upstair, was fine. His boyfriend dumped her 2 weeks ago and this weekend she's alone because mom go away and we are afraid my sister tries something stupid... another 40+ yo person who act like a teen 
So I had to cancel my plan to go to the grocery and cook for the whole week. I don't want to go now to buy food, maybe I'll go tomorrow and today survive with coffee. I'm in my 5th cup of coffee so far. The house smells like coffee!
After the rain of Tuesday it's full of mosquitos, so annoying. They are so big, and the repellent does nothing to them. 

My option for the rest of the day: sleeping, watching Netflix, playing Magic Cards, reading a book, beauty routine, studying English, starting a new website or studying programming. I won't clean the house today. Prolly I'll write about the last 2 days of my vacations with Mike. It's been almost a month since I came back. 

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Two days ago I spoke Flor. Of course she said she has all under control  I think she lies herself and to be honest I'm very disappointed. She doesn't regreat and she doesn't learn nothing from her mistakes. But what can I do? I gave her my opinion and advice, I offered her my help and I tried to don't judge her. So far this is the only I can do I guess 

Althought the pain on arms/hands I keep doing workout and fighting to don't feel depressed. Today doctor did an electromyogram after 2 hours waiting.... it was very uncomfortable!!!! they sent electricity on my elbows and wrist to see how my nerves and muscles are working.  I'm pissed about my doctor, I feel he's a little stupid. He sent  me a topical medication for the pain on my hands but... after put medication on it say I have to was my hands cuz the drug... this obviously isn't for hands whatever

Since I feel a little depressed because all the stress and issues, and since I need some comfortables shoes to wear everyday I went shopping today.... I got 4 pair of shoes  Mike helped me to chose and here they are


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