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I arrived at Lima Airport, Peru. The flight was fine, the plain moved more than the last time because the weather.
I didnt like the breakfast so I had a latte.
It is cloudy and foggy so I slept since I couldnt see nice clouds. Everything was grey.
This is the hard part of the trip. I have 8 hours flighting and the plane isnt very comfortable. I hope dont get annoying people in the seat next to me.
Before took the first plane Mike messaged me that something was wrong with his car. 30 min later he told me he was driving again. I dont get any message after it, I hope he be ok in the hotel.

There are some pics of Lima Airport that I took, some militar airplanes and the view of the city

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 I got the airport 1 hour ago and did the check-in. There are a lot of people today but anyway the line was fast. My flight will leave from gate 4.
I'm drinking a latte in Mc Donalds and reading Sherlock Holmes while I wait to 3.30 am to go to the gate. 
First flight is from Buenos Aires to Lima (Perú), then I have to wait 1 hour to take the next flight from Lima to Orlando. I will arrive at 4pm. Michael will get Orlando in few hours and go to the hotel to do the check-in and sleep before go for me.
I want take a pill for the bloody headache but since it is because muscles I don't have any kind of pills for this. So when I get the flight to Orlando I will take alprazolam, maybe this will make my muscles relax. 


Aug. 13th, 2016 08:53 am
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My flight arrives to Lima - Perú. To be honest, isn't nice around the airport, and people who works in the Customs are not gently at all.

I had to wait just 1 hour to get the other plane to flight to Orlando. This plane is an Airbus A319, not so comfortable like the Boening 767 but still fine. I got window seat and this time next to me was a girl like 6 years old and in the other side her mother with a baby. I thought it would be a terrible flight but the kids don't bother me too much.

For lunch I had some kind of rolled chicken and potatoes, I didn't like it

We arrived 15:35 hours at Orlando Airport. There was too many people. I waited 1 hour or more in line for Customs control, and they found suspect that I was going alone then they did a second control wich meant a lot of questions, check my cellphone, my luggage, etc. 97.gif

I left Customs office 2 hours after arrive in U.S. Not funny at all 
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My flight has connection to Lima - Perú. I'm going to the gate now. Let's see what happens.

After give to them the boarding pass I went to the gate 5, was not hard to find really and there isn't many people I think because the hour. I show to them my ticket then I boarded the plane.

The plane is a Boening 767-300 from Latam Airlines, very comfortable. I took a window seat to can see everything. Next to me was a man who doesn't bother me at all.
The flight left on time (04:30 am) and the runway was lit with blue lights, I loved it!!!

Every seat has a screen but I bring my tablet wich has the app Latam Entertainment. I started to watch X-Men or something like this wich was so bad that I quit to watch Games of Thrones. The flight time was 5 hours and they gave me latte and a muffins that was great!
I was not afraid so I enjoyed a lot the experience flighting. 
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Ok I'm here!
I registered my luggage so now I have to wait 2:30 hours to go to the gate. I'm a lil sleepy and getting bored.

I don't want drink nothing because I'm not going to use the restroom in the plane for sure. But I had to get a coffee now, need stay awake cuz I don't want sleep during the flight. It's my first time flighting and I don't want lose any detail!

I was watching the people around.. some of they just arrive and relative/friends are very glad to receive them... others are leaving the country and crying for the people they let here... Better I go to my gate before get sensible!


Aug. 12th, 2016 11:58 pm
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Going to the airport!!!!!

Michael is leaving his home driving to Orlando. He has to drive for idk... 14-15 hours

I'm a lil nervous because I never left my country, so I hope don't do nothing wrong at the airport.

One hour ago I did a decent and natural make up and I can finally wear that earrings I bought few days ago! I feel great,  I look very nice and I'm in good spirits.

Everything is going so perfect that I can't believe!!!!!!!!


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