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 It was a good week. I didn't feel anxious at all, it is my second week without anxiety?
It was a normal week at work. I'm working with my boss in different strategies to reactivate the sales. Because I am also who design our websites, newsletter, brochures, etc she told me if I need to work overtime at home she will pay me for this 
I did workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It seems I'm doing well because I can feel some pain on my muscles.. not that kind of pain when you get injured but some pain that make you know you worked your body... like Eminem's song says: a beautiful kind of pain! For tomorrow I'm going to try to wake up at 6 a.m. to do workout before go to work, let's see if I'm able to get up when it is cold.
In order to be able to do exercises without feel exhausted, I'm trying to improve my eating. I want to eat more vegetables and fruits and I need to have decent breakfast. Last 2 days I had fruits, yogurth, cereals and toast. I don't think I can eat eggs at morning but fruits is something that my body accept without get sick. And it looks very delicious for me!

Mike and I calculated how many calories it has and this breakfast has around 300-400 cal and all is non fat. I know nothing about nutrition but I guess it is good food to get energy at morning to face the day. 
ANother thing I have to do about my health is drinking less coffee. I know I have wrote this a lot of times on this journal, but I really need do it. I researched why my vertebral discs are dehydrated and if there is something I can do to hydrate them again. And guess what? vertebral discs get hydrated by the water you drink, and obviously they get dehydrated for the same reason all your body get dehydrated too, so this mean that if you drink much coffee, alcohol, you smoke, etc etc your body and the discs will lose water.  
I started to drink 3 big cups of coffee every day (sometimes 4 or 5) because my eating and sleeping are bad, and I use coffee to get fast energy (and I love how it taste to be honest). Althought I drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water my body is dehydrated always. I need pee every 1-2 hours. The good thing is that I dont suffer fluid retention even on summer but the bad thing is that this affect my whole body. I start to drink collagen again and I'm going to cut slowly the coffee. If I can wake up early to have a healthy breakfast I can skip the first coffee. The second coffee I can replace for green tea and just drink the coffee I have at 3 p.m., when I start to feel sleepy at work. It seems stupid that I can't stop drinking coffee but I think I'm addicted, so I need to stay strong to get this goal. 
Yesterday I cleaned the house even when I felt tired, I'm happy I did so today I can spend my time on beauty rutine and do my HTML course. At night I worked on the website of my client with the last changes he asked me to do and I studied English. Mike invited me to watch together the last chapter of dragon Ball and I did, I like this anime. I fell asleep 2 a.m.
Today I woke up 8.30 a.m. on panic because I was late for work, it took me few minutes to understand why I didn't set any alarm for wake up... it's Sunday I fell asleep again until 1 p.m. then I got up and I had a delicious breakfast (and after it I had a coffee )

Google fit

Apr. 21st, 2017 09:36 pm
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I see that the app I installed to register my physical activity show me how many calories I burn even doing the basical bodily functions. So I was wonder how many calories I should eat. I've never worried about diets, calories, weight, etc. so I had no idea about it. I got some calculator online and it says I should eat 2000 calories to keep my weight and 1500 if I want to lose 1.1lbs in a week. 

So, how to know how many calories I eat every day? My first thought was: if coffee has so many calories I'm really fucked up, so I researched about that and.... it has not calories!!!!!  if I add coffecream: 20 kcal. sugar 30 kcal. So, drinking 3 cups of coffee at work = 90 kcal. Coffee I drink at home at weekends: 50 kcal each. 

I researched the calories of all the food I eat and I think I eat less than 1500-1600 kcal every day, maybe it explains why I don't get fat and why I'm always tired when I try to do workout. The app shows I burn 1400-1500 kcal every day this week. Not sure if it's ok that I eat the same than I burn, if this healthy?
Anyway I won't start to calculate the calories of every single thing I eat, I was just curious about the numbers the app shows.
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We woke up early to do the check out. I still don't understand why we booked the hotel from Saturday to Saturday when we will stay from Sunday to Sunday
Michael used some application in his iPhone to book another hotel, most hotels were full. We went to Lake Buena Vista, to the hotel Hilton Orlando but they didn't have any avaible room even when the app said they had. We saw some geckos around the hotel, I love them.

There a pic of the entrance to Disney

Disney entrance

Hilton Orlando

So bad all the hotels around were full because we end in a horrible and expensive hotel called Ecco Suits in Lakeland. I'm really disappointed with that hotel. The furniture is old, the bethroom was smelly, The pool is very small. And the room cost like $120-140 when Vacation Village Hotel the cheaper room wich is very comfortable, full equipped, cost $130.... and you can't compare this shit with the hotel we always book. Of course I wrote my opinion about this awful hotel in Google Places. I won't recommend this place at all!!!!! The only good thing here is that I saw a squirrel

We take a long nap.. or Mike did, I couldn't sleep so much there. At 5pm we went to eat something to Applebee's. I wanted to eat fat food I  don't know why so I had a burguer with cheese and tomato. We had too some tacos wich I liked. Mike ate pasta with shrimp sauce.

The food isn't great but cheap. Isn't a place I'll go back but we didn't have many options around. After the food of course I wanted drink coffee so we went to Starbucks and we bring the coffee to the hotel. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger Tides then we played Magic cards. I don't know what time we went to bed.
Even when the place was not nice we made this day worth it  

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 Yday I did bad work with sunscreen. Mike's legs and feet burned and the sun was so hot that our skin got burned even on places that I put sunscreen.. like his chest. I'm more tanned than burned. So after see Mike's skin I decided we don't go to the pool today. 
Michael has asked his mother to book the hotel for us because she's member, and for some reason that I still don't understand she booked it from Saturday to Saturday... we arrived on Sunday so, we need do check out tomorrow at 10am and look for a hotel to sleep that night.

Very relaxing day, we play cards and watch tv. We walked to Nike store and I bought 2 pair of shoes and clothes. I spent $216 and saved $65. I don't like wearing sneakers but I have to say those shoes I got are very comfortable, love them!

At night we had an argument or something like that. It was because the language. We were talking about 2 different situation but it feels like we were argument about one. We couldn't understand each to other then Mike got upset and stressed. I got pissed for his reaction and told him to let me alone. He tried to come to me but I felt so frustrated that I said Go away! He did. I started to pack our things but he came to me again. Reconciliations are always great!!!   

After it we went to the bath and I got massages when we both calm again Mike explained to me what he was trying to tell me before, and I explained to him what I wanted to say. I really need to improve my speaking to avoid this situations, I don't expect Mike learn Spanish. 

We played till we felt hungry, at 3am. I wanted to try Tacos, so we drove to Taco Bell. I had no idea what kind of Tacos I would like so I let Mike choose for me. He start to order food and I was like WTF?!?!?!?! it was endless!!!!! We got like 9 or 10 tacos because Mike wasn't sure what I like then he wants I try different kind of tacos.  He definitely wants me fat.

I didn't like all of them

Our plan was staying awake till the morning to do the check out but after the late dinner I said Fuck that! let's take some sleep.
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 Today we woke up late... well not me, because someone started to call and made my phone sound nonstop, so I woke up 9am but I stayed in the bed a little more. It were like 4 different people calling me this morning, annoying. Since they didn't let me sleep again I got up and I had coffee and greek yogurt for breakfast, then I took a shower. I let Michael sleep untill 1 or 2 pm. 

Since it was late to go to the beach, we did shopping. We went to  Toy Rust store, I got Minecraft Legos for Martina and some toys from Five Night at Freddy. Mike bought some toys too for her. After it we went to Target and I couldn't help... I bought 5 nailpolish, 4 eye brushes, another Eos lip balm coconut flavor and clothes for Martina.

some of the nailpolish, in love with this brand, a little expensive but cheaper than in my country

When we done at target we went to Khol's and we chose clothes for me. I was looking for some clothes for winter but Florida isn't a good place to get this kind of clothes, there is never so cold. Anyway I got some sweaters, shirts and also a Levi's jeans wich I love how good the fabric is and how it feels. I saved $130 

When I was done doing shopping Mike drove to the game store... we ended with our 3rd box of Magic Cards!!! I told him... this is the last we will buy for now.

I wanted to try american pizza so on the way Mike ordered 2 pizzas: chesse with pineaple, and pepperoni with sausage. He always buys more food than we can eat but this time it was because if I don't like pineaple in the pizza I could eat the other. 
We went to pick the order, walked into the store and realized that it was going too far.... Mike bough 2 extra super big pizzas! we started to laugh just thinking that there were pizza for feed 4-6 people and we were just two!!!! it was too late to change the order so we paid it and drove to the hotel. When we entered to the lift, other couple said to Mike : "you are so dangerous!" our pizza smelled soooooo good

It was delicious. We ate on the balcony while we playing cards. My deck is almost done, Mike is playing his decks but I still playing blessed and cursed decks. 

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The Hotel: Vacation Village at Parkway. I love this hotel really. This is the room we booked this time, very comfortable and nice.

This time I didn't let Mike buy so much junkfood but anyway he got some. I got more flavored coffee.... I'm in love with them

I had to buy cookies OFC!!!

I asked to Mike to try that kind of butter they always use for sandwichs on the movies... here it is

Mike got the only beer that so far I like, and some beer for him. I really love American drinks and food

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 This weekend I did almost nothing... I cleaned the house after a long nap then cooked pasta and I got a drink... yes I was in mood to drink. I watched the serie "The OA" on Netflix until chapter 6. The story was interesting and I wasn't tired but 3am I went to bed. 
On Sunday I went to the weekend house with mom, Flor and her friend. I couldn't swim because it was still raining so I made coffee and I watched more episodes of The OA. Mom acted like a normal human so it wasn't so bad  

I didn't go for a walk this time because the weather

I was so tired and lazy that I didn't cook dinner, but I got delicious fruits 

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 Finally Friday!!!! this week I worked so hard. I'm dealing with a lot of issues at work and trying to fix it with my boss. I had a meeting with her today and I told her almost all I think and all we have to care and pay attention. I also spoke to her about my coworker attitude, we need work like a team and i won't let anyone fuck my work up. But I try to bring to her solutions instead keep focus in the mistakes company did.

At night I went to the mall to have some fun. It is some Christmas tree and crappy decoration I found there

I bought a book for Martu and my mom got a book for Flor, then we went to eat something there. Girls ate in Burguer King, mom got some sausage with fries and I got chicken sandwich.

Then we went to Starbucks to drink Frapuccinos

Mine was raspberry with green tea :)

Useful day

Nov. 16th, 2016 10:54 pm
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After work I had a meeting but I cancelled it, I didn't feel going there. So I went to the store to look for a BB cream. Since days I'm trying to get a bbcream wich has rose subtone but all they sell are yellow... so annoying! But in the store I went today I finally got one rose. It's a bbcream from "Rimmel" 9-in-1 skin perfecting super makeup with SPF 25, medium shade. It supposed to has 9 results: primes, moisturises, help minimise the appearance of pores, conceals, covers, smoothes, mattifies, brightens and helps protect. It's a little expensive, 12usd for just 1fl oz. and to be honest I don't think it does all that it says but it's the only bbcream with rose shade.

When I got home I did workout, arms today, and as usual I had to do my own exercises because I'm not able to do the exercises from BBG. It was still early when I finished then I cooked for the lunch tomorrow, spinach frittata, and I cooked fish with vegetables in the oven for my dinnertoday. It was delicious and now I'm fat, lazy, sleepy and happy Zzz.gif
Mike is still napping so I will not play today if he wakes up, I will go to bed now and watch Marco Polo till fall asleep bbg.jpg
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Did I say I love my new house? I almost finish to organize everything here! and this house is so easy to clean, I love it.
I put my sewing machine on the table to clean it, and I want start sewing next weekend bbg.jpg
It's a little old but very good, and isn't plastic like machines are nowaday.

After clean I cooked vegetables with chicken, and I got dessert too

Icecream with strawberries and blueberries

Dinner was delicious bbg.jpg

This is how the moon looks tonight... pics aren't good cuz I took it with my cell phone


Nov. 6th, 2016 04:39 pm
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I feel so good in this house that I start cooking again. I prepared milanese to put it in the freezer and can have it for dinner. And after it I drank a strawberry smoothie with some blueberries. I went to greengrocery yesterday but I could not get the vegetables I was looking for, so I cant cook now a vegetable pie wallbash.gif


Oct. 12th, 2016 04:24 pm
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I had a salad for lunch, very late, 2 pm. I was not hungry. I lost weight again, even when I thought I gained weight. That was funny. 134lb now!!!!, I'm going to get the same weight that when I was teen LOL.
I don't eat fat food to be honest, no soda, no bread, no crap food. But I don't do diet. I hate diets, if I feel hungry I get headache and bad mood.
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After my post about National Coffee Day I saw the entry I posted yesterday... If I want improve my eating and resting I need drink less coffee 128fs4765852.gif
Drinking too much coffee is also bad for my bruxism and keep me dehydrated all the time even when I drink enought water.
I went to the market, near my work, and I bought yogurth, cereals and strawberries... I'm replacing one coffee for this, and it will be very hard but I can do it.

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After my promotion I have more motivation to continue working in some projects. At work I'm doing a good job and the company will save much money. What I like about my job is I can do whatever I think is better in the marketing and design area, and soon I will be more independient in Sales department. Not dealing with customers is something that I love, but being seller of our company is great because the high sales commisions, so if one day they make me sell I will not complain.

I felt very tired when I got home because last night I couldn't sleep. I was about to skip my English lessons but I forced myself to going to the institute. That was a very good decision since a mate bring me chocolates, jelly and dulce de leche (i don't know how it's called on English)

This is a Handcraft Wild rose jam big and small one, chocolate and the dulce de leche...and all for me!!!! Just_Cuz_13.gif


Sep. 10th, 2016 02:26 pm
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As today is Saturday and I got home early I decide to have a healthy lunch before do my workout. I cooked spinach omelette with a fruit smoothie. I dont add sugar to the smoothie even when it can be sometimes a little acid because the fruit. This lunch took me 10 minutes to do

In 2 hours I will do my workout, meanwhile I will organize my stuff to move to a new flat.
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That is my lunch for today after finished my workout. Not sure what i will get at night, I think some salad. Tomorrow my lunch is spinach omelet.

Beach Day

Aug. 16th, 2016 10:26 pm
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Today we woke up a little more early, but as usual we take our time to be lazy, caress, kisses, sex, and shower. When we ready we decide go to beach. I choose Clearwater Beach, best beach ever I've seen... love it!!!!! Took like 2 hours get the beach but it worth.
We stopped in CVS to buy some beach towels, drinks and sunscreen then we went to the beach.
As its name suggests, the weater is very very clear and warn, no waves and the sand is white. There are just few people, something that make me love more this place.

We took a place in the sand for our things then went into the water. We had a lot of fun together doing stupid games, and the funny thing was when some seagulls stole the bread i had in my bag!!!! A man who was near our stuff tried to drive away the seagulls but they are expert thieves so I lost my delicious pizza bread happy0196.gif
After a long time inside the water we went out and lay in the towels. Mike made me try a Bud Light Beer with lime... I don't like beer at all but it was very good! I drank it all. We took pics of us

Then a stupid storm ruined our beach day 128fs4765852.gif

We had to ran back to the car and we went to Kissimee again. But in the way we stop in Buffalo Wild Wings to buy the Mike's fav chicken. He chose for me Honey BBQ sauce and we bought french fries.. i loved it .. I will get fat if we keep eating in this way!

And ofc we eat it watching Sillicon Valley, that serie is genial, Mike laugh so much watching it and I love when he is relaxed and happy

After it well... i keep some details in private posts blush.gif


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