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 I spent all day cleaning the house... bathrooms, washed the floor, balcony.. everything is clean now 
Piss me off all the hair I lose. It is everywhere. On the floors, on the bed, and more I lose, more it grows. I mud the floor and hair is there few minutes after 

I stretched my muscles then I took a shower. Now I cook a salad and maybe I will continue watching Daredevil. I started to watch this serie yesterday, episode 1 and 2.  So far it's another superhero serie, nothing special.
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Mike got the gift for xmas! Just_Cuz_13.gif When he got home he told me "baby, I got a present!!!" I'm very happy because delivery from eBay sent it very fast and shipping was free!!!. Conversely I will not get my box until 2 or 3 months because Customs here works sooooo sloooowly 97.gif and when they give me the box that Mike sent to me I have to pay taxes... it will be like 60 usd or more (50% of the total price). They give a shit if this is a gift that someone send to me, but Mike was so excited about getting make up for me that I don't care if I have to pay taxes for it. He really did it with love and every day he asks to me if I got my box. Mike spoil me so much and I love it happy0196.gif

I got a coffeemaker to make the coffee I bought in Florida. It is a basic coffeemaker but enought for me. coffeebath.gif

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Did I say I love my new house? I almost finish to organize everything here! and this house is so easy to clean, I love it.
I put my sewing machine on the table to clean it, and I want start sewing next weekend bbg.jpg
It's a little old but very good, and isn't plastic like machines are nowaday.

After clean I cooked vegetables with chicken, and I got dessert too

Icecream with strawberries and blueberries

Dinner was delicious bbg.jpg

This is how the moon looks tonight... pics aren't good cuz I took it with my cell phone

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I'm in love with the new house. It's so easy to clean!! and everything is new. I cleaned both bathrooms and my bedroom. I did laundry and probably now I organize the closet... not sure yet. It's a bright house and has airstream if I open all the windows, I like it so much.
8pm and it's 27º so I turned on the air conditioner, it's very nice inside the house. 


Nov. 3rd, 2016 12:39 am
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I had to move the computer to the bedroom πŸ˜”
I don't like it there but so far it will be the place. The good thing is now I can watch Netflix from the bed 😏
I fixed the rods curtains and I hung the curtains in the bedroom.
I will change the desk for another more small and new when I could do that, my actual desk is so big.
This is how the bedroom looks now

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Finally it is done. I cleaned all fucking day thr old house... floors, walls, windows..Β  the 3 bedrooms, the 2 bathrooms, living room, washing room, kitchen snd balcony. I throw in the trash a lot of things and the guy who bought some of my furniture picked it today. I was very stressed and nervous thinking I could not finish it today but yes! I did it. At 8pm I meet the landlord in the apartment, she checked all and I gave the keys back to her. It is done and I am so fucking happy I dont live anymore there.
Now my problem is that I still have too many things in the new apartment. So before take things out of the boxes and organiza it I want check smd throw more things in the trash πŸ˜–
i dont know when I let house became a mess but I know I dont want it happens anymore. Is not good idea that u get a big house when u are alone, then cleaning it is very hard, and prolly you will use the empty rooms like a storehouse 😢
I was so tired that I started to hit my body with all that was around me... walls, doors, furniture. I have many bruises in my arms and legs 😳
My body hurt as hell... im exhausted, very tired. All my body in pain. But the hard part of moving out is done. ☺


Oct. 30th, 2016 11:13 pm
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Omg i cleaned all day long and I still didnt finish it!!! 😭 I went to old house like 2pm. I cleaned the floor and windows on my bedroom, the second bathroom all (walls, toiletter, bath, floor) I cleaned floor and windows of the second bedroom, floor windows and furniture in the kitchen and in the third bedroom I started to throw in the trash many junk I had there, like old computer parts, books, magazines, etc.
I did just one break at 5pm to drink a coffee with cookies then I continue cleaning till 9pm.
I came back to new home and cooked pizza. I showed to Mike and made him cook pizza too hahah πŸ˜†πŸ•
I took a shower and now I lay in bed, so tired... legs, feets, arms, back and neck hurts. Even my nails hurt literally πŸ˜”
Tomorrow I need wake up early to finish to clean the old house. Then I will not do nothing else till weekend 😫

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So yesterday I organized things till midnight, then I fill the bath with hot water and I stayed there for 40 minutes. Water didn't get cold, was great!! After this I cooked pasta and I ate in the sofa at 2 am 😁
I went to bed to play a little Candy Crush while I chatted with Mike but I couldn't stay awake for long.
I slept fine abd I woke up today at midday because Mike was looking for me πŸ˜‹
My body hurt, finger hurts in hands and feets idk why. I'm drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee before go to old house to clean there.
I still dont know where I will put the furniture but so far I organize it like this to can walk.

The bedroom

Need hang the curtains but I didnt wash it yet. This is mom bike and prolly I will give it back to her but if I do I cant do my LISS so not sure yet.
The living room I will change furniture but not now because I need care first about old house

I have small bed that I use as sofa. I want sell the bed and the sofa and buy a sofa-bed. But atm I spent all my money to rent this house so I need wait to earn money again.
The desk for the computer is another thing I want change.
The kitchen

Well another place I need organize lol
But for the first day here I did a lot.
Now I need go to clean old house.

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I moved all the furniture to new house... I'm so tired!!! We did it more fast I thought it was going to be. Everything was fine. I just got 3 nails broken but I knew it will happens.
In the old house still alot of trash I need to throw. And I need clean all there.
In the new house a lot of things to organize. I dont know how I will do everything. Right now I want sleep😴 but it is early, so I will organize things here I guess πŸ˜”

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Lastnight I stayed untill 23.30 hours in the new apartment painting the walls. Then I went home and slept.
Now I'm at work, tired and sleepy. My back hurts because painting and moving things but it will end soon, today I'm moving all the furniture and I will sleep in the new house bbg.jpg
Really I did well moving things during the week instead do it all together in the same day. I don't have many things around because I organized mostly of I moved there.
After work I'm going home to disassemble the furnitures and wait the truck moving. Tomorrow I will clean the old apartment if I can I will let it ready to give it back to the landlord. I don't want stay there more time, I realize I hate that house even when it is very big.
Maybe I will ask to my boss to take Monday off


Oct. 28th, 2016 09:29 pm
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I'm in the new house painting a wall in the bedroom that was stained.

After 1st layer of paint this is how wall looks

While I wait a little to start the second layer I wanted paint another satined wall

Now I go to the other apartment to pick more things to move


Oct. 28th, 2016 06:28 pm
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As usual when I go home I feel sleepy. I will go to new apartment to paint a wall that is not 100% white and it piss me off. Then I will move the few things left in the kitchen. I still have things to throw, sell or give away. πŸ˜• I dont want bring these to new house πŸ˜”
I would like napping but too much to do!!! And still need finish to clean old house. And clean the refri before move it tomorrow. I wish move out was let all in the old house and buy the things for new house lol and FUCK I forgot make appointment to massages in the Spa 😭😭😭
Keep calm Nat... 2 days and it will be done

So close

Oct. 27th, 2016 10:38 pm
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After work I moved more things to new house in mom's car. I put the curtains but I didn't iron it, I will do after move out.
I need get also a tie for the orange curtains. The rod I bought is good but I need add the curtains holders

I took a shower and god! It was so great!!!!!! The weater has very very very good pressure. I feel relaxed and sleepy now.
I will eat pasta then sleep Zzz.gif
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I cleaned half kitchen today, I will end it tomorrow. I didn't move nothing to the new house because it was raining.
Tired but still hard to fall asleep.
My mind is full thoughts, to do lists, etc etc. I can't stop this, and I feel my heart is going to fail with all this stress and caffeine, but still I can't quit coffee.
The dust because moving furniture and cleaning the house give me allergy, i can see it in my chest. I don't care, after this, i will get relax in the sauna, spa and weekend house.
Hot days will come in 1 month and this summer i'm going to enjoy the pool, I need to use my new bikine that I bought with Mike in Florida cool.gif
Everything will be fine, I know it, i'm working hard for this....


Oct. 25th, 2016 11:23 am
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I know why my ex went to a lawyer, it has nothing to do with me, great!!!!!!!!!!!! jurassic-park.jpg

Yesterday at night I bought a rods curtain in mercadolibre and this morning I got it, very fast!! and the price is good.
Last night I moved more things to the new house: all the crockery, books, another wire shelving. I almost organize the kitchen but after move there I was reorganize this in a better way. The shelving I still not decide where I'm going to put it until I get all the furniture.

Today I'm not sure if I will move something else because I want to go to English class and it's going to rain, no good to move things. But I can continue packing at home.

Mom bought more plants for my balcony bbg.jpg
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I moved things from old apartment to the new for hours!
So I organized all my clothes and shoes in the new house, bed sheets, curtains and pillows are there too.
I cleaned the kitchen furniture and I moved some food and food storage containers, and I also moved a wire shelving.

Tomorrow I will move the rest of the cookware, crockery and maybe books. I'm very tired but happy with the new apartment

When I was organizing my clothes in the closet mom was with me, most of the times i pick some clothe she said  "throw it in the trash!!!!" so I throw more things lol, and after I finish moving there i will check all again to see what else I can throw. bbg.jpg
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After 10 hours sleeping and take a pill for the pain I feel very fine, so I started to move things! I'm having fun with this.

Some pics from building at day

my babies in their new home


Oct. 22nd, 2016 07:32 pm
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Today I got the bath curtains and I already put it in the new house. I like it bbg.jpg

I bought it from a girl on facebook. Not expensive at all and nice. I started to move things to the new house since I'm just 2 blocks away, then next weekend I just need to move the furniture cool.gif
I will continue packing now.
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Papers signed, I got the key. There some pics

The entrance to the building

My apartment's door bbg.jpg Again the "B"


Living room

The bedroom



Balcony :)

the entrance and mom car lol

I'm happy but tired as hell. Need think how I will organize my furniture, take a shower then sleep cuz tomorrow I have so much to do: working, get the curtains for the bath, fix the heater in this house, go to new flat with the landlord, pack more things and start moving small things in mom car....

Grats to myself for all the things I'm getting this year 291.gif
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Work done. I'm going to sign papers for the house now.  After it I will be almost broken lol but just few days. Next weekend I'm moving there. I have to rent a moving truck, finish to pack my stuff and get internet in the new apartment. Not sure when I'm getting my new salary but anyway we got a rise 19% for the next month. Not bonus at end-year but my boss always give us bonus in cash 😁


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