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My new internet so far works fine. With the game still slow when I port but it is because video card I think.

I got my order from the market. There some random things I bought for the house.
A strainer to clean the quinoa before cook it, and a plastic cuttin board because I think wood tables are full of bacteria.

Some towels and anti-slips for the shower

and from grocery I bought new flavor coffee and my fav mermelades!!


Nov. 4th, 2016 12:40 pm
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The last 12 hours were a shit. Last night after had dinner with mom I went to my house then before sleep Mariano ruin my night. He can't fulfill its commitments and he don't give a shit about. He's still childish and he just thinks about himself wallbash.gifwallbash.gifwallbash.gifwallbash.gif
So I got mad and I slept late and bad because my mind was busy thinking how to fix the things that he was not going to do.
At morning I called a taxy to go fast to mom's restaurant and pick some stuff I need then get a bus to go to work... 20 minutes waiting the fucking taxy. I could not recharge my card for pay the bus so I had to look for a store where the system to charge it works. I got work 20 minutes late and it piss me off so much.
I spent the morning dealing with all the issues I had because my ex and finally I fixed all for now.
But not everything is going bad today. Besides it's Friday I got internet at home! They went to my house this morning and installed the service. I don't know where they installed the router but I checked by teamviewer that my computer at home has internet by network wire instead wi-fi bbg.jpg
So this means this weekend I would be able to watch series in the bed!!! happy0196.gifhappy0196.gifhappy0196.gifhappy0196.gifhappy0196.gif lalalallalalala


Nov. 1st, 2016 04:30 pm
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I canceled my actual service since they can't install it in new house, I'm sure they are going to make me pay 1 more month animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif. New provider will come to install internet on Friday. This one is more expensive, let's see if it worth.ermm.gif
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Well.. I called to my internet provider to they go to new building to check if in the pipe there is spot to the wire and they say NO! They prefer lose a customer instead try to install it... well done guys. So I sent a request to the other provider, the expensive one, to contract their service 😞
I think they will give me the service really fast since the building has all the conections ready. It is 12mb of speed instead the 10mb i have now but I dont know if the service is good... I will find out it soon 😕

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I tried to transfer my internet service to the new building then they asked me for a permission signed by the building manager. I spoke her and she said I'm sorry you can't transfer it because we have a deal with other TV company wich provide internet service too.....wallbash.gifwallbash.gifwallbash.gif
I got upset about this but anyway I called this other company to ask about the cost of their services... very fucking expensive. So they have a deal but not special prices????? WTF 97.gif97.gif97.gif97.gif97.gif.... I got very mad then I called again the building manager and I said to her look... tell me what is the advantage about ur deal with this provider because it cost more money than my actual provider who give me also telephony....
After push her for few minutes she give me permiss to my provider check if they can install the wire in in the pipeline that the building has. I hope it can be able to do or I will need spend more money for a worse service with the other shitty provider. 


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