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I bought few things. New bracelet gold and blue to wear with my blue shirt heart.gif Mike likes it!

White nailpolish and some glitter to try Christmas Nail art... not sure what design I will try yet but I have the basic color for it

I got new panties but I will not take pic of this happy0196.gif
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Last weekend I did not much, slept, watched series and studied English. I started to watch Vikings, it has 5 stars let's see if this is really good.

I got another ring

It's nice all the things I can get but I need save money also for vacations bbg.jpg I cut my hair, I can't believe how expensive it's nowadays 291.gif
Things with Mike going fine, we had some issue and I got very mad but what I really like about him is he never gives up, and he understood why I got mad, so we fixed it. I like how we work together.
I decorated the xmas tree but lights got burned and I couldn't get the same color. I had to bought some multicolor lights and they just sell small one so I'm pissed about this. I don't like my tree now but I got blue lights to put in the balcony

So I went to balcony few minutes ago to see the lights and there is how moon looks tonight.... so beautiful!

Now it's bed time
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It was a great weekend! Saturday after work I went to the spa and they massaged all my body, from feet to head. I left the spa so relaxed. Then I went to the store and I got 2 new nailpolish with glitter, and I also got new rings.

I came home and I started watching season 2 of Marco Polo. 8pm I went upstair to mom's hise to see her because she came back from Dubai. We ate pizza then I came back home and I fell asleep.


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