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 Since LiveJournal's server are now on Russia and seems they are deleting or blocked some journals I decided migrate my blog here, kinda backup since I doubt someone read the crap I write for myself wich is not about politics at all  i'll not delete my LJ account since there isn't any reason for they fuck my journal up but it's always good having a back up of my diary. 
So far I don't like that DW don't let me upload files so I have to upload the pics in other place to can insert it here... this bother me a lot. I see  DW has not statistics but I don't care, this is a personal diary wich I use to practise my crap English and to take the stress away... I don't expect other people read this, it can be boring for them. 
It's great that the entries I do here are been posted on LJ too, so I don't need make an update of the sites.

Sooo... welcome myself to DreamWidth 


Nov. 15th, 2016 09:32 am
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I don't understand this site, instead be a journal or dairy where people write about their day/lifes it is a kind of reddit or blog. There is even people who use this site to sell things. I started this journal to can save my memories but seems I'm the only doing it, maybe I'm in a wrong site.
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I don't know what happens with Livejournal but can't post an entrie with some pics of costumes

To-Do List

Sep. 10th, 2016 11:02 am
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There is a section in LiveJournal where you can make a To-Do List. That is useful instead make an entry but a little basic.
Anyway I will try it.


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