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 Today is my 4th day without feel anxiety and without taking pills! 
Face muscles are more relaxed and I feel OK. I had good time this weekend altought I didn't leave home. On Saturday Mike woke me up 10AM. He studied Spanish with Duolingo for more than 3 hours .
I did my hair, I'm satisfied with my job and I also study English :D

Mike and I tried to play magic cards by videocall. It's uncomfortable and the image isnt good. Anyways it was good to try. After that we talk by phone for a long time, I really enjoyed it. 
Mike showed me some draws he did when he was a kid, he was ashame because the draws weren't good but I'm happy he shared it with me. I encouraged him to start drawing again and he will do!!!! He also wanna help me with my website project and we are agree that for the next vacation we will do more things that he would like doing, like going to amusement parks.
He wants shop shoes, some shoes which are expensive but it doesn't matter because he never get something for him. He wants buy shoes for me also but I'm not sure about it, because he likes some shoes which cost $280 and I feel guilty if he spend so much money on me 
They are the shoes, really lovely

We talk all day long until 3AM. It was a great day sharing things with him 
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 Another busy and boring day at work. Although I'm very tired because last night I slept just 4 hours, I forced myself to do workout when I got home. Butt and legs hurt so it means I'm going the good way  I'm trying to do push up but it's a torture for me  I can't understand why it's so hard for me and why make all my back, neck, arms hurt. I should ask to Robert from LJ, so Robert if you are reading this entry let me know please.

Dinner was latte with cheese shandwich. I was about to watch Series on Netflix, I should continue watching Prison Break before they remove the seasons 1 to 4, but now I feel like playing Magic Duels. Wanna earn more coins to buy cards and make a deck there. 

Btw, today Wizard release the new set of Magic cards "Amonkhet" Preview:  264 new cards. And this year they will release 4 more sets... I can't wait till go to Coliseum of Comics or any store with Mike to get it.
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I had a busy day at work. Making quotes, calculated sales commissions, processing RMA, and with a long list of tasks to-do, while my coworker spend his days being lazy, saying to me how bad he wants to go home instead of being at work, saying he wants vacations, etc.
I've suggested to him to do his work 1 month ago and he still didn't finish a simple sales report 

So, this week my boss sent an email to inform that the prices of 1000 products have changed. It's me who usually update the prices in our list and system because nobody else whant to do the job, but this time I said to my coworker I couldn't do it until finish the other tasks. Of course, he gives a shit and keep doing nothing.
Purchasing manager has ordered 2 items today and he took a wrong price, one was his mistake, the other was because the price list isn't updated yet. My boss came to my office very upset to ask why we using old prices when she has sent a mail with the new prices. The guy and me tried to explain to her that i'm very busy doing almost everything alone in my department but she didn't get it... when she left the office this guy told me... "what about ur coworker? he has to do this if you are busy!!! " and we spoke about how this guy is doing nothing but my boss made him department head... we are lossing so many customers and the only he does is lay in his chair and talk about all that he doesn't like about his job.
I got pissed for a while but I went back to my work. I won't make his job, no way. 

I started playing Magic Duels today. Mike is playing since few days. We learn a lot about the card game. Some things we did wrong when playing on vacations but with this game we will get better. I'm learning some tricks to play smart. I really like games that make you think. 
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 Today we woke up late... well not me, because someone started to call and made my phone sound nonstop, so I woke up 9am but I stayed in the bed a little more. It were like 4 different people calling me this morning, annoying. Since they didn't let me sleep again I got up and I had coffee and greek yogurt for breakfast, then I took a shower. I let Michael sleep untill 1 or 2 pm. 

Since it was late to go to the beach, we did shopping. We went to  Toy Rust store, I got Minecraft Legos for Martina and some toys from Five Night at Freddy. Mike bought some toys too for her. After it we went to Target and I couldn't help... I bought 5 nailpolish, 4 eye brushes, another Eos lip balm coconut flavor and clothes for Martina.

some of the nailpolish, in love with this brand, a little expensive but cheaper than in my country

When we done at target we went to Khol's and we chose clothes for me. I was looking for some clothes for winter but Florida isn't a good place to get this kind of clothes, there is never so cold. Anyway I got some sweaters, shirts and also a Levi's jeans wich I love how good the fabric is and how it feels. I saved $130 

When I was done doing shopping Mike drove to the game store... we ended with our 3rd box of Magic Cards!!! I told him... this is the last we will buy for now.

I wanted to try american pizza so on the way Mike ordered 2 pizzas: chesse with pineaple, and pepperoni with sausage. He always buys more food than we can eat but this time it was because if I don't like pineaple in the pizza I could eat the other. 
We went to pick the order, walked into the store and realized that it was going too far.... Mike bough 2 extra super big pizzas! we started to laugh just thinking that there were pizza for feed 4-6 people and we were just two!!!! it was too late to change the order so we paid it and drove to the hotel. When we entered to the lift, other couple said to Mike : "you are so dangerous!" our pizza smelled soooooo good

It was delicious. We ate on the balcony while we playing cards. My deck is almost done, Mike is playing his decks but I still playing blessed and cursed decks. 

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 We woke up early (well almost noon) to go to the beach. After coffee, we took our books, towels and something to drink, then we drove to Clearwater beach, on Tampa. It was sunny and hot, a perfect day!
We got there at 3pm. I think this time were more people than last year. 

We rent chairs and we lie a little, the sun felt very nice. After a while we went to the water. It was colder than in August and with some waves, but very clean. After few minutes inside, I stopped feeling cold and we had fun doing our usual stupid things :P
When we had enough in the water, we went out and we lie down a little more, then I forced Mike to go for a walk. I feel again that americans are very nice people, at least in Florida. I didn't see any woman trying to get attention showing her body, or men acting like superstarts, something typical in my country. People like saying funny things to others and Mike is always joking with everybody, it makes me never uncomfortable or ashame.

birds looking for something to eat

We tried to take some pics but I always ruin all the pics closing my eyes or because I look dumb... so I just post this pic of Mike kissing me because he's so cute

At 6pm we were starving so we left the beach and we drove back to Kissimmee.

We went to the game store to buy more cards... and card sleeves... and deck boxes... and dices!!! I got some Pop games toys of League of Legens for Flor.


When we back in the hotel Mike cooked a delicious meat and I made a salad with spinach, carrot and baby tomato. After it I continued making my deck wich again I could finish. Here my stuff

We played untill 6am then we went to bed, this game is really funny!

Pool day

Mar. 28th, 2017 08:30 pm
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I woke up first than Mike, as usual, then I had breakfast: caramel coffee with oatmel cookies... delicious. I woke mike up and give coffee to him. Since it was late to go to the beach we went to the pool. There were many people.

We lie in the chairs and we read our books.
I chose a book from Michael's books (yes, he again brings like 6 or 7 books). The book is called "Service a Navy Seal at war" by Marcus Luttrell. It's a thrilling war story and tribute to the Seals team, which I would later discover that talk about Chris Kyle, the sniper I was looking a movie on the plane. 
We went to the water and we have fun playing like kids. I carried Mike and I walked for all the pool, then I jumped on his back and he took me to each corner of the pool. This is what I enjoy about Mike, he's always ready to do stupid things with me, and what I like about american people is they don't give a shit about what other people do, nobody is looking at you or paying attention to you, so I can do any stupid or childish thing and nobody will care.
Next to the pool is a lake. We could see otters swimming there or playing outside. They were so cute!!! Everybody were looking them. A man who was few chairs next to us saw I was trying to see them, then he started to tell me when the otters showed up. 

This is the lake when the otters were.

After pool we went back to the room and I tried to cook pasta... I say I "tried" because the sauce wasn't how I expected. This happened to me because I don't know English. Yesterday when we went to Walmart I was looking for some kind of cream we call "crema de leche". So I was there, in the dairy sector, and I saw milk, coffee mate, yogurt, and sour cream. I didn't know what "sour" means and I wonder if this was the cream I was looking for. The bottle had a drawn cow. I shaked it but I was not sure it was liquid. I took it anyway because it was the only which look like the cream I was looking for. But it wasn't the same cream. The crema de leche is a kind of milk very heavy but still liquid. The taste is very soft, not sweet, not salty... and for sure not "sour".
So I took the green onion and I cut it in tiny rings, I put them on the skillet and when I open the cream bottle and I saw what it was... fuck!!!!!! I got so mad!!! I called Michael and tell him it was not the right cream, then I started to research on google and I found that our crema de leche is called Light milk... nothing to do about. I used the stupid fucking sour cream to cook the sauce and I asked to Mike if he wanted it with his pasta ar not, because I didn't like. He said, don't worry let's eat it, not sure because the taste wasn't so bad for him or because he loves me so much lol.
We ate (I didn't finish my pasta, the taste or the angry was making me sick) then I started to try to make my first deck of Magic cards.
I had... I don't know... for sure more than 400 cards that Mike got for me, so making a deck seems like a hard task for me. For make things worse, Mike said "Nat let's go to the game store" and we came back with another box of cards.... 540 more cards

Our cards before go to the store

the new cards

we started to pick the packs one by one to divide it.... I ended with all these packs and I got the best cards hahahaha xD

Obviously I couldn't make my deck that night, so we use some decks Mike got before to start playing, Cursed vs Blessed. It was my first time playing Magic, and I really like so much this game. Is a little hard for me to understand 100% how every card works because they are on English, but we both are learning (in fact, the first 2 days we wasn't playing the game correctly)
We went to bed and played a little more before sex and sleep xD
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Mike got a new addiction: Magic Cards. He bought more cards, sleeves, dices, and he also sorted all my cards in an album. He has spent more than 250usd last month buying cards. And he's going to make playmats for us, I would love it! bbg.jpg So far I chose play with black/blue deck and maybe he will plays with black/red.
We had an argument yesterday but as usual we fixed it talking. I like it about us. Always we have an argument our relationship become stronger.
It's summer and hot, I feel tired and still couldn't continue my workout yet. I feel weak, prolly cuz I keep losing weight even when I feel I don't. Everybody tell me I'm so thinny but I see myself normal to be honest. I still wanna get better legs and butt. However I need eat more to have energy to do exercises.
Work, still stressing. So many things to organize and to do, I still dealing with the shit that ex sales manager did, but at least I'm earning more money now and I can buy whatever I want!!!Just_Cuz_13.gif and in few days I'm getting the last pay rise. So far I boughy 2 pair of shoes and the gifts for Christmas. I have no bills and I'm saving money for next vacations with Mike. I'm looking for another pair of shoes to buy and a bag prolly. blush.gif
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I can't complain, I had a good day. At morning a coworker got to me some sweets. I worked in the e-learning plataform and it's almost done, at least what I need to show in the anual meeting the next week. I showed to sales manager and he loves it! Now I have 2 more topics to prepare for the meeting in just one week!!!! 146fs495919.gif
Mike had day off because thanksgiving so he went to the store and he bought Magic Cards. I've never played it, but we are excited! He found his old cards but he bought new for both and he opened it to see what we got. He made videos of all my cards so I can control he didn't cheat on me happy0196.gif

This are Mike's old cards

And this are the new cards

The box has 285 cards

We will play online until I go there. I need learn the rules and the cards to can make a nice deck. I think Mike will win always because he is very smart but I don't care, I love doing things together.


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