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Last night I went to bed before midnight and watched 2 episodes of Marco Polo, then I felt asleep. I like this serie, the production do really good job, and the story is very interesting.
This morning while I was in the bus Mike called me bbg.jpg I came in to the office talking with him and we spoke for 30 minutes or more. My English is still bad and it's hard to me for understand but we had a fluent conversation and we joke a lot. I love talking with my boy, he made my day.
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I really like this serie and the actors. They recreate very well the Asian style, and you can learn a lot about Mongolian and Chinese empire. But I have to pay attention to not get lose with the names of the characters. There you can see history, policy, excelent costumes, action and yes... sex.. maybe more than necessary but it's very common nowaday animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif
I like that the story of each character is interesting, not just Marco story.
No point to compare it with Game of Thrones, in my opinion they are different series but very good.

Marco Polo

Nov. 7th, 2016 12:11 am
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I was looking to watch some serie before sleep since I don't watch nothing since months. Starting to watch Marco Polo, let's see if it ks good. I can watch series while I lay in the bed 😆


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