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Today moon is beautiful. We can see penumbral eclipse and snowmoon. found_world I think you should go out and take awesomes pics to share with me!
I tried to take pics but I just have my phone, it isn't great 

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Last weekend I did not much, slept, watched series and studied English. I started to watch Vikings, it has 5 stars let's see if this is really good.

I got another ring

It's nice all the things I can get but I need save money also for vacations bbg.jpg I cut my hair, I can't believe how expensive it's nowadays 291.gif
Things with Mike going fine, we had some issue and I got very mad but what I really like about him is he never gives up, and he understood why I got mad, so we fixed it. I like how we work together.
I decorated the xmas tree but lights got burned and I couldn't get the same color. I had to bought some multicolor lights and they just sell small one so I'm pissed about this. I don't like my tree now but I got blue lights to put in the balcony

So I went to balcony few minutes ago to see the lights and there is how moon looks tonight.... so beautiful!

Now it's bed time
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Did I say I love my new house? I almost finish to organize everything here! and this house is so easy to clean, I love it.
I put my sewing machine on the table to clean it, and I want start sewing next weekend bbg.jpg
It's a little old but very good, and isn't plastic like machines are nowaday.

After clean I cooked vegetables with chicken, and I got dessert too

Icecream with strawberries and blueberries

Dinner was delicious bbg.jpg

This is how the moon looks tonight... pics aren't good cuz I took it with my cell phone


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