Apr. 16th, 2017 08:18 pm
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 As I wanted, I cleaned the house... it make me so happy. After a shooting shower I've written an email to my client to show and explain all that I did in the website. I hope, wish, pray he likes it. 

Something that I LOVE about being independent is that I don't need to go to anywhere for days like Easter. My mom and sister were in their department, 4 floor upstair, but there wasn't need to go to share lunch or spend time together. I'm not the kind of person who go forced to meetings then run back home to write shit in my journal. I'm in this way since always, even when I was married. Sometimes I just didn't feel sharing a day with my or his family, then I stayed at home and nobody feel offended. 

So, today, the last day of my 3 days off, I had a good day. Everything is clean, I'm cooking a salad with many vegetals for tomorrow, and now I'm ready to start another design. I won't have dinner because for lunch I ate pizza then I don't feel hungry. Maybe I will have yogurt and fruits, or coffee.

I've to do my nails. The last nailpolish I used is awesome. I love the color, and how long it stay on my nails. I bought it on Walmart and I'm sure it cost less than 2 usd. The color is lovely, even Mike likes so much this pink.


Maybe I should do a list with nailpolish to remember wich colors I like and wich brands are good/bad.

Btw... I got some chocolate eggs... people wants me fat!!! Every Easter is the same... I got so much chocolate that I have for the whole week 

Ferrero Rocher egg

Handmade egg

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 Today we woke up late... well not me, because someone started to call and made my phone sound nonstop, so I woke up 9am but I stayed in the bed a little more. It were like 4 different people calling me this morning, annoying. Since they didn't let me sleep again I got up and I had coffee and greek yogurt for breakfast, then I took a shower. I let Michael sleep untill 1 or 2 pm. 

Since it was late to go to the beach, we did shopping. We went to  Toy Rust store, I got Minecraft Legos for Martina and some toys from Five Night at Freddy. Mike bought some toys too for her. After it we went to Target and I couldn't help... I bought 5 nailpolish, 4 eye brushes, another Eos lip balm coconut flavor and clothes for Martina.

some of the nailpolish, in love with this brand, a little expensive but cheaper than in my country

When we done at target we went to Khol's and we chose clothes for me. I was looking for some clothes for winter but Florida isn't a good place to get this kind of clothes, there is never so cold. Anyway I got some sweaters, shirts and also a Levi's jeans wich I love how good the fabric is and how it feels. I saved $130 

When I was done doing shopping Mike drove to the game store... we ended with our 3rd box of Magic Cards!!! I told him... this is the last we will buy for now.

I wanted to try american pizza so on the way Mike ordered 2 pizzas: chesse with pineaple, and pepperoni with sausage. He always buys more food than we can eat but this time it was because if I don't like pineaple in the pizza I could eat the other. 
We went to pick the order, walked into the store and realized that it was going too far.... Mike bough 2 extra super big pizzas! we started to laugh just thinking that there were pizza for feed 4-6 people and we were just two!!!! it was too late to change the order so we paid it and drove to the hotel. When we entered to the lift, other couple said to Mike : "you are so dangerous!" our pizza smelled soooooo good

It was delicious. We ate on the balcony while we playing cards. My deck is almost done, Mike is playing his decks but I still playing blessed and cursed decks. 

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I bought few things. New bracelet gold and blue to wear with my blue shirt heart.gif Mike likes it!

White nailpolish and some glitter to try Christmas Nail art... not sure what design I will try yet but I have the basic color for it

I got new panties but I will not take pic of this happy0196.gif
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Today is my birthday, so I did some shopping. I bought to paint my hair, a black eyelash mascara, another nailpolish and some stuff for nailart. I also bought some stuff for my house and an interdental brush wich I tried right now and I love it! There are just few teeth I can't use that brush on because i'm not forcing it, but this clean my teeth so good!!!
I tried the nailpolish and I'm not sure how I feel about this color, but is a color for summer and this will be good to use with my new bikini happy0196.gif
At 10pm I will go upstair to have dinner with mom, then come back home to play magic with Mike or do something together bbg.jpg
Went I woke up I was tired and in bad mood but Mike is spoiling me since early, he made my day.

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It was a great weekend! Saturday after work I went to the spa and they massaged all my body, from feet to head. I left the spa so relaxed. Then I went to the store and I got 2 new nailpolish with glitter, and I also got new rings.

I came home and I started watching season 2 of Marco Polo. 8pm I went upstair to mom's hise to see her because she came back from Dubai. We ate pizza then I came back home and I fell asleep.

Essie 291

Sep. 25th, 2016 08:48 pm
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Was looking for some art nails to do but feeling so bad better just paint my nails in the classic way. This is nice pink color from Essie number 291 'Sit me in the front row'

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We woke up later (i don't remember what time it was but Mike bring me Icecream to the bed lol) and I drank my fav coffee while I was getting ready. Mike wanted I choose what place we were going to see today but I'm terrible to decide any normal thing so after a long time trying to decide Mike took me to Ulta since I had to buy some make up there. It was very kind of him because we all know that a man in a Make Up Store can get so bored!!! and this is the first place he choose.

We spend there like 2 hours, I looked all the make up while Mike was trying everything in his hands... eyeshadows, eyeliners, he tried any thing in blue color and we also like a blue eyelash mascara but it was out of stock 128fs4765852.gif
After pick all the make up I need we started to look the nailpolish, and I asked him for help  to choose colors. Was very funny because he tried the colors in his nails and he choose colors that I really like so much! happy0196.gif

I bought a shampoo and conditioner with coconut oil that smells so good

We pick some lipstick balm and Mike got one for him. When we left Ulta he tried the lips balm and make me try it too... OMG that was not a simple balm, it make your lips burn to "grow" but it burns so much that you really can't keep it on your lips. I dont know how someone can use it, I don't see my lips more big, is just the burn sensation.

After it we went to some stores to get shoes for me, I was looking for some flipflop to be confortable but I didn't see any kind of shoes that I like. Then we went to other store and I got some Nike flipflop very very comfortable and the best??? it doesnt make any kind of sound when I walk!!! For this reason, and because I freaked out many times Mike catching him from behind or going inside the shower on silence, he called me Sneaky Nat happy0196.gif

Then we went to a nice restaurant called "Charley's Steak House" to buy beef steak for take away. We spent 100 usd in that place but they gave us a lot of food.. 2 big beef steaks, 2 salads, 1 french fries, mushrooms and a delicious pizza bread that I loved! It was so much food that we ate it for 2 days.

We ate, watched TV, sex and sleep. 


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