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 I can't get enough sleep latelly even taking pills, even doing more workout, even being so tired. I came home from work and I really wanted sleep till tomorrow but my client sent me the last info to finish the website so I had to put my ass on the chair and work. Well... at least seems te website is done. For the rest of this week I have to do a new newsletter and start working on my own website. 
No time for relaxing today
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Oh tired as fuck! but I did workout. I installed an app to track the steps I do and other activity. I don't walk so much because I work sitting 9 hours per day but anyway I do 3k steps just going and coming to take the bus. I should go for a walk on my lunch time but I don't like the city where I work. 
In 4 days it says I walked 5.25km, 9k steps, burned 6k calories and doing activity for 2.30 hours just going to work and doing my workout 2 days.
My weight is 134lbs and I don't think I should lose more weight. This week I'm a little quiet because period pains.

I want finish to write my memories from vacations before weekend. I have to do few things more in the website and try to study English. I still have to sell a lot of products, make more decks of Magic Cards, read my book, finish my course of HTML/CSS to improve my skills and I also started 2 more courses: "e-commerce" and "ERP"

I had a serious conversation with Mike. He's trying to change some things and starting to work for get his goals. I'll help him since I'm the only person to who he tell his things. I know how hard it will be to him but I know he can get whatever he wants. I love the team we do 
So far we started to go to bed early to fix our sleeping and I try he don't take naps.

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 The client answered my mail. He says I'm doing very well and he's happy to see I understand what he wants. He see I take care of many details that he hasn't even think. He likes the website and soon he will send me the info that I asked to end the work. He said: excelent work! 

I'm so happy!!! 
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 Yesterday I worked all day long with the website. I fixed a lot of things. When Michael woke up from his nap, at 10pm, he wanted to play together. I tried, but I left 30 min later. I really don't want spend time on games when I can use that time to relax or earn money. He needs pay bills to get ride of some person but he use all his free time to nap and play games. I understand perfectly that his work makes him tired, it really squeeze his brain. But it's time he stop feeling sorry for himself and fix his issues. He needs to leave his comfort zone. I'm moving on with him or without.

I worked again all day long in the website. I did all that the customer asked me to do. Now I need he send me the rest of the information to finish it. I hate that customers are so slow to send all the information, they pretend I write about their business when I don't know what they do, and anyway my work is about DESIGN, unless they hire me to be their SEO, SEM, community manager or something else. I can't understand how people start a company and can't explain what they do, how they work, what services they offer, why someone has to choose they instead the competition, etc in a professional way.  I should open an adviser's business and start earning money of something that for now I do free. 

I will cook pizza then watch series or movies. I'm a little pissed, this weekend I decided to look for something to watch on Netflix after weeks that I watch nothing, then I watched 2 movies that I had already watched before: Da Vince Code, and Angels and Demons. Maybe I will write down all the movies I watch to avoid waste the few free time I have. 


Feb. 12th, 2017 07:09 pm
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 The first newsletter is done, but of course I would have to do many changes before we start this campaing. I can't understand how people want I do their newsletters without give me the info that they want it contain. It's is for a course but they didn't tell me when the course starts, if they want I add the topics or not, etc etc. I included random info to show them the design. 
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 I sold another website and someone bought my service of email marketing  
Mike is going to learn Html code, css and java because he wants help me with my project.

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This is what customer asked for, this is what he got. The work is done


Good news!

Sep. 24th, 2016 12:51 am
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Seems next month I will fix the issue with one of my projects and I'll be able to run it again. Well, right now im running it but making less money that I was making before.
This make me very happy because even when I need spend money to move a new flat I'll be able to see Mike again. I don't know when I will see him, I don't have any date on mind but today he asked me one more time when can we meet again. This made me so happy.
When I got home I got a little emo but Mike called me and he changed my mood in few minutes. After talk with him I did my workout, week 5 done!!!!!!! Tomorrow I will do cardio and streching, and let's see what happens in week 6.


Sep. 23rd, 2016 05:28 pm
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The website for the guy from Chile is done. I got the payment bbg.jpg
Next week I will start the second website for my company. Then I will continue working on my own website.
About the other project I still need fix some damn issue... I was making good money with this.
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Today my boss told me "we need to talk". The first I thought was opssss "what I did now????" 128fs4765852.gif In few seconds my mind was thinking in the worst possibilities and how I could fix it, even if I get fired.

She started the conversation with some work she needs I do, then she got more serious. Since lately everything goes wrong to me, I was waiting a bad news.But instead it, I got promoted!!!!!!!!! greenstars.gifThis next months I will improve my skills then in January I will start my new position with better salary 1f63b.png

I'm SO happy! She told me she is sure I'm able to do this and she wants to give me a chance. And this pay rise means I can rent better flat and still have vacations with Mike Just_Cuz_13.gif
Yes... I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Website

Sep. 6th, 2016 09:59 am
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The website for one of my customer is almost ready. I don't like some details, like some boxes he wanted I add but he don't give me enough text for fill the box, or some images and colours, but he wants it in this way. Since he will use his website everyday I think is better give to him a website how he likes to see.
Today I have to start new website to another customer, so let's feed my addiction for the coffee

I'm free!

Aug. 11th, 2016 06:11 pm
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Finally, holidays!

I'm great, my luggage is still empty hahaha but who care! I can say that Michael is definitely coming with me to vacations, I can't believe!!!!!!!!! loveshower.gif This is a dream that come true!

Ok not everything is nice latelly... I'm going to need new flat because they increased the rent of my flat almost the double.... fuckers. Plus I'm going to pay a lil more for bring the products that I sell. But, in the other hand I sold a new website. I will not let this obstacles ruin my week with Mike, no way!


Aug. 1st, 2016 05:29 pm
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I can't say how stressed we are this last months. I'm literally on panic about everything, about what he tell me, about what he doesn't tell me.
I still can't believe he is going to do this with me, I'm afraid he cancel it.
I try to understand his situation and relax myself but god this is so fucking hard wallbash.gif

My projects are going very fine.. websites, make up.. better than I expected, so I wonder if the trip are going to fail. I'm not so lucky so...
Anyway I keep focus in projects, workout and I'm trying to learn how the hell I can make a decent make up with all the stuff I have.

I don't know what is going to happens but I took a decision... I will enjoy this trip even if my feelings get a little hurted.


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