May. 27th, 2017 11:38 pm
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I found another good serie on Netflix! I'm stucked at the computer watching Shooter from 3 hours now, and still 5 episodes left to watch.
I chose that serie because I like sniper stories and because the black actor who worked on Dr. House (I don't know his name), and I'm not disappointed at all. So bad it's just 1 season so far.
I'm very curious about how soldier's mind works... how they deal with the fact that they are killers? I couldn't kill even an animal. 
How can you have honor, loyalty, faithfulness and also be a killer? Our beliefs can be so powerful. I feel kinda admiration, sadness and fear for them. I would like to analyze and understand them. Our mind can be amazing. 
Writing this I realized that I'm trying to understand people's mind all the time... I don't know why 
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 They shouldn't make that serie, and I shouldn't watch this, but now I can't stop. I just watched 4 episodes so far but there is so much I can see that people think hasn't consequences. But they never know if they are hurting so much. When something affect you, you will always get someone who will tell you "you are overacting" "you are so sensible" "You care so much for something that's not a big deal" "there are people who live worse things, stop being a baby" 

That stupid Alex's list is so annoying, and isn't the only thing what some people hold. We have to hold a lot of things that men believe should make us feel flattered but just make us feel harassed. And if you complain about that they call you hysteric, bitch, whore, frigid, or they ask you if you are in ur period. Do you think that just a teen live that shit? There are adult men who take pics with their phones of girls boobs when they are in the bus, I saw that sick shit so many times. Fucking technology. How many women are in the phone of someone who they don't even know just because a man liked her butt or her tits? My fucking coworker takes pics of me when I'm not paying attention, and I can't stop asking myself why he will want a pic of me in his phone? for what? he spends with me 58 hours at week, why he needs pics (yes more than 1) of me.
If I start writing here all the shit I see and I hold every fucking day you will say that I'm obsessed... let me tell you: you made me obssesed. 

And when you got hurted so much for people who don't fucking use their brain before act or before talk, you can't watch this serie without feel that you know the feeling of that girl. And you will want stop the pain, and you will want make justice by urself, but the price that you will pay is so high....
Stoping the pain, making people pay for what they made to you.... so tempting. What else you can do? you born like a "sensible" person! (or maybe they born like fuckers person) and you tried to be strong, but one day you just get tired... you know that there is a way to take the control, to don't let they hurt you again... the only reason why I'm still here is because they dont worth the price that I should pay, and prolly anyway they will continue acting without think first.

I should stop watching this serie now. I'm so fucking upset
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 Yesterday after work I got home, took a shower and lied in bed to watch some series, bored as fuck. I got pissed cuz boredom and hot weather then I got up and went to do shopping I really need stop spending money on shopping, god. I'm very good to save money but latelly I just spend money when I'm sad, happy, bored, whatever. 
This time I went to market and I got 40% off for some things for the house. Few things I just bought cuz the smell, like candles, liquid soap, etc >.<

I bought towel, scrubbers, bath mat, candles, soaps and body cream.

After shopping I came back home and I cooked pizza. I played L2 with Mike for 2 hours then I got tired of sitting at the computer and I went to bed to watch Daredevil.
They introduce Elektra in the serie but I don't like her at all. Arrogant and stupid bitch, world is full of that kind of women!

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I'm so pissed about Netflix cancelled the 3rd season of Marco Polo. I read it's about money... they spent too much money making season 1 and 2 and they didn't have the expected success. I don't know how many people watched it but this serie is GREAT... excelent actors, awesome scenes, and the story caught me.
Last episode of season 2 is makes me anxious and mad because I want... no... I NEED to know how this story would continue but... THERE IS NOT A 3RD SEASON!!!!! and there won't have any final for this serie. It is very disrespectful for the people who were watching it.
John Fusco wrote me on Twitter but he didn't confirm why Netflix cancelled it. He said they already wrote the 3rd season. If nobody will put the money to produce it I hope they let us read it... maybe in a nobel format, I don't care how but this serie really deserve a final.
Anyway, after few days pissed I wanted to watch some serie. People is talking about Sherlock season 4... my Netflix still doesnt show it... more pissed I am... some series I'm watching there isn't a new season yet: House of Cards, Stranger Things, Hatters back off, The Flash, Rick and Morty... others I started to watch but they didnt get all my attention: Vikingos, American Horror Story, Black Mirror, Prison Break, Orange is the new black... so yesterday I started watching another Netflix Original Serie: Daredevil. So far it is another super hero serie: good looking boy who suffered in the past trying to save the world. I watched 4 episodes... let's see what happens.
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 I spent all day cleaning the house... bathrooms, washed the floor, balcony.. everything is clean now 
Piss me off all the hair I lose. It is everywhere. On the floors, on the bed, and more I lose, more it grows. I mud the floor and hair is there few minutes after 

I stretched my muscles then I took a shower. Now I cook a salad and maybe I will continue watching Daredevil. I started to watch this serie yesterday, episode 1 and 2.  So far it's another superhero serie, nothing special.
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Last night after study I watched Black Mirror episode 3. So far I just like ep 1. I went to bed 5am.... 6 hours ago. It's going to rain, thunderstorm ⛈⛆I will not get up yet... maybe in 2 hours

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I started to watch this serie and episode 1 blowed my mind. Even when they pretend they are in the future, this is happening right now since years. Few days ago Mike and me was talking about someone he knows who pretend a fake life on social networks. He was laughing about all the lies we found about this person but it's freak me out... an adult person saying lies to unknow people on internet every day since years and trying to brag a life that this person doesnt really have isn't a game.... it is sick! You can do it for fun how long?... weeks?... months??? but what the hell.... for years?????? and for what??? for other people with fake online lifes feed your ego? This world is not my real place.


Dec. 9th, 2016 06:59 pm
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I got 4 days off Just_Cuz_13.gif
Yesterday all that I did was sleep and watching series. I didn't eat nothing at all, just had few cups of coffee.
Sherlock: is brillant! season 1 and 2 are just 3 episodes, 1:30 hours each. And they didn't need use sexual scenes to do something interesting... smart is the new sexy.

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2: is boring, the first was more funny in my opinion. 2 starts for me

Today I laid down till 4pm, not desire to do nothing at all. Then I forced myself to get up and take a shower. I had to take a pill to stop feeling like this. Seems pill is working but made me very sleepy. I'm going to study for my English test.. or at least try to study... maybe I will fall asleep.Zzz.gif

Btw... one of my babies are blooming

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I did nothing all the weekend, just sleep and watching series. Body hurts, the articulations... fingers, knees, feet... I don't know why. I feel like depressed, I wonder if this can be because dehydration.. I drank so much coffee last days but the last 2 days I forgot drink water. Maybe it's because the weather.. it's so hot. Maybe because it's December, and Mike will not be with me. Maybe because all the stress I had last weeks. Whatever... I don't like feeling like this.

American Horror Story: this serie is like Meh but for some reason I wacthed season 1 and started to watch season 2. I also found some errors in this serie. Prolly i watched it because there is not a messaged or something that will put ur brain to think. It is not so twisted, it's not so terrifying, something to kill the time.

Sherlock: watched just episode 1 so far, it's like a modern Sherlock Holmes and it remember to me Dr. House, because that character was based in Sherlock. Isn't bad, I love the adventures of Sherlock so I think I will like this serie.
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Watched the 2 season, was funny. Each episode is 20 minutes wich is good to see when you don't have so much time to spend in the computer.
I played a couple of hours with Mike then I cleaned the house. I didn't paint my hair today, I'm tired now, I will do it tomorrow.
Mom gave me 100usd for my bday so I have now 700usd for the next vacation with Mike bbg.jpg


Nov. 12th, 2016 11:53 am
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Stranger Things: Millie Brown does a great job, I like this kid so much! She is just 12 years old but her performance is amazing.

My day at work is very quiet. I'm sleepy as usual, yesterday I went to bed very late. Probably I will take a nap when I get home but I'm not sure, I don't want spend my day sleeping, I have a lot of things to do.
I want organize my things, do workout, do beauty routine, cooking, decide what I will sew, English homework, watch series or some movie, etc.

I have to see what I need to start sewing, and buy the fabric for the elf costume.
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I really like this serie and the actors. They recreate very well the Asian style, and you can learn a lot about Mongolian and Chinese empire. But I have to pay attention to not get lose with the names of the characters. There you can see history, policy, excelent costumes, action and yes... sex.. maybe more than necessary but it's very common nowaday animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif
I like that the story of each character is interesting, not just Marco story.
No point to compare it with Game of Thrones, in my opinion they are different series but very good.
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I love this character! and I love that shirt from The Big Bag Theory


Nov. 7th, 2016 10:59 pm
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Started to watch Stranger Things and Marco Polo. I added Vikings and Narcos to my list.
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  1. Office Christmas Party

  2. PET

  3. The Handmaiden

  4. SPLIT

  5. Assassin's creed

  6. Resident Evil 6

  7. Pirates of the Caribbean 5

  8. Suicide Squad

  9. Trainspotting 2

  10. Kong Skull Island

  11. The Great Wall

  12. Jhon Wick 2

  13. Black Mirror

  14. Haters back off

  15. Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee kids

  16. Captain America Civil War

  17. Stranger Things

I will add more movies and series later

Marco Polo

Nov. 7th, 2016 12:11 am
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I was looking to watch some serie before sleep since I don't watch nothing since months. Starting to watch Marco Polo, let's see if it ks good. I can watch series while I lay in the bed 😆


Sep. 29th, 2016 11:30 pm
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I don't know how I feel today. I got home late from work then I ran to the English Institute... I was the only student in the class today. We are delayed with the program because everybody miss lessons, I don't feel I'm improving my english this year.
Went I got home I did LISS in the exercise bike watching Games of Thrones season 6 episode 3. I think the rol is playing Tyron Lannister so far is boring.
I cooked zucchini with carrots and cheese for dinner and I had few strawberries for dessert. Mike is still in the wedding, not sure if he has fun or he is drunk but he didn't message me for hours, and I don't think he will do it today.
I wish feel asleep and get some rest but seems it will not happens. i'm going to take half pill to see if it helps.
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I watched the second chapter while I was in the exercise bike, that is a good way to do LISS without get bored bbg.jpg
I'm not sure yet how I feel about this season. It's a bit predictable what would happen with Jhon Snow, and to be honest I want watch the next chapter right now but I want streaching and I need get a shower then probably Mike and I will do something together. Maybe I will continue watching in few hours.


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