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I feel better. My neck and back hurt less than on Friday.
Yesterday I went to work and I asked to my boss for buying a new chair, she says I can go on Monday and choose one. We talk a little about how her trip was and about some changes she did trying to minimize a the damage that the fucker sellers are doing there. To be honest, I don't care right now what she will do to fix this. 

After work I came back home and Cleaned the house. Then I worked 3 hours on website, I ate a salad and I watch few episodes of Shooter on Netflix, then I fell asleep. I used a collar to rest my neck during the day, it helped.
Today I woke up at 1 p.m. and I finished my 3th course. It was about web programming  Probably I will start a C++ course next.  I had a shower and now I'm doing my beauty routine. 
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 I finished my first course of web programming! It was a basic HTML and CSS course that I did to see if I'm able to understand courses on English. I had no problems with it I think because the teacher is latin, so he speaks clearly and not so fast as american people do.
Now I'm going to start the second course, still for beginners but it is about html, css, java, bootstrap, sass, node, mongo and another APIs, and react. It sounds like a lot of new things to learn and this teacher is american sooooo this means he speaks fast  I watched the introduction video and I understand almost everything. We will see if I can follow him. 

Today I did more useful things like designing a new newsletter for my client and I did bike for 1 hour. I feel soooo good with myself! Now it's time to go to bed.


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