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 7 hours more and I'll have 4 days off! I have a lot of things I wanna do next days:  online courses, IPL sessions, start the new website, swimming, beauty care, go to the market, workout workout workout, get my magic cards deck done... I need a "to do" list, I don't want waste my holiday being lazy. 
Yesterday I watched some videos about carpal tunnel exercises. I did the exercises and the pain in my arms decreased!  I'll do it every day. 
It's great to see all the power that the mind has. I decided change my mind and the things I tell to myself 1 year ago, I forced myself to do small steps every day to get my goals. So bad I waste too much years before control my mind, but better late than never.

Btw 30 days to go to Orlando 
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To Do List

At work

  • Setup e-learning plataform

  • Update Procap Guide

  • Write the topics for the anual meeting

At home

  • Get ride of the useless things

  • Organize furniture

  • Organize closet

  • Stick the network wire

  • Change kitchen light bulb

And still   and
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Wednesday I didn't do workout because Mike wanted my attention blush.gif and yesterday I didn't do LISS because I got home late. So bad! I have too many things to do and I don't know how I will organizate my time to do all. Plus I'm trying to drink less coffee but sleeping just few hours so I feel tired and sleepy all day long. Maybe I should try to cut coffee after I move to new apartment, not now.
I still need to sell furniture, pack my stuff, throw more things in the trash, fix all that doesn't work in the apartment I'm now, move to the other, organize all there, do a website (maybe two), keep doing my workout, study English for the final exam, and organize all in my work to my new position, plus in December we have Anual meeting. I have to sew some clothes that Mike want I try! I need work on my projects also and I'm not going to have vacations untill March when I'm going to U.S. again with Mike.
This month is Mike's birthday and mother's day and next month is mine birthday. I want send something to Mike, but I don't know what.

Damn... I need coffee coffeebath.gif

To-Do List

Sep. 10th, 2016 11:02 am
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There is a section in LiveJournal where you can make a To-Do List. That is useful instead make an entry but a little basic.
Anyway I will try it.
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Yesterday was a long day at work, I did at least 20 Quotations or maybe more. I dind't eat nothing during the day, just had 3 or 4 lattes because I was not hungry.
I was in bad mood, tired, emo because Michael, frustrated and overworked. When I got home I did my workout. Bad idea do it without get food all day long, was Legs day and very hard, but I finish it even when I felt a little weak. I need go back to my healthy food or I will not be able to keep my workout.
I found a way to can do so some exercise while I'm sitting in the desk all those hours in  my work. Just_Cuz_13.gif

Now that I started to change my mind about feelings I feel better and I can put focus again in my projects. I don't know what happens this week but I sold many things and it's just Tuesday! 1068973_34_y.jpg

To do List this week

  • Look for new flat

  • Post new products

  • Finish website from Chile

  • Schedule publications about new products for all the week on facebook

  • Publish my forniture to sell

  • Design website for my boss

  • Pick make up

  • Go to the notary


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