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 I got the airport 1 hour ago and did the check-in. There are a lot of people today but anyway the line was fast. My flight will leave from gate 4.
I'm drinking a latte in Mc Donalds and reading Sherlock Holmes while I wait to 3.30 am to go to the gate. 
First flight is from Buenos Aires to Lima (Perú), then I have to wait 1 hour to take the next flight from Lima to Orlando. I will arrive at 4pm. Michael will get Orlando in few hours and go to the hotel to do the check-in and sleep before go for me.
I want take a pill for the bloody headache but since it is because muscles I don't have any kind of pills for this. So when I get the flight to Orlando I will take alprazolam, maybe this will make my muscles relax. 


Mar. 25th, 2017 05:47 pm
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After lunch I took a nap. I was tired but I could sleep just 1 hour. Of course, when I got up instantly I felt sleepy 
I took a shower and now I will comb my hair. Then... idk, maybe take another nap? still 7 hours to go to the airport  

So close!

Aug. 11th, 2016 01:57 pm
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Finally I slept a lil more... 6:30 hours but still I didn't pack. I'm going to do the check-in today, I'm getting anxious!!

Im testing the ultra matte lipstick of Colourpop in some nude color, so far 9 hours usint it and it still stay on. I put vaseline on my lips before apply the lipstick because it will make my lips get very dry. This is a good tip and works fine. I could not take any decent pic of my lips with this stupid cell phone 97.gif

Just few hours left to be on vacations, I can't wait! 146fs495919.gif


Aug. 1st, 2016 05:29 pm
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I can't say how stressed we are this last months. I'm literally on panic about everything, about what he tell me, about what he doesn't tell me.
I still can't believe he is going to do this with me, I'm afraid he cancel it.
I try to understand his situation and relax myself but god this is so fucking hard wallbash.gif

My projects are going very fine.. websites, make up.. better than I expected, so I wonder if the trip are going to fail. I'm not so lucky so...
Anyway I keep focus in projects, workout and I'm trying to learn how the hell I can make a decent make up with all the stuff I have.

I don't know what is going to happens but I took a decision... I will enjoy this trip even if my feelings get a little hurted.
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15 months ago I had a wish, a dream with Mike. Every night I went to the bed with this dream in my mind but things was not going to be how i expected at all. Too much obstacles, too many people between us, too much panic.
I fought myself to kill this dream but I couldn't kill all that I feel for him.
But then I got a ticket to meet him because I'm not that kind of people who give up

I didn't know this ticket will change my life


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