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As I said before, when I went to Customs they asked me few things then I had to talk with other officer called Eric because they wanted know why I was going alone to U.S. for first time
So the guy called Eric started to do a lot of questions about what I do, what kind of business do I have in my country, family, and also many question about Michael.
He was being very gently so I was relaxed untill he took my cellphone and started to check my conversations with Michael... that was not nice at all! There we have very private conversation that I don't want to share with any person!!! I didn't know they can do it...
He stay for long reading our convo and I was getting pissed to be honest but nothing to do about.
When he finished he told me that everything was fine and he also did jokes with me like giving me his cellphone for I check his conversations. In some point i felt he was flirting also LOL
The guy was with me to pick my luggage and finally I left the customs zone.

They let me stay 6 months in U.S. Thanks so much guys but I just need few days for now!

I'm free!

Aug. 11th, 2016 06:11 pm
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Finally, holidays!

I'm great, my luggage is still empty hahaha but who care! I can say that Michael is definitely coming with me to vacations, I can't believe!!!!!!!!! loveshower.gif This is a dream that come true!

Ok not everything is nice latelly... I'm going to need new flat because they increased the rent of my flat almost the double.... fuckers. Plus I'm going to pay a lil more for bring the products that I sell. But, in the other hand I sold a new website. I will not let this obstacles ruin my week with Mike, no way!


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