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After leave Hogsmeade we walked to the entrance. I went to Beety Boop shop, they have adorable shirts but very expensive if we considerer that all are Made in China animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif In other store we tried some hats. I made Mike try a Minion hat, banana hat and Bob Sponge hat and ofc I took pics of him happy0196.gif He made me try a Minion hat and this is how we look

There in other store they sell Wine Spinners that are really nice, but the price was crazy. They want 30usd for each part of the spinner... so for have a nice one u need spend at least 120 usd on this. I recorded a video

After it we went back to the hotel but we ordered more chicken in Buffalo Wild Wings. I took a pic which captures the American's spirit ... big flag, sport, fast (fat) food and beer happy0196.gif

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Finally we got the place I want see! I love everything there!!!!
Hogsmeade look so real with all the shopps covered by snow and its windows full of interesting stuff. I look into every window, can't miss nothing there.
The first we saw was a reply of The Hogwarts Express near the entrance.

While we was looking in the windows, some people were there with their Magic Wand casting spells to the window 291.gif First we didn't understand was going on because nothing happens untill we saw a woman in other window reading some sign in the floor which had a spell that you have to imitate the movement poiting to the window... then inside the window something will happens! It's different to each window.. in one, a book opened, in other some stuff started to move, etc. Really funny if you buy a magic wand!

Someone casting a spell

You can go into the stores to buy things

Chose your wand! You have different wands of each character from Harry Potter

And there is even more! you can buy ButterBeer and Pumpkin Juice... I can't help and i bought a juice... best juice ever I've drunk!!!!


You can take the Hogwarts Express to go from one park to the other park. 
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After vertigo in Jurasik Park I didn't want more watherfall games CpqUpRrXYAAu3jr.jpg but there was a game more light called Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges. It's a raft witch sails by fast river full of twists, ups and downs... and you end very wet.
While we was in line waiting, there was Mike trying to catch people through a spot for take pics, while they wait distractely in the other side of the wall. I don't know what people think about us but I have so much fun with Mike happy0196.gif

We boarded the raft with 2 couples more. One of they was a blonde white girl with a black boy and I adore them, they look so nice together and is a proof that love has not limits and prejudice are stupids loveshower.gif

We all end very wet but all of them, even Mike, more than me hahaha.

Next area we move was Seuss Landing, a place for little kids. All this place smell like candy, so delicious! I took some pics because the stores are very nice.

We went to The Lost Continent, there was some restaurants and we joined a show called Poseidon's Fury. There was an actress but I didn't understand everything because my english is still bad. Anyway i get the principal idea and I liked the set design and special effects of that adventure.

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After left King Kong adventure Mike wanted go to Jurasik Park River Adventure. I looked to the place and I saw a boat descending to the water. Seems fine - I thought - so let's go!

We wait in line to board the boat, we were in the front seats what I think was really nice to can see everything!
The board started to move slowly on the water, through the vegetation of the jungle... everything was so quiet.


We arrived to the gates wich were opened and the boat went into the Raptor Containment Area.

Then the alarm started to sound and we went into the laboratory.

The rails wich move the boat, ascended into the darkness moving towards a big dinosaur... then the boat stopped and after few seconds it precipitated by a 85-foot plunge. It's took few seconds but for me was long minutes! I was like OMG PLS SOMEONE STOP IT!
Mike was laughing but I needed a minute to laugh about it. We ended up soaked lol.
They take pics of every boat when it jump down in the water. Mike ask me if I want see our pic but I ran away from there, I didn't want he sees my face of horror lol shame.gif
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We woke up early today because we have a plan! After get ready we went to Dunkin' Donuts to buy our fav coffee. I'm disappointed because they did it great just the first day. The way Mike drives make me nervous. He has the hands always busy in the cell phone and he also moves the steering wheel using his knee animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif... In the stop light he catch Pokemons!


well... I like catching Pokemons with him blush.gif

We went to Universal Studios and I choose (yes i did!!!) the park called Universal's Islands of Adventure.


In the first area there are many restaurants, nothing special.


There is a lake

We took the left way where is Marvel Super Hero Island. There are stores wich sell merchandise of different heros.

In the comic area there are many ballons with texts and when Mike saw this, he said was perfect for me and he took me a pic. ermm.gif

We keep walking till Skull Island Reign of Kong then Mike took my hands and dragged me inside. This adventure just opened but it had 1 hour delay. There are some pics while we wait

Mike making fun ruining my pic and yes I did his nails the night before hahahahaha happy0196.gif

We enter into a cave where was a character saying things in unknown language but my tablet sucks for take pics without light

After it we boraded some kind of train wich took us inside another cave. Was great!! they gave us 3D glasses and there were dinosaurs fighting, hitting our train making it shake, we also were splashed by water, everything seems very real! We really like it so much. King Kong was great, it look very realistic. After left the train we walked into another cave where people got surprised and scared when hands emerged from the walls to catch them... people were screaming and we laughing
King Kong was for sure our fav show in this park.

I will continue in other post...


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