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 My boss kicked one associate seller... about time she does it! She asked to my coworker if he wants move to live in that province and be seller, he said yes It's good and bad... bad because for some time I'll be alone for doing everything until we hire someone who works with me in the office and I have to train a person, but good because my coworker is not good for managment tasks. I hope he really moves there and if I'm lucky I'll get a smart coworker 


May. 30th, 2017 11:39 am
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I'm in my coffee break at work. What I like about my job is that I never work on holidays. That is great! My schedule is always the same, it never changes and i don't work at night because we are closed at 6pm :)
I dont have to deal with costumers. They dont come to our offices. My boss is never behind me controlling what I do. There is nobody who check what I do with my computer also. They pay my salary always on time and all the contributions to the state, health service, etc. Whatever I say I need for work, they will give me... a new computer, desk, chair or cellphone.
If I see a course I can do and wich helps to improve my skills they will pay it for me. When a holidays is on Friday or Monday they usually give us the Saturday off.
Isnt so bad, right?
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Guess what?!! yesterday I've bitched to Michael again I think I overreacted but latelly something is changing inside me. I used to be someone who hold everything on silence. Confronting people was so hard for me that I had panic attack. But now, I can't hold nothing else. I always think before talk but I don't wait months to open my mouth, now I don't wait even a week. And this isn't just with Michael... I see I'm doing the same about work. And even if things don't go as I want, telling to people what I think make me feel less stressed. I try to give my opinion in a respectful way, but now I stop caring if they will get offended with me and run away.

This days I'm helping my boss with some reports. She knows and she said more than once it's my coworker who has to do this reports. Today after work we got the bus together and we were talking about how things are going, and about the last meeting we had. I'm being very honest with her about how I see the situation of the company. And also I've told her I don't trust anymore my fat coworker and I explained my reasons. We both don't know what intentions he have, she doesn't trust him too. She told me she's tired of the attitude of the people who is working for her company, and she's thinking about to do a big restructuration, and she mentioned I'm involved in that changes but didn't give me details, and I won't ask. I'll keep doing my best trying to help to save the company. This is a challange and I love challanges!

Yesterday I was so tired that I fell asleep at 10pm... today I'm exhausted too. I think I'm getting sick, or maybe I'm more stressed than usual 

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Last 2 days I worked 16 hours or more every day. Neck and back hurt as fuck but the website is almost done. Yesterday Flor wanted to eat pizza with me but I told her I should work, so she came to home and we have dinner together. She gave me some massages but it was not enough... I won't get ride of this pain until I stop using the computer few days, something that won't happens. And the stress... always messing with me.

Michael had a car accident yesterday. Some woman who was talking by phone while driving hit Mike's car. He was on rage and very frustrated because fixing the car will cost like 1000 bucks. Here if the drivers have insurance they pay the service to fix the car but Michael told me there insurance won't pay 100% of that  

Today I got home from work then I continued working in the website. I did a pause to drink coffee and look Instagram very fast, and of course I ended up stucked on cats pic for at least 20 min 
At 9pm I was done with the website and very tired but anyways I forced myself to do 1 hour workout and stretching. My back feels better but I can't relax my neck so prolly I'll take pills tonight. There isn't desire to cook, I'll get a soup then lay on bed and watch Prison Break until fall asleep. 


May. 5th, 2017 08:03 pm
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 Damn, last 2 days I've been so busy and there is a lot to read in my reading page! My mind needs a break but I need finish the website as fast as I can, I need more coffee for sure.
I'll continue designing and come back later to see what's going on with u guys!
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 It's autumn here and days start to be shorter but still hot. This week weather is +26 at day and +15 during the night. There isn't need to use a coat.
I woke up a little earlier, when it was dark. The builders were not working yet in the building next to home. It was so quiet

Again another busy day at work. My coworker went to the office today but he told me he isn't coming tomorrow. My boss and I spoke again about people and work. She is thinking about fire some people who isn't following her instructions. We talked about the fat man and how he's trying to make people hate each others, always jealous about everybody. I'm glad to can talk with her about this issues and that it seems she trust me. I hope she fix our team, I'm tired to deal with people who instead do their work are messing around or trying to fuck someone else up.

After work I took Mart to the cinema. We watched 'The boss baby'. I liked the movie, very funny, I've laughed a lot and ate so much popcorn. It's a movie for kids that an adult can enjoy. I don't remember seeing technologic devices in the movie and I think it's a great example for kids. It's so sad to see kids stucked at their smartphone, tablet or computer like zombies, no imagination at all, and if you take devices away from them they get bored easy. 
After movie we ate some burguers and I came back home. I'm ready to sleep now 

So tired...

May. 2nd, 2017 10:41 pm
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 What a crappy day! This morning we stayed 30 min outside the office because the burglar alarm was ringing nonstop. So annoying! and mosquitos had a party with us there!. Sales department head, my coworker (Superman aka) didn't come to work because he's sick. Since some months he's eating delivery food and junk food every day, his liver could not stand it any more. So I was alone to do all the delayed task in uor department and all the new task we got today... I got more than 50 emails with tasks 

Work wearing me out today and burned my mind. I wish I could relax when I got home but it doesn't happens, I had more things to deal with. And I should to work with the website but I won't do it tonight. 

I've invited Martu to go to the cinema tomorrow, Wea re going to see The boss baby. It seems funny. It will help me to relax for at least 90 minutes. 

Michael started working to get things under control. I'm so happy about that. I hope I have enough patience to be a good support for him.  Sometimes it's hard to me to understand why people's minds don't work on many things at once... maybe it's because they aren't crazy like I am 


Apr. 29th, 2017 05:52 pm
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 Today at work we moved to a the upstair office, wich is smaller than the other but it has some natural light and better ventilation. The good thing: the guy who smells very bad is not so close to me now. The bad thing: the guy who eats with open mouth is closer 

About the guy who smells bad, my other coworker and me tried to let him know how bad he smells buy seems he doesn't care at all. He keeps not taking a shower everyday and wearing same shirt for 2 or 3 days in a row. Anyways I'm pretty sure that what smells isn't his shirt but his ass . The other guy today bought an aromatizer, it was our last try to see if the smelly boy get the message. Well... isn't a "boy".. he's a 40+ man.

When I left work mom called me and I had to run to home to check if my sister, who lives upstair, was fine. His boyfriend dumped her 2 weeks ago and this weekend she's alone because mom go away and we are afraid my sister tries something stupid... another 40+ yo person who act like a teen 
So I had to cancel my plan to go to the grocery and cook for the whole week. I don't want to go now to buy food, maybe I'll go tomorrow and today survive with coffee. I'm in my 5th cup of coffee so far. The house smells like coffee!
After the rain of Tuesday it's full of mosquitos, so annoying. They are so big, and the repellent does nothing to them. 

My option for the rest of the day: sleeping, watching Netflix, playing Magic Cards, reading a book, beauty routine, studying English, starting a new website or studying programming. I won't clean the house today. Prolly I'll write about the last 2 days of my vacations with Mike. It's been almost a month since I came back. 

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I had a busy day at work. Making quotes, calculated sales commissions, processing RMA, and with a long list of tasks to-do, while my coworker spend his days being lazy, saying to me how bad he wants to go home instead of being at work, saying he wants vacations, etc.
I've suggested to him to do his work 1 month ago and he still didn't finish a simple sales report 

So, this week my boss sent an email to inform that the prices of 1000 products have changed. It's me who usually update the prices in our list and system because nobody else whant to do the job, but this time I said to my coworker I couldn't do it until finish the other tasks. Of course, he gives a shit and keep doing nothing.
Purchasing manager has ordered 2 items today and he took a wrong price, one was his mistake, the other was because the price list isn't updated yet. My boss came to my office very upset to ask why we using old prices when she has sent a mail with the new prices. The guy and me tried to explain to her that i'm very busy doing almost everything alone in my department but she didn't get it... when she left the office this guy told me... "what about ur coworker? he has to do this if you are busy!!! " and we spoke about how this guy is doing nothing but my boss made him department head... we are lossing so many customers and the only he does is lay in his chair and talk about all that he doesn't like about his job.
I got pissed for a while but I went back to my work. I won't make his job, no way. 

I started playing Magic Duels today. Mike is playing since few days. We learn a lot about the card game. Some things we did wrong when playing on vacations but with this game we will get better. I'm learning some tricks to play smart. I really like games that make you think. 


Apr. 12th, 2017 09:59 pm
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Today I didn't go to work for health issues so I've been working on the website. I setted a lot of things. I will keep working on it this weekend, I want finish it fast to get the payment. Tomorrow I work just until 2pm then I don't go to work until Monday because Easter  

A friend told me about some app to earn money filling survey. I instaled it on my 2 cellphones and earned 4usd in just 5 days. The surveys usually pay 1usd but sometimes you can get surveys wich pay 5usd. They pay by paypal every time you complete a survey (it can take 1 or 3 days sometimes, or few hours). I checked what functions the app uses from my phone and it use just the storage (because they will make you add a picture or video always) and contacts.
If someone wanna try it, the application is called Streetbees, and you can also add my referral code 9113LC (not sure if you get something for it but anyway you can install the app without enter any referral code)
I was about to install another app wich everybody say they really pay but when I checked, before download it, the permissions that you have to give to the app I changed my mind, because that app get the control of ALL your phone, even mic and camera. No thanks.
In the other hand today I sold some stuff in the auction website, and I still have a lot of products to post.
Talking about money, 2 coworkers (fat boy and ex sales manager) will start a new service business together and they want I make the website, newsletter, etc. 

I need to make time to start studying English again, and to practise it. It will help me with business too. 

I'm cooking spinach pie for dinner, it taste delicious! After eat I will play a little with Michael then sleep.
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 Today I have worked from home! public transport wasn't working because people are claiming I don't know what.... any trade union are making deal with government but some of them wanted to show who has the bigger dick then they forced us to stay at home since no bus, train, taxi, nothing for go work unless you have a car.
I woke up at 9.30 am after slept 12 hours then I logged on my work's computer and I did the few things I had to do. Afther that I did workout (so hard to start it again!) then I took shower. I had pasta for lunch and I worked on the website. There is another person who want I do a website and more things for him 

A friend told me about some app for the cellphone to earn money. I registered and started using it. She told me she get decent money and they pay in dolars so I spoke with Mike and we agree to save that money, whatever they pay, for vacations or any other plan we make. 
She also sent me a link with many apps name and I see one wich pay for play games, like candy crush... tomorrow i will check it. Even if they pay with Amazon giftcards it could work for me since I buy things there.

I logged again in Lineage since Mike wants do something together. They updated the game. It seems more balanced but to be honest I prefer working on websites than playing games.
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 I'm so busy latelly!!!! Doing so much at work, getting ready to go with Mike to Florida, working on my projects and taking care about myself.

I'm in love with the peeling. It works very well. The acid is perfect for my skin. I'll wait till come back from vacations to do the second session. 
I'm a little lazy to do workout because as usual the climate change make me feel so bad, it's allergy season for me, but I'm still doing few exercises and the good thing is after I lost 11 pounds I didn't it get back 

At work, too much to do. My coworker who is in charge of our department can't take any kind of decision. He keeps coming to me to ask what he should do for every single thing. I'm not going to do his work. If he doesn't have experience to do this he should admite it and be trained.
The fat boy is being more and more annoying. He keeps burping, poking his nose and cleaning his hear with a key. So gross... and last week he didn't shower for at least 4 days, our office smells always very bad because him. The bad thing is my desk is in front of his desk, so I can't avoid to see how he pokes his nose all day long. Most part of the day he does nothing and he also pretend we stop working to see the videos he wants to show us and we read the jokes he finds on internet. It's so sad to see a man 44 yo acting like a teen, very pathetic.

Mike is very excited to see me again, he seems happy  I feel happy too. We're making plans. Maybe we go again to Universal Studios, he had fun there and we still have 1 park to see. We will go to some amusement and waterpark. I'm trying to get info about places but seems the parks there aren't big. On Monday and Tuesday prolly we will go to Clearwater beach since it will be sunny. Just 5 days to go!!!  So good this Friday and Saturday I don't work then I can get enough sleep before fly, and I can get ready without rush.
I want get something for Mike, I don't know yet what, but I want give something to him from here.
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 I don't know what to do about work. The situation at work becomes very hard to hold then yesterday we all had a meeting with my bosses. I was the only who had balls to talk about the internal issues and I did it with specifics examples and giving names, not to acusse people but to get a solution... this meet was about people attitude... one of my coworkers wich works in the same office than me, the fat one, didn't have balls to talk about the things that bother him from the superman boy.... and superman boy just spoke after I said to him some things that bother me, like when he talks shit about all the work we did before he joined our department. Then he excuse his attitude saying that I never help him when he ask for something.... yes... he call "ask for help" the act to say "why we dont have X thing???? how can you work in this way???? it's a shame that people work like this" etc etc.. I answer to him... if this is your way to ask for help don't expect I help you because I fell ur words disrespectful.
Another think he said is that I don't want help him to get the information that he needs... and about this the daughter of my boss claimed to me that my coworker wasted a lot of time to get the info for his report when I had this info and I used it to do a report alone.... I told her.... we all were together when he asked where he can get the information he needs, and I said to both of you "this information you can find in X files in our dropbox (wich he has acces)"... and said this twice to him, so don't tell me that I didn't help him... and I did my report after he did his report alone. But my coworker keeps saying that every time he ask where he can fin something I just reply "in the dropbox"..I had to ask him "how many times I get up from my chair and go to ur computer to show you how to get something????" 
He acts like a victim and one of my bosses believe him, so I stopped the argument there because I'm not like him, I won't lie to harm other people like he does. 

After the meeting fat boy and I spoke to my coworker  and we told to him that we don't like his attitude... always complaining about everything, when we ask to him what happens trying to help he answer "nothing" or "this place is full idiot people" and I also told him I don't like he's always talking bs about other coworkers, and calling them "son of bitch, asshole, retard" etc talking behind their back. He keeps an arrogant attitude and replied "well if this made u uncomfortable I will keep that things for myself"
I also told him if he needs something and my answer doesn't help him then let me know, if I talk bad to him then let me know, we can talk about till fix our issues.
He told us that bother him we waste time trying to get a way to avoid associate sellers fuck the company instead get solutions they need. And he use as example something that we said talking to my boss, that ex sales manager is trying to fuck him up. We explain to him we were just showing to him our support... then he replied "I don't need u showed nothing to me, I don't waste my time looking what this person does"    so incoherent because he is always telling to me "did you see the mail he sent to me?" "did you see what he replied to me???"
And at morning we had and argument because sellers need we send the quotes in no more than 24 hours and he doesn't help to me with quotes when I have to do other tasks... so I have to look for solutions for the sellers but he doesnt have to do the same???? 
After that we all went back to our office and the first he did was talk shit about one of our sellers.... 

Today fat boy and me tried to be nice, sharing things, making conversations etc, he didn't join us. I'm thinking what I will do since I'm the only who say the things to people on their faces. With my other coworkers I don't have issues. If there is some misunderstood we spoke and fix it.But with superman boy when I say to him what my issue is he lies to justify himself...and it perjudicate me. I should ignore him but I can't because he's the responsable of our department. In the other hand, I DONT WANT working with a person who is abusive, disrespectful and lies. I can't trust him, I can't respect how to fix this to can work together?
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 Yesterday I decided to send an email to my bosses to show the report I did even when they were working about objetives with my coworker. Today my boss called me to her office and told me I did a great work and it's very useful for her, she will use this info in the next LA Anual Meeting. 
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 Today at work we organized our tasks with boss' daughter. I didn't suggest who have to do every task, then I ended in charge of more things than my coworker: quotes, statistics, commissions, tenders, process sales, send tax information to clients, newsletters, brouchures, print certifies and cards of our courses... my coworker will do 4 tasks... and bosses want we set the sales objetive together... again they incoherents because they were working on this with my coworker without include me. 
I don't know how I feel... a little stupid because I'm doing more work than him and we will have the same salary, or maybe he earn more money than me, a little motivated because I could learn a lot og things doing all these tasks, a little mad because I feel he got adventage of this new situation. I dont care if he earn money working hard, but he is trying to do fake work, but since I can delegate some quotes to him when I have too much to do I'll do it always I see he is doing nothing. 
Anyways I got 2 pay rise so this is a motivation to do my work. 
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 I'm so pissed at work because my bosses are being inconsistent. In this story we have my boss, her daughter, "GF" the ex sales manager who is now our associate seller , "DE" an associate seller who stole money from the company in complicity with GF, "DB" the superman boy who before was working in the depot and my boss chose to work with me at sales department.

I found that GF and DE were stealing money from the company through the payment of commissions. This happened because GF could do whatever he wanted and my boss NEVER controlled him. He cut sales prices in 20% and made the company lost alot of money, and other bad deals for the company wich made him earn money. GF and DE besides stealing they tried to buy the company few months ago, but my boss said No. I can't understand how she didn't realize she was sleeping with the enemy.... despite all of that she didn't controlled nothing at all 
When i found all the shit that was going on and I show to my boss, we were agree that it can't happens again, and that it was very bad idea centralize everything in just one person. My coworker, DB, who hasn't experience about strategic planning and organization, started to complain about everything and he stopped working as team. He has an attitude and we warm our boss about that. In the last meeting this week I said in his face that he told me that the work he has to do isn't what company offered to him, and I said that our tasks are delayed because we couldn't organize. My boss told us that we have lack of communication and she gave an example wich she thought it was me who broke the communication but I told her she was wrong, it wasn't me because I copy my coworker in every single mail. He admitted that he usually doesn't copy me and that he deal all by phone with the sellers without tell me 

My boss' daughter is member of the quality committee and she's working to migrate the company from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015. She chose me to work on this and she said she wants we all in the company try to make the things better, not just to get the certificate. So she told us to DB and me we have to read the Sales department policies. I did.... DB didn't. I also started to work on the things that the policies says that we have to do in our department. 
The incoherence here is my bosses said "we won't put again all on just one person" but they are going to do it again, the difference is GF knew how to do the work (and for this reason he could steal money)... DB doesn't know how to do the work and he thinks he knows all and the the rest of the people in the company are useless.
Boss' daughter chose me to work in the sales policies then she asked to DB to do the things that policies said we have to do, even when he didn't know the policies. She wants better communication but they worked on this objetives without copy me in any mail at all. I don't want seems arrogant, but this guy really doesn't have experience. He did his analysis to set the sales objetives using wrong dates , so all his statics were wrong. I pointed this in the meeting and i showed them the right numbers, because I did the fucking analysis since the girl makes me work on the policies for the ISO9001, they look the number I had, asked me how I get that info, then they continue talking about the objetives with the wrong analysis , and without consider: expectations of industry growth, government policies, competitors, etc. They analisis was something like : "X seller sold X machines in 2015, and X machines in 2016.... well let's ask to him to sell XX in this year"
I know how things are going to end. They will make me do all the administrative work that this guy doesn't wanna do, while he plays to be a manager even when still has no idea what are the functions of sales department. And since im very good with process they will want I do all the operative work. 
And i'm trying to convince myself that the best for me is just do the specific things they tell me to do, even when I know there are a lot of things, that since sales manager turned in a seller, nobody is doing.
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 Today I worked just few hours  At morning I went to meeting with a customer who is also our  supplier. He offered us to do an alliance to sell equipment to Barrick Gold and Minera Alumbrera Ltd. We already sell to these customers but the alliance could be interesting. 
I didn't have personal cards to give to this people so I left work 1 hour early to go to printing house and order it  After 4 years working in the company I finally decided to print my own cards lol 
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 This week at work was really hard. Too many things to organize, too many things that fix, and the robbery... I'm so stressed, so tired, exhausted...however I did workout and I tried to not stay at the computer when I'm at home. Instead playing online games I lie in bed and watches series... I forced myselft to have some rest but I can't help feeling it is a waste of my time. The good thing about the week is that my mind was so bussy that I didn't argue with Mike 
I was afraid that the company had to close because the robbery but seems we can survive even when the company lost too much money. I'm learning many things from my new position, I love it. There are a lot of opportunities for me now. I had an argument with that asssociate seller who was stealing money with ex salles manager. He was crying to my boss about a quote he was asking for and we didn't send to him yet. So my boss called me to her office to explain to this guy why we didn't send it. Since he was claiming to me I gave to him an explanation then I claimed to him about all the things we were askingto him and he didn't give us an answer yet... seems he didn't expect it then he started talking to me in a derogative tone, and also arrogant. My boss and her daugther were in the office listening our argument. I put this fucker in his place and my boss supported me because all I'm doing is just my work, and because I deffend the interests of the company. 
I'll do some mistakes for sure, but feels really good having her support.
I said to her daugther all the dirty business I see or I think people is doing there... not gossip, but things that she needs to pay attention to avoid someone fuck the company up again. From now I need stop worry about what people did before and put focus on what I have to do now. Fat guy is atrying to be nice with me, excessivelly nice... but I'm not so dumb how it looks... I know he runs to me to tell me all that he knows that people was doing to I talk with my boss and fuck people up. He pretends he's friendly with everybody while he speaks shit about they to me. I don't trust him. I trust noone. and now is when I love being rational instead impulsive. "I think, therefore I am"
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 Today when I got work all my coworkers what outside... we were robbed!!!! 
Door wasn't forced, they went throught the roof, broke 3 bars from the windows then jumped inside. We have 7 cameras but this mother fuckers know how to walk to cams can't catch them. He cut the wires of external cameras then he went inside throught the window, directly to the kitchen and unpluged all the cameras... this person knew where cameras was plugged in. And it wasn't the only this ppl knew. 
They just were to specif offices and checked just 2 desk... in one of those was our cash. They didn't pick the 3 notebooks we have, or cellphones, or TV screen, just the new machines that we sell wich are very expensive. They didn't take any used machine, just the new machines that we got this week....
They went to the depot and pick other new machines we had in stock. They know how to avoid all the cameras before unplug them, they know the only way to go inside, they knew EVERYTHING. It was a perfect job. And ofc security company wich monitor the alarm said it didn't sound, and they just had a report because power went off.... so we asked... you see alarm got offline because power off and you didn't called us or even send someone to check???? they said that they wait 5 hours before send someone when power goes off..... WTF???????? someone there didn't do the job and we got fucked up badly. I'm so mad about.
My boss is very nervous and sad, she was about to cry all the time. The machines they stole cost too much money because it's industrial machines, and they stole at least 20 machines.
When we saw someone robbed us we didn't go inside, we called the police and the security company. The police sent 4 patrols cars and they went inside ready to shot, but of course there wasn't anyone! 
They didn't let us go inside, they checked nobody was there then they call scientific police. Policeman told us we have to wait they come to collect evidence then we will go in. They come 5 hours after!!!! There is just 1 scientific police patrol for a big area. We had to wait outside when it was 31º+... so fucking hot.
Scientific police collected many fingerprints, I hope they get something with this but i doubt. When they left we went inside and checked videos from cameras... sadly we didn't get something useful there. Security company came to fix the alarm wich the robbers tried to break. My coworkers solder again the bars in the windows. The damage was done. 
The insurance will pay part of the money we lost but just a small part i guess.
I HATE THIS COUNTRY. My boss doesnt deserve this. I hope our company could stay open, I don't want to lose my work, I like what I do there :(
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 Finally Friday!!!! this week I worked so hard. I'm dealing with a lot of issues at work and trying to fix it with my boss. I had a meeting with her today and I told her almost all I think and all we have to care and pay attention. I also spoke to her about my coworker attitude, we need work like a team and i won't let anyone fuck my work up. But I try to bring to her solutions instead keep focus in the mistakes company did.

At night I went to the mall to have some fun. It is some Christmas tree and crappy decoration I found there

I bought a book for Martu and my mom got a book for Flor, then we went to eat something there. Girls ate in Burguer King, mom got some sausage with fries and I got chicken sandwich.

Then we went to Starbucks to drink Frapuccinos

Mine was raspberry with green tea :)


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