Aug. 15th, 2017 12:22 am
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 After almost 10 days being lazy I started to do workout again. I missed it. I was doing very well: 1 hour exercises 3 times at week, 1 hour stationary bike 3 to 4 times at week. 
Latelly I'm sleeping very bad, I wake up many times at night... 4am, 5am, 6am... I think this is because I'm very stressed, too many problems at work... I wonder if doing exercises will help me to sleep better 
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 I was sad because last weekend they were selling gym weights 30% off and I couldn't buy it because I was at the weekend house resting, very far away. Today I went to the supermarket to see how much the weights cost now and I got a better promotion! I got 50% off paying with my credit card 
I wanted a rounded weight to use to do squats but they are avaible in 1kg, 2.5kg and 5 kg. 2.5 seems little and 5kg seems heavy so I bought a russian weight of 4kg and I did my exercises using it. I'm very motivated with workout!!

There is the weight


Now I will start the second course of web programming then sleep.... depression??? anxiety?? was what that???!!!! 
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 I used the mini bike while I studied web programming. They are the status:

Time: 42 minutes
Distance: 0.544 km
Count: 2864
Calories: 218

and while I was doing another useful thing! I think I'll love this bike. 
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Today I got my mini exercise bike! I was a little afraid of buying that online because people are not careful with the shipping then you can receive your order broken, but my order was fine!

The bike is very easy to assemble and works perfectly. It does not slide with movement and it has a display to count the time, calories, distance, counts and total counts. Now I feel motivate to sit at the computer and work in the websites or to do my courses

I said to mom that I had to buy this because she took her bike back but I don't care because her bike makes my butt hurts and she says the same happens to her .. that is what I hate about bikes.

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 I woke up at 6 a.m. to do workout!!! and it feels sooooo good! Seems I had more energy than at night although I didn't eat nothing before the exercises. It's cold today but after the first exercise I was sweating, something that hardly ever happens to me.
I took a shower then I had fruits, cereals, yogurth and toast for breakfast. I also had time to use make up before get ready for work 


Jun. 29th, 2017 01:36 pm
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 I want to try to wake up earlier then do workout in the morning before go to work. This means I should get up 6am, and prolly will feel a little sleepy during the day, but I think I'll have more energy at morning than at 8pm. If I can do that, I can have better breakfast... yogurth, fruits, toast, eggs or cheese and coffee, or things like that instead just tea and some cookies. And also if I have time left I can start using all the make up I have which I hardly ever use because I wake up with time just to drink a tea and get dressed 
I was going for a walk on my lunch time to compensate my lack of movement but it's winter so it's cold and raining  Mom lent me her stationary bike but she wanted it again so yesterday I was looking how much they cost and I found a mini pedal exerciser which is cheaper (usd 50 agaisnt 200$ or more for a bike) and perfect for a small department, so I bought it and they already  sent it this morning  I'll get this in 2 or 3 days. 
This is what I bought, you can regulate it for more resistance: 

And this is the workout sessions last week :D


May. 27th, 2017 04:40 pm
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 I came home from work, had lunch then I went to the park for a walk. I walked for 1 hour then I did streatching. Finally I did 10k steps in one day!
I realized that Google Fit app is very bad to count steps, so I'll start tracking it manually. Now I'll lay a bit or maybe take a nap 

btw... even walking fast my heart is very quiet. That's really good for training 
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 Another busy and boring day at work. Although I'm very tired because last night I slept just 4 hours, I forced myself to do workout when I got home. Butt and legs hurt so it means I'm going the good way  I'm trying to do push up but it's a torture for me  I can't understand why it's so hard for me and why make all my back, neck, arms hurt. I should ask to Robert from LJ, so Robert if you are reading this entry let me know please.

Dinner was latte with cheese shandwich. I was about to watch Series on Netflix, I should continue watching Prison Break before they remove the seasons 1 to 4, but now I feel like playing Magic Duels. Wanna earn more coins to buy cards and make a deck there. 

Btw, today Wizard release the new set of Magic cards "Amonkhet" Preview:  264 new cards. And this year they will release 4 more sets... I can't wait till go to Coliseum of Comics or any store with Mike to get it.
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Oh tired as fuck! but I did workout. I installed an app to track the steps I do and other activity. I don't walk so much because I work sitting 9 hours per day but anyway I do 3k steps just going and coming to take the bus. I should go for a walk on my lunch time but I don't like the city where I work. 
In 4 days it says I walked 5.25km, 9k steps, burned 6k calories and doing activity for 2.30 hours just going to work and doing my workout 2 days.
My weight is 134lbs and I don't think I should lose more weight. This week I'm a little quiet because period pains.

I want finish to write my memories from vacations before weekend. I have to do few things more in the website and try to study English. I still have to sell a lot of products, make more decks of Magic Cards, read my book, finish my course of HTML/CSS to improve my skills and I also started 2 more courses: "e-commerce" and "ERP"

I had a serious conversation with Mike. He's trying to change some things and starting to work for get his goals. I'll help him since I'm the only person to who he tell his things. I know how hard it will be to him but I know he can get whatever he wants. I love the team we do 
So far we started to go to bed early to fix our sleeping and I try he don't take naps.

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 I've stopped doing the bikini body guide since few weeks until get more resistance, so I'm doing bike and squats. I realize that even when I do more and more squats I don't get the butt I want  I went to youtube and I watch some exercises to get a rounder butt, I tried it and finally I feel I'm training all the muscles of my butt  I will keep doing those exercises and add push up and abs.

Few days ago I bought some beauty stuff online. I got the order today. It's shea butter, coconut oil, mandelic acid, kojic acid, C and E vitamin and collagen. 

16 days to see mike again. He starts feeling nervous, I don't. I'm very happy and planning all the things we will do together this time.


Feb. 2nd, 2017 10:53 pm
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I feel weak... every day. I don't know if this is because the weather, or my diet, maybe because my slow heart? dunno, but I've been trining for 10 months at least and i don't feel much stronger. I lost 13 lb and my body has been changed some but I feel stucked and weak. I'll try again the natural vitamins wich I've stopped taking because I got allergy, and I'll try to fix my eating, something that will be really hard, but if my weakness has to do with my heart then I'm fucked. I don't know if my sinus bradycardia is messing with my training... if this kind of heart condition is normal to ppl who do training then I think it can't make me weak... can this?
Doctor did a test to check my heart while I running and my it works fine when I'm training... I do not have arrhythmia. So I guess it can be because my diet. Prolly I should eat meat more often, or drink less coffee or eat more vegetals... or I have not fucking idea 

This week I'm not doing the BBG exercises. I do bike, few squats and stretching. I'll keep this routine maybe for 1 more week, try to release stress, fix my diet and see how I feel 
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 Trying to do workout without eat nothing since yesterday lunch was a suicide. I didn't finish it, I will do it tomorrow. Of course I will feel weak if i don't eat Maybe I'll read the nutrition guide but I doubt I can eat those food at work, our microwave is broken , if I bring food from home I couldn't warm it.
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Arms still hurting, legs and abs are fine. Still need fix food and sleeping I'll check the nutrition guide, and need add cardio twice or three times at week.
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 After 1 month being lazy ass I started my workout again on Monday. The first week is the easier but it was a little hard for me because weather and because this pain I'm feeling since 1 month..
I'm really worried about this. The joints of hand hurt all day long every day. Sometimes joints of the foot hurt a little, and I don't know why but it can't be good. They don't swell this is the weird thing about this, just hurt. I though it was because muscles contracture because I feel pain on my arms, neck and back, then maybe it makes hand hurts also? Could be this pain because sleeping in bad position over my arms???? I don't know.
Today I stretched my muscles hoping to pain goes away but stretch makes it worse. I read a little about this kind of pain on internet but of course it's never a good idea, I found arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. But I thought those are diseases wich old people get. Seems I'm wrong. I'm so worried. I have appointment to see a Dr. in 2 days, I'm young to this kind of issues! 
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I finished all the guide, I'm so happy and proud of myself!!!!! It was very hard to do because all the hours I work and all the things I do but I did it and now I'm going to do the guide again. This time I'll do better. I will continue working on my sleeping, my time for relax, eating healthy, etc. I want see more changes in my body when I finish the second round bbg.jpg
I need to do LISS and streaching, and I want to see if I can cook the recipes of the ebook nutrition. I will get the body I want, I can do it!!!!!!
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Just 2 weeks more to finish the guide. Today I did legs all the repetitions but just skiped 1 exercise because I dont have 2 benchs to do double bench jumps. After finish this guide I will start it again but this time I will do LISS to see more changes in my body and also I will try to use the nutrition guide to cook healthy food.... but today pizza! happy0196.gif
I need try to fix my sleeping, so hard to do workopur when last night I just slept 4 hours Zzz.gif
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So I was wrong... I didn't stopped my BBG on week 12, I stopped on week 10 wich has the same exercises. I did 10 min LISS to get warm then I did the 2 series of exercises... but I could not repeat it 128fs4765852.gif 2 weeks without training fucked my strenght. But I'm not going to whimper about it, I'll repeat it tomorrow 97.gif


Nov. 1st, 2016 06:23 pm
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So.. with all the shit about moving out I stopped my workout for 10 days but I want start it asap now.
I was doing week 12 so I want start in that week. But today I'm going to English class and I'll get home 9pm. And ofc I'm tired as hell, so prolly I will do LISS all the week then next monday start BBG again.


Oct. 20th, 2016 11:43 am
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Yesterday I did BBG week 9 arms day. Still can't deal with some exercises since my arms are so weak then I replacement it with dumbbells.
Legs and butt still hurt a little lol but so far I'm fine. Still missing the LISS session 128fs4765852.gif
I'm going to finish BBG in November 12th, then I will repeat it again. This means before see Michael again I will end the second round of BBG and prolly start BBG 2.0 or repeat the BBG 1.0 for third time. For sure he will realize about how my body changed blush.gif

Weather still aweful. Yesterday it was raining all day long, and this morning is cloudy and windy. For tomorrow seems is going to rain, cloudy weekend and rain again for Tuesday. Right now it's 15ºc. The only good thing about this spring is that rain keep polen down, but I don't know how to wear every day and I'm tired to wear coats.

BBG Week 9

Oct. 18th, 2016 09:49 am
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Yesterday I was so tired! but when I got home I did my workput... BBG week 9!!! I can't believe I still doing it. It was legs day, and very very hard.

  • 50 jump lunges

  • 20 split squats

  • 20 180º jump squats

  • 15 medicine ball full squats and press

  • 20 X hops

  • 30 knees up

  • 15 double bench jumps

  • 24 snap jump knee ups

All x 2... I couldn't finish it all 2 times. The second time I stopped after 30 knees up, was exhausted and with some pain in the lower back. I did streaching for many minutes but expecting everything hurts today.
Last Friday was legs day also and my legs was still tired on Monday, next time I repeat the BBG I will do legs always the same day in the week to avoid muscle exhaustion.
Today legs don't hurt so much, but let's wait till tomorrow and see if I feel more pain.


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