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 Oh god I am so fucking pissed...

Today went I got work people were histeric, I asked what was going on then they asked me if I read the email my boss sent last night... I didn't... so the other girl who works with me sent me to read it... I was scared thinking my boss was going to close the company. She is not... but the news were not better in my opinion.

As she told me, she got a person with universitary title to lead sales department (my department). But it is not a new employee as I thought, and this person is not someone with a title on administration or marketing... the new "sales manager and commercial director" is one of our sellers (who hardly ever can close a sales) and his title is "Engineer in renewable energies" 

My reaction (and so good my boss is away for a week) was like "are you fucking kidding me????"  I hope I be wrong but I don't think this guy will be able to organize a shit. First of all his experience "in international companies" was making projects to build wind farm. So, someone explain to me please what the hell this has to do with setting sales objetives, making a plan to get those goals, implement a sales strategy, etc.
And what pissed me off more is my boss told me the new manager won't work with me at the office because sales manager will go here and there to see clients and sellers (and because he lives in the other side of our country), and she is not sure if she will hire someone else to help me... so seems she thinks I will do the job of 2 person but get the salary of 1.... or maybe no, nobody fucking know because she is not sure what she wants to do, and because she is changing her mind every fucking day.

I should keep calm and wait till she comes back in a week and ask to her what her plans are. But for sure I can say she has not idea about manage a company, she doesn't even know the products we sell!! and it is obviously she is impromptu.  If she thought that people will respect this guy just because his title she was wrong... all my coworkers were saying that this guy has not idea about the position he got. 

I know I could do the job pretty decent, but I didnt expect she put me ahead of the office because the sellers that still steal in our company won't respect me at all. I am not upset about she looks for a new person, in fact I told her it was a good idea because this person can take drastic decistions and people will need follow him. But I didn't ever expect she put our worse seller (and his friend) to lead all the fucking company.

Really this country is full of mediocre people and fuckers and I am tired to get fucked up by them. I will start to look for new jobs and keep working on my own projects instead squeeze my mind trying to find solutions for a company which its owner is ruining.
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 I don't know what to do about work. The situation at work becomes very hard to hold then yesterday we all had a meeting with my bosses. I was the only who had balls to talk about the internal issues and I did it with specifics examples and giving names, not to acusse people but to get a solution... this meet was about people attitude... one of my coworkers wich works in the same office than me, the fat one, didn't have balls to talk about the things that bother him from the superman boy.... and superman boy just spoke after I said to him some things that bother me, like when he talks shit about all the work we did before he joined our department. Then he excuse his attitude saying that I never help him when he ask for something.... yes... he call "ask for help" the act to say "why we dont have X thing???? how can you work in this way???? it's a shame that people work like this" etc etc.. I answer to him... if this is your way to ask for help don't expect I help you because I fell ur words disrespectful.
Another think he said is that I don't want help him to get the information that he needs... and about this the daughter of my boss claimed to me that my coworker wasted a lot of time to get the info for his report when I had this info and I used it to do a report alone.... I told her.... we all were together when he asked where he can get the information he needs, and I said to both of you "this information you can find in X files in our dropbox (wich he has acces)"... and said this twice to him, so don't tell me that I didn't help him... and I did my report after he did his report alone. But my coworker keeps saying that every time he ask where he can fin something I just reply "in the dropbox"..I had to ask him "how many times I get up from my chair and go to ur computer to show you how to get something????" 
He acts like a victim and one of my bosses believe him, so I stopped the argument there because I'm not like him, I won't lie to harm other people like he does. 

After the meeting fat boy and I spoke to my coworker  and we told to him that we don't like his attitude... always complaining about everything, when we ask to him what happens trying to help he answer "nothing" or "this place is full idiot people" and I also told him I don't like he's always talking bs about other coworkers, and calling them "son of bitch, asshole, retard" etc talking behind their back. He keeps an arrogant attitude and replied "well if this made u uncomfortable I will keep that things for myself"
I also told him if he needs something and my answer doesn't help him then let me know, if I talk bad to him then let me know, we can talk about till fix our issues.
He told us that bother him we waste time trying to get a way to avoid associate sellers fuck the company instead get solutions they need. And he use as example something that we said talking to my boss, that ex sales manager is trying to fuck him up. We explain to him we were just showing to him our support... then he replied "I don't need u showed nothing to me, I don't waste my time looking what this person does"    so incoherent because he is always telling to me "did you see the mail he sent to me?" "did you see what he replied to me???"
And at morning we had and argument because sellers need we send the quotes in no more than 24 hours and he doesn't help to me with quotes when I have to do other tasks... so I have to look for solutions for the sellers but he doesnt have to do the same???? 
After that we all went back to our office and the first he did was talk shit about one of our sellers.... 

Today fat boy and me tried to be nice, sharing things, making conversations etc, he didn't join us. I'm thinking what I will do since I'm the only who say the things to people on their faces. With my other coworkers I don't have issues. If there is some misunderstood we spoke and fix it.But with superman boy when I say to him what my issue is he lies to justify himself...and it perjudicate me. I should ignore him but I can't because he's the responsable of our department. In the other hand, I DONT WANT working with a person who is abusive, disrespectful and lies. I can't trust him, I can't respect how to fix this to can work together?
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 I'm so pissed at work because my bosses are being inconsistent. In this story we have my boss, her daughter, "GF" the ex sales manager who is now our associate seller , "DE" an associate seller who stole money from the company in complicity with GF, "DB" the superman boy who before was working in the depot and my boss chose to work with me at sales department.

I found that GF and DE were stealing money from the company through the payment of commissions. This happened because GF could do whatever he wanted and my boss NEVER controlled him. He cut sales prices in 20% and made the company lost alot of money, and other bad deals for the company wich made him earn money. GF and DE besides stealing they tried to buy the company few months ago, but my boss said No. I can't understand how she didn't realize she was sleeping with the enemy.... despite all of that she didn't controlled nothing at all 
When i found all the shit that was going on and I show to my boss, we were agree that it can't happens again, and that it was very bad idea centralize everything in just one person. My coworker, DB, who hasn't experience about strategic planning and organization, started to complain about everything and he stopped working as team. He has an attitude and we warm our boss about that. In the last meeting this week I said in his face that he told me that the work he has to do isn't what company offered to him, and I said that our tasks are delayed because we couldn't organize. My boss told us that we have lack of communication and she gave an example wich she thought it was me who broke the communication but I told her she was wrong, it wasn't me because I copy my coworker in every single mail. He admitted that he usually doesn't copy me and that he deal all by phone with the sellers without tell me 

My boss' daughter is member of the quality committee and she's working to migrate the company from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015. She chose me to work on this and she said she wants we all in the company try to make the things better, not just to get the certificate. So she told us to DB and me we have to read the Sales department policies. I did.... DB didn't. I also started to work on the things that the policies says that we have to do in our department. 
The incoherence here is my bosses said "we won't put again all on just one person" but they are going to do it again, the difference is GF knew how to do the work (and for this reason he could steal money)... DB doesn't know how to do the work and he thinks he knows all and the the rest of the people in the company are useless.
Boss' daughter chose me to work in the sales policies then she asked to DB to do the things that policies said we have to do, even when he didn't know the policies. She wants better communication but they worked on this objetives without copy me in any mail at all. I don't want seems arrogant, but this guy really doesn't have experience. He did his analysis to set the sales objetives using wrong dates , so all his statics were wrong. I pointed this in the meeting and i showed them the right numbers, because I did the fucking analysis since the girl makes me work on the policies for the ISO9001, they look the number I had, asked me how I get that info, then they continue talking about the objetives with the wrong analysis , and without consider: expectations of industry growth, government policies, competitors, etc. They analisis was something like : "X seller sold X machines in 2015, and X machines in 2016.... well let's ask to him to sell XX in this year"
I know how things are going to end. They will make me do all the administrative work that this guy doesn't wanna do, while he plays to be a manager even when still has no idea what are the functions of sales department. And since im very good with process they will want I do all the operative work. 
And i'm trying to convince myself that the best for me is just do the specific things they tell me to do, even when I know there are a lot of things, that since sales manager turned in a seller, nobody is doing.

2017 OMG

Jan. 25th, 2017 10:37 pm
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Well... I already wrote about all the bad things that are going on in just 3 weeks of this year. And it isn't all. The father-in-law of fat coworker passed out. Someone robbed the motocycle of other coworker. The datacenter where we host our website got on fire then we don't have emails since 2 days, I wonder if we lost everything.... with Mike things going better today but to be honest I don't think something will change so far, so let's see how long I hold the issues before try to leave him again.
I keep doing my workout but instead feel stronger I feel every week weaker. I don't know why 

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 What the hell is wrong with this year???  I can't believe all the shit that is going on.  As if the rob were not enough, last saturday night Flor called me to say someone was trying to go into her house and she didn't know what to do! I called the police and a taxy, then I called her to say I was on my way.  Suddenly Flor heard noise at the door again then I couldn't hear her anymore, I just heard like someone yelling. I was on panic, running to the taxy, screaming on the phone... the call ended. I tried to call her but phone was off or out service, I tried again, and again and again... then Flor answered. Communication was distorted and make that noise... god I almost had heart attack! 
When I got her house police were there... 4 patrol cars. They didn't find anyone around but I take Flor to my house. I don't know if what they heard was real, but I knew something was wrong. I found what it is yesterday. It worries me and hurts me so much. So I'm thinking how to help her.
I'm not sure what I will to do about her situation yet. She is going to ruin her life and of course she won't admite it. But all of this is more than I can hold right now. Too much stress, too many issues... and it's hard dont fall into depression. I fight against my mind to stay strong, to keep calm, to have a positive attitude. But this got fucked up when a motorcycle hit me this morning!!! This mother fucker didn't stop at the red light when I was crossing the street!!!! Son of bitch, I didn't fall down but he hit my arm badly,  my neck and back hurt because I pushed him away with all my strength. Really????? I had to had an accident too?????  well... at least it was not serious. But I feel dizzy all the morning and body hurt... it was hard to work. Michael tried to do my day better but i got a better way to change my day.

After work I went shooping then I got home. I rest a little and I did workout, I took a shower and I took care of myself. If you are sad... GO SHOPPING!!! 

Yes, I went to Avon shop again. The liquid soap disappoint me a little. I thought the smell was going to stay on my skin but it is mild.Anyway this soap is moisturizer and i like it . The clear skin I will know if this work after try it for few days. The peel of mask is so weird! it seems like glue when I put on my skin, but seems it works. The argan and coconut oil I just bought it cuz the smell >.< it makes me remember the days on the beach with Mike.

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I need do this because I feel stressed. Since 2 weeks I hold my coworker complaining about everybody here and talking if the only one who does the things is him. He criticize everybody and all the time says they all are wrong. He's trying to know every single thing that happens here and he stopped to copy me in the mails he sends to sellers but of course, every time he needs to do a quote he's asking for help to me.
I don't like the way he's acting. When there is any problem instead work with the team to fix this he talks shit about they and starts to look for who is to blame. He has lack humility and I hate ppl like this. 1068973_34_y.jpg
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Despite I slept just 4 hours it was a decent day untill I got work. I spent the first 40 minutes at work listening to my coworker complaining about everything and talking about he didn't want come to work today. I really can't understand people in this fucking country. He got better position and salary but he just complain about every single tasj he has to do now... and I have to hear all his QQ every day. Annoying as hell. wallbash.gif
And he keeps that stupid attitude trying to act like sales manager does. He is a very quiet guy but since he was moved to my office he started to talk very loudy at phone... same than sales manager does. I told him today, is there in your corner any acustic issue wich make ppl talk so loudy at phone as sales manager does? he replied " oh ... ha ha no.... but I can't hear well maybe bad signal here." so I said "well, that is curious since I heard from here all that the guy was saying to you   animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif"
I had to put headphones on to not hear all his complaining and his ugly music he listen to without headphone like if he is alone in the office animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gifanimated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif
In the other hand he got upset because I was doing some important quote and I didn't stop doing this to do his work wich he still doesn't learn to do. I said to him I was very delayed with my quote because Technical Service tooks 10 days to enter the data in the system... not my fault.


Nov. 4th, 2016 12:40 pm
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The last 12 hours were a shit. Last night after had dinner with mom I went to my house then before sleep Mariano ruin my night. He can't fulfill its commitments and he don't give a shit about. He's still childish and he just thinks about himself wallbash.gifwallbash.gifwallbash.gifwallbash.gif
So I got mad and I slept late and bad because my mind was busy thinking how to fix the things that he was not going to do.
At morning I called a taxy to go fast to mom's restaurant and pick some stuff I need then get a bus to go to work... 20 minutes waiting the fucking taxy. I could not recharge my card for pay the bus so I had to look for a store where the system to charge it works. I got work 20 minutes late and it piss me off so much.
I spent the morning dealing with all the issues I had because my ex and finally I fixed all for now.
But not everything is going bad today. Besides it's Friday I got internet at home! They went to my house this morning and installed the service. I don't know where they installed the router but I checked by teamviewer that my computer at home has internet by network wire instead wi-fi bbg.jpg
So this means this weekend I would be able to watch series in the bed!!! happy0196.gifhappy0196.gifhappy0196.gifhappy0196.gifhappy0196.gif lalalallalalala


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