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Last night I designed the flyer for my customer, then I had dinner while playing Magic Cards. Michael wanted to do something with me so I connected to his computer and we studied Swift 4 together for some hours (yes I know that sound very lame).  I thought I was not going to understand anything at all but so far I understood everything, it was very basic things.  We went to bed at 4 am.

Today I woke up at noon, I had coffee then I went to vote, we vote today senators and deputies.  The voting center is few block away from home so I walked there. There were just 3 people in the line so it took me few minutes to vote and leave. I came back home and had another coffee. 

Last night temperature dropped from 20+ to 10º C. This morning it was 11º and right now 17º. For tomorrow it will be from 11º to 21º. This weather is making my throat hurst

To do List

Oct. 21st, 2017 08:23 pm
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To do list for this weekend
  • Flyer and first brochure for A.S.
  • Update HY website
  • Start to work on new sections on my website
  • C++ exercises
  • Studying
  • Vote
  • Peeling
  • IPL session
  • Clean the house
  • Clean my bag
  • Nails
  • workout
  • Magic cards
  • Start drawing Vegeta for Michael

I don't know if there will be time for something else 


Oct. 21st, 2017 08:14 pm
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Latelly the weather is crazy. Few hot and sunny days, then one or two days rainy and windy. Today it was sunny and hot, suddenly it's windy and raining!!! wtf?!?!?! Of course I feel cold so it was perfect excuse to get another coffee. I'm drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee with coffee creamer.

Note: I need to remember to go to vote tomorrow.
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I need to get a way to have more energy. Maybe I need to change my eating again, it's very healthy but maybe it is not enough for someone who do workout? I do not want to go to a nutritionist and follow a diet, I am bad for that. I feel that it's hard for my body to recover after workout.

Another problem can be my bad sleeping.  Yesterday when I got home I was very tired. I had a early dinner which was fruits and cereals then I sat down at the computer with the intention of working while doing bike but I could not do anything then I went to bed at 10 pm and tried to study some new courses from edX site. After a while I felt asleep very deeply and guess what? the neighbors upstair started to have sex and as usual they did not move the bed away from the wall so it was so loudy the sound of the bed hitting the wall that it woke me up.  I don't understand how that sound doesn't turn them down, it is so annoying! And I can't understand also that need to let everyone know they are having sex. I can't imagine how that wall is, very ruined for sure. 
I woke up one or two more times, one of them it was because I was dreaming that I got new evicende against one of the coworker who has robbed us a lot of money (ex sales manager). It were some old emails that I got on my computer and I was making a video with my cellphone so that the judge does not say that I edited them  It's really annoying to have dreams about work when you work so many hours every day. It shows how burned my mind is. 

So today it was very hard to get up and I almost pass out and skip work. I hate working on Saturday although we just work 4:30 hours. I was so exhausted that the few things I tried to do I did wrong. When I got home I had to take a nap, something that bother me because I lost 2 hours of natural light. 
I don't know if napping helped me some, I'm still sleepy. I had a coffee and now I'll work on designs because I got new orders and probably a new customer also 

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 Not sure how many times I woke up last night, maybe 2. Breakfast was cereal, yogurth and fruits. At 10.30 am I had coffee and cookies with cheese at work. We had meeting today and sales manager started to push lazy people, it is great.. but he also puts more tasks on me. Even my coworkers ask to me how the hell I deal with all the things I have to do  I get always my things done, maybe it's because I push myself harder than sales manager push me. 

When I get home I was really very tired and sleepy that I almost skip my workout. I forced myself to do exercises and when I started to move the tiredness disappeared. I did 1:20 hours of workout.

For dinner I had a sandwich with tuna, eggs, olive, spinach and tomato, and I made another like that for lunch tomorrow. I drank green tea and now I will go to bed and study C++ for a hour. I joined programming courses in edX site, I wish I had more free time to finish the courses faster 


Oct. 18th, 2017 11:40 pm
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Finished courses

HTML and CSS for beginners - Edwin Diaz ***
HTML and CSS Fundamentals - Stone River *****
Lógica Programacion: Aprende a programar en cualquier Idioma - Sayyab Tariq ***
Learn to code with HTML: Beginner to Expert - Hussam AL-Ghamdi *
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Again I had bad sleep. Anyways I get up earlier than usual and I cooked pancakes for breakfast: with dulce de leche for Martu and with blueberries and strawberries for me. Of course I drank coffee. I really like pancakes but it is not something I could eat every morning

It was a busy and stressful day at work. The good news is that this month I got again a little pay rise. It is just $170 but it's good to see that my boss notices how much I am doing. 

After work I went to the greengrocery, again! and I bought 2 mangos, then I went to the butcher's and bought chicken. For dinner I grilled chicken and cooked potatoes in the microwave, healthy and delicious. Maybe I'll start to look for recipes to cook more healthy and tasty food.

Today I won't do bike or workout, I feel tired so I'm going to the bed to study before sleep. 
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 Today is Michael's birthday and I almost forget it!  I did very good sending my gift days ago lol. So far it's the best gift he got lalalallala 

What is not so nice is that he had a very shitty day at work. Everything in the lab got broken, literally everything, and he didn't know why. Last weekend his coworker made an update in the code and he left for vacations. Yesterday it was working fine but today it was the hell. Michael got pissed, frustrated and very stressed. I couldn't say anything to cheer him up 

My day is meh. I woke up tired and I dealt with a lot of things at work. In some point of the day it was hard for me to breath, maybe because weather. Last days are hot and sunny, 22+, but it says tomorrow it will be rainy.
After work I went to the greengrocery and I bought a lot of vegetables and fruits, I really wanted to buy everything there. The seller told me "Girl, you are not going to walk with all those bags, are you? It's heavy!"  I said "Don't worry, some workout is always good!" and I walked 4 blocks carrying almost 20 pounds lol
But look all what I got!!! my fav fruits: blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, kiwi, banana.... the apples are sooooo sooo red that I had to buy them. And I got asparagus!!! 

Ok I know I sound crazy , it's just vegetables and fruit

For dinner I had a salad with tomato, spinach, carrot, olive and obviously asparagus. I added olive oil and sesame seeds.
Then I ate fruit and as usual after each meal I drank green tea.

Now I'm on the bike and probably I'll study programming
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 Last night I stayed awake until 3:30 a.m. playing Magic cards, anyways I got enough sleep because today we didn't work.
It was a quiet day, I just did 1:20 hour workout, laundry, cook, shower and my nails. 
I'm going to do bike now while I play a match of magic cards or maybe while I read something.
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 Today is mother's day. I wanted to go to my mom's house but I felt terrible all day long so I stayed at home. I have spasms and it hurts like if they are contractions... I don't know why. At 3 pm I decided to get up to see if that relieves the pain so I cleaned the house a little and I cooked brownies. When they were ready I made a big cup of coffee to give myself a moment of happiness in this painful day.

I finished another course of web programming and joined 12 courses to improve my English.

Michael and I wanted to do something together so we played Magic Online in Steam. I don't work tomorrow so probably I will play a little more while I do bike to burn the calories of the brownies, then go to bed to read until fall asleep.
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 Today I went to work. My boss, her daugther and sales manager were again on meeting. At some point they called me and made me join them. We worked in a new price list and we talked about other topics. they spoke about the smelly guy and my boss wanted move him back to my office. Then I had to talk about what everybody speak from behind (even sales manager) but no one says to my boss. I said to her they need do something about his smell... she said "ah... I smell it but I was not sure if it was him". She asked if this is because smoke or because lack of hygiene and I had to say to her it is because he doesn't take shower.

I really felt so bad talking about it, and I explained to her I feel ashame to say something to him , and the only I was able to do is saying to him to do therapy because is lack of hygiene is because depression. But someone needs to talk with him because he meets customers.... I really felt like shit doing that but i hold his smell 9 hours every day for 5 years and it become worse and worse, I can't hold it anymore and this is not fair I have to work in this situation. 

Another thing I had to do today is saying to my boss about a coworker who makes deals with the ex seller and ex sales manager who stole us money. I got a proof and it was my obligation to show it to her. When I showed the proof to her, sales manager said that another seller warned him about this situation. She will fire him. The accountant was there, for what they were talking I could understand they were evaluating before how much money cost to fire him, and they already know how much it cost to fire the smelly guy.  I wonder if they thought about fire me too.

Today Michael got his bday gift. I'm happy because he loved it. He says the bag is bigger than he thought and it has plenty of space to carry his laptop and all his stuff. He already moved his stuff from the old bag to the new. The quality is very good and he says it's very comfortable to wear. The bag has a lot of compartiments. The compartment for the laptop is checkpoint friendly and it can hold a 18" laptop. The zippers are very sturdy. In the middle it has divided pocket where you can put a lot of stuff, books, papers, etc. The first compartment has spots for pendrives, memory cards, keys, pencil, etc and outside it has hiden spots where you can hold a water bottle. He is happy with his gift 

There is a pic he sent me when he opened the box. He also made videos to show me and he took a pic wearing the bag lol

When he sent me the pic I almost get mad thinking the bag had a bad spot but it was from Michael hands, they were hot. 

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I'm tired. It's because the training, bad sleeping, staying until late and stress. Despite it I'm happy about my progress with workout. I bough new dumbbells and a thera band. I'm using the band for butt and thigh exercises and also for stretching, pretty cool stuff!

Days at work are a little stressful because my coworker is always complaining and moody. My boss hired a new seller for the area we are and they are looking for sellers for other areas. I'm writing a list with all the tasks I do then next week I'll ask for pay rise. Half of the task I do are from marketing and design which obviously are tasks that do not correspond to my job.

Next week is Michaels birthday so yesterday I made him to choose a gift from Amazon. I was looking for a new backpack for him because I know he use one to bring the laptop to his work but I didn't know what kind of bag he would like so I had to tell him to look with me. I know he feels always uncomfortable if someone want to give something to him but he was thinking about to get a new bag so he did it easy to me.
We got this one which I think is pretty nice and it seems good quality. It has lifetime warranty and he will get it on Saturday, 3 days before his bday.

This is not easy for me to talking with him but that book I'm reading, The power of now, is helping me a lot to can deal with our situation.... my situation. I realized doesn't matter if we together or if I fall in love with other man, I won't be happy with anyone if I don't change some things, but I won't write about this now. 

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 Vamos Messi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Argentina Gooooo Messiiii

time to suffer buuuu buuuu buuuuu 


Oct. 8th, 2017 10:22 pm
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Saturday we had a training at work about the torc machines we sell. This made me moody because the instructor is the guy who smell bad because is lack of hygiene so we had to keep the door of the room open and it still smelt as hell. Of course he did a lot of bad jokes as usual and made the lesson longer than it should be. He took more time to explain about what a screw is, how does the force work with physical formulas, what kind of material and types of screw exist, and when he had to talk about the machines we sell he almost explained nothing 

For people who is not a technical, like me and other coworkers, we learn nothing so I will start reading all the documents I have about the machines and how they work to can give information to customers if there is not a seller to do it.

There is another training that sales manager wants I take, about maintenance of the machines and spare parts.... he also sent a list of a lot of task he wants I do and those tasks are about marketing, SEO and design. Pretty sure this week I will ask for pay rise because what I do is not just "administrative tasks" anymore.

When I was coming back home I looked at shop windows when I saw some shoes with square heels. Weather is not so hot yet for those shoes and I was not thinking about buy something at all, but I can't help. This is so hard for me to get comfortable high heels shoes that I enter to the store and bought 2 pair of shoes. I got 20% discount because I paid by cash   

I cleaned the house and cooked the zucchini souffle or whatever you want to call it. I was still moody and about to do nothing else but I fought moodiness doing 1 hour bike and studying programming. I solved an exercise in a different way that the instructor did, it was interesting. I did some SEO tasks on a website then I went to bed and checked IG until fall asleep.

I woke up 6 am and I felt asleep again. I woke up again at 10 am but I felt asleep one more time and I had a dream about Michael. This woke me up and I didn't want sleep more although I felt sleepy, weak and tired. I was still moody, more than yesterday because the dream I had, and I felt like doing anything at all. 

Anyway I forced myself to do 1 hour workout then I ate fruits and cereals. I took a shower, I did my beauty rutine and I updated a website. 
After dinner I did 30 min bike (well, I'm doing while I write this).

This is my progress this week

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  • Height: 1.69 mts - 5,54 ft

  • Weight: 62 kg - 136,6 lbs

  • Waist: 70 cm - 27,55''

  • Hips: 94 cm- 37,00''

  • Thigh: 58cm - 22,83''

I have gained 1Kg and 1 cm on my legs 

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 Guess who did shopping today and got 2 new par of shoes???

Yes!! that's me!!! 

I messed them up with talcum powder 

They are very comfortable, 4" heels, square and perfect to walk without feel pain. The pink is very delicate, I love them!
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 I'm trying new recipes . Today I cooked something that I have no idea how to call it because I made it with what I had in the fridge: zucchini, eggs, onion, aji, cheese and grated cheese. 
I put one layer of zucchini then I mixed the eggs with sauteed onion and aji and I spilled it over, another layer of zucchini, chesse, last layer of zucchini then I spread grated cheese on top. I cooked it in the oven for 30 minutes or less. Very easy and fast, and it was delicious!

Mini plants

Oct. 7th, 2017 06:18 pm
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 I like them so much so I am going to make more for my desk 

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I slept so bad that it was hard to get up this morning. I brought the 2 mini cactus to my office, they changed the look of the place and I am very happy about that. If they survive I'll bring more.

Day was slow, maybe because I slept bad and I felt so tired all day long. I started a marketing campaign which include emails and social media publications (facebook, twitter, linkedin). Few minutes after sent the newsletter it had an open rate of 15%+ and also clicks on the links. Some people were asking for more information so I'm satisfied with the result.

After lunch I started to calculate comissions but I lost part of my work because sales manager opened the same file I was working on , even when yesterday I told him to not to do that and I told him if he wants to see comissions he can copy the files in his computer instead open them from the Dropbox folder. He said "It is not me this time!! someone else should be opening the files" and he puts under suspicion my other coworker (the lazy fatass). I worried that someone else got the dropbox password then I checked the logs and connections and guess what??? in the log I could see that the computer who opened the file was his computer (I also saw his IP).He kept saying it was not him  

I did 1 hour bike and now I'm going to the bed
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 Yesterday the daughter of my boss came to my office and she paste an image on the wall. She said it's to change the negative energy on the place or something like that. She also put one of those in every office and other places of the building. I don't know what this is, how this is called and why they have different colors, mine is purple, others are green or blue. I will appreciate if any of you tell me what it is

I am not sure what kind of effects an image can do but it seems didn't work on my coworker who was mad and complaining about everything 
I had to buy a headset with microphone because sales manager wants to use Skype with me because he loves talking for hours at phone. I hope it does not delay my work. He's trying to write some list with the things we are doing and things we have to do. He called his list "action plan for sales".
At the beginning of the year I made the sales plan, with sales goals, strategies, reports, etc. when it was not my work. His list is not like my report which I think is logic because he is not a sales manager really, he is engineer in renewable energies, but then I was thinking... why I'll do again the work of the sales manager when I earn 1/3 of the money he earn? This is a good point to ask for pay rise to my boss.

Another good point to ask for the rise is because I'll start meeting clients, and they also want I take a technical training... and all those things while I do al the tasks of sales department and marketing. It's time to talk about money.

Good things about today:

It was a sunny day, I went outside for a while in my lunch time.
I sold 3 more products 
I got 2 mini cactus to bring to my office.
I did 1 hour bike and 1 hour workout. Today was legs, abs and arms


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