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Last night I felt asleep before midnight and I slept good until 2.30 am. then I woke up After it I tried to sleep and I woke up many times before leave the bed.
When I was getting ready for work my cellphone started to ring, It was Michael sending whatsapp messages.
I asked to him what's going on and he replied he was waking me up. I said "I was blocked, was not"? and he sayd " Yes I think idk" then we didn't talk again the rest of the day. I didn't get mad for he didn't keep me blocked because he is not talking to me and because so far I can control myself to not message him.

Work was quiet. The administrative manager came to my office to give me my payroll receipt. I asked to him what I am earning right now because this is not clear to me. Last month they did a mistake and they fixed it this month, so they paid me like $ 120 more. I thought next mont I will go back to my normal salary but the guy told me I will earn the same. This is not great but it's welcome for sure.
He asked me if I'm happy with my salary and we spoke about our salaries, company situation, etc. It was weird, in 5 years I work there we never spoke about money. No one is happy with the salary but I feel he is waiting someone else say something about it to my boss.

I sold 2 more products last night and I delivered it today 

Spring starts today and obviously it's raining and cold, like every September 21th. My babies cactus are in bloom. There some pics I took yesterday

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I watched the eclipse from Nasa TV channel, it was amazing.

It was cloudy on Indianapolis and Michael was working but anyways he could take some pics with his iPhone.
There you have

He was not using the special glasses and he just looked at the sun when clouds covered it... I hope nothing happens to his eyes 
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We woke up early to do the check out. I still don't understand why we booked the hotel from Saturday to Saturday when we will stay from Sunday to Sunday
Michael used some application in his iPhone to book another hotel, most hotels were full. We went to Lake Buena Vista, to the hotel Hilton Orlando but they didn't have any avaible room even when the app said they had. We saw some geckos around the hotel, I love them.

There a pic of the entrance to Disney

Disney entrance

Hilton Orlando

So bad all the hotels around were full because we end in a horrible and expensive hotel called Ecco Suits in Lakeland. I'm really disappointed with that hotel. The furniture is old, the bethroom was smelly, The pool is very small. And the room cost like $120-140 when Vacation Village Hotel the cheaper room wich is very comfortable, full equipped, cost $130.... and you can't compare this shit with the hotel we always book. Of course I wrote my opinion about this awful hotel in Google Places. I won't recommend this place at all!!!!! The only good thing here is that I saw a squirrel

We take a long nap.. or Mike did, I couldn't sleep so much there. At 5pm we went to eat something to Applebee's. I wanted to eat fat food I  don't know why so I had a burguer with cheese and tomato. We had too some tacos wich I liked. Mike ate pasta with shrimp sauce.

The food isn't great but cheap. Isn't a place I'll go back but we didn't have many options around. After the food of course I wanted drink coffee so we went to Starbucks and we bring the coffee to the hotel. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger Tides then we played Magic cards. I don't know what time we went to bed.
Even when the place was not nice we made this day worth it  

Beach day!

Mar. 30th, 2017 08:38 pm
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 Since we woke up early, we decided to go to the beach. The weather is great since we arrived to Florida, always warm and no rain at all. 
We went again to Clearwater, it's like 2 hours driving, maybe more, not sure, but traffic wasn't so bad.This time Mike took another road to go there.

Some ships

I was wondering if there are any bus service and how it looks when we saw one, they look very different than here

The entrance of a beach next to the one that we were

This time the beach was more crowd than 2 days ago, I guess this is because we got there earlier. We put our towels on the sand and lie down, and guess what? Mike fell asleep 

I let him sleep a little while I was reading my book, then we went to the water. Again it was cold but I forced Mike to stay more time inside, what is the point to go to the beach if you won't swim??!!
After it we walked to a store next to the beach but we didn't like nothing there to eat. We were sunbathing again when I saw a pirate ship in the water. 

Mike told me that is the ship they used to film Pirates of the Caribbean... of course I didn't believe it! He's always tryng to trick me and always fails but we have fun in this way.
After we left the beach we started to drive back to Kissimmee but we stopped twice. One of them I can't give details here but now in our to-do list we have 1 less thing left   .

This is a pic I took in that place, the ocean is on the side of the road

The second time we stopped at some store wich sell stuff for offices. We picked 2 folders for our cards, Mike chose one blue and I chose purple. They are perfect for cards because are 3" for 650 sheets. We bought also some Sharpie markers wich I wanted, pens and paper.

Since we still have pizza we didn't need buy food today. So we went back to the hotel and we played cards. My deck is done finally! and isn't so bad how I expected, infact I'm beating Mike muahahaha 

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 Today we woke up late... well not me, because someone started to call and made my phone sound nonstop, so I woke up 9am but I stayed in the bed a little more. It were like 4 different people calling me this morning, annoying. Since they didn't let me sleep again I got up and I had coffee and greek yogurt for breakfast, then I took a shower. I let Michael sleep untill 1 or 2 pm. 

Since it was late to go to the beach, we did shopping. We went to  Toy Rust store, I got Minecraft Legos for Martina and some toys from Five Night at Freddy. Mike bought some toys too for her. After it we went to Target and I couldn't help... I bought 5 nailpolish, 4 eye brushes, another Eos lip balm coconut flavor and clothes for Martina.

some of the nailpolish, in love with this brand, a little expensive but cheaper than in my country

When we done at target we went to Khol's and we chose clothes for me. I was looking for some clothes for winter but Florida isn't a good place to get this kind of clothes, there is never so cold. Anyway I got some sweaters, shirts and also a Levi's jeans wich I love how good the fabric is and how it feels. I saved $130 

When I was done doing shopping Mike drove to the game store... we ended with our 3rd box of Magic Cards!!! I told him... this is the last we will buy for now.

I wanted to try american pizza so on the way Mike ordered 2 pizzas: chesse with pineaple, and pepperoni with sausage. He always buys more food than we can eat but this time it was because if I don't like pineaple in the pizza I could eat the other. 
We went to pick the order, walked into the store and realized that it was going too far.... Mike bough 2 extra super big pizzas! we started to laugh just thinking that there were pizza for feed 4-6 people and we were just two!!!! it was too late to change the order so we paid it and drove to the hotel. When we entered to the lift, other couple said to Mike : "you are so dangerous!" our pizza smelled soooooo good

It was delicious. We ate on the balcony while we playing cards. My deck is almost done, Mike is playing his decks but I still playing blessed and cursed decks. 

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 We woke up early (well almost noon) to go to the beach. After coffee, we took our books, towels and something to drink, then we drove to Clearwater beach, on Tampa. It was sunny and hot, a perfect day!
We got there at 3pm. I think this time were more people than last year. 

We rent chairs and we lie a little, the sun felt very nice. After a while we went to the water. It was colder than in August and with some waves, but very clean. After few minutes inside, I stopped feeling cold and we had fun doing our usual stupid things :P
When we had enough in the water, we went out and we lie down a little more, then I forced Mike to go for a walk. I feel again that americans are very nice people, at least in Florida. I didn't see any woman trying to get attention showing her body, or men acting like superstarts, something typical in my country. People like saying funny things to others and Mike is always joking with everybody, it makes me never uncomfortable or ashame.

birds looking for something to eat

We tried to take some pics but I always ruin all the pics closing my eyes or because I look dumb... so I just post this pic of Mike kissing me because he's so cute

At 6pm we were starving so we left the beach and we drove back to Kissimmee.

We went to the game store to buy more cards... and card sleeves... and deck boxes... and dices!!! I got some Pop games toys of League of Legens for Flor.


When we back in the hotel Mike cooked a delicious meat and I made a salad with spinach, carrot and baby tomato. After it I continued making my deck wich again I could finish. Here my stuff

We played untill 6am then we went to bed, this game is really funny!

Pool day

Mar. 28th, 2017 08:30 pm
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I woke up first than Mike, as usual, then I had breakfast: caramel coffee with oatmel cookies... delicious. I woke mike up and give coffee to him. Since it was late to go to the beach we went to the pool. There were many people.

We lie in the chairs and we read our books.
I chose a book from Michael's books (yes, he again brings like 6 or 7 books). The book is called "Service a Navy Seal at war" by Marcus Luttrell. It's a thrilling war story and tribute to the Seals team, which I would later discover that talk about Chris Kyle, the sniper I was looking a movie on the plane. 
We went to the water and we have fun playing like kids. I carried Mike and I walked for all the pool, then I jumped on his back and he took me to each corner of the pool. This is what I enjoy about Mike, he's always ready to do stupid things with me, and what I like about american people is they don't give a shit about what other people do, nobody is looking at you or paying attention to you, so I can do any stupid or childish thing and nobody will care.
Next to the pool is a lake. We could see otters swimming there or playing outside. They were so cute!!! Everybody were looking them. A man who was few chairs next to us saw I was trying to see them, then he started to tell me when the otters showed up. 

This is the lake when the otters were.

After pool we went back to the room and I tried to cook pasta... I say I "tried" because the sauce wasn't how I expected. This happened to me because I don't know English. Yesterday when we went to Walmart I was looking for some kind of cream we call "crema de leche". So I was there, in the dairy sector, and I saw milk, coffee mate, yogurt, and sour cream. I didn't know what "sour" means and I wonder if this was the cream I was looking for. The bottle had a drawn cow. I shaked it but I was not sure it was liquid. I took it anyway because it was the only which look like the cream I was looking for. But it wasn't the same cream. The crema de leche is a kind of milk very heavy but still liquid. The taste is very soft, not sweet, not salty... and for sure not "sour".
So I took the green onion and I cut it in tiny rings, I put them on the skillet and when I open the cream bottle and I saw what it was... fuck!!!!!! I got so mad!!! I called Michael and tell him it was not the right cream, then I started to research on google and I found that our crema de leche is called Light milk... nothing to do about. I used the stupid fucking sour cream to cook the sauce and I asked to Mike if he wanted it with his pasta ar not, because I didn't like. He said, don't worry let's eat it, not sure because the taste wasn't so bad for him or because he loves me so much lol.
We ate (I didn't finish my pasta, the taste or the angry was making me sick) then I started to try to make my first deck of Magic cards.
I had... I don't know... for sure more than 400 cards that Mike got for me, so making a deck seems like a hard task for me. For make things worse, Mike said "Nat let's go to the game store" and we came back with another box of cards.... 540 more cards

Our cards before go to the store

the new cards

we started to pick the packs one by one to divide it.... I ended with all these packs and I got the best cards hahahaha xD

Obviously I couldn't make my deck that night, so we use some decks Mike got before to start playing, Cursed vs Blessed. It was my first time playing Magic, and I really like so much this game. Is a little hard for me to understand 100% how every card works because they are on English, but we both are learning (in fact, the first 2 days we wasn't playing the game correctly)
We went to bed and played a little more before sex and sleep xD
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The Hotel: Vacation Village at Parkway. I love this hotel really. This is the room we booked this time, very comfortable and nice.

This time I didn't let Mike buy so much junkfood but anyway he got some. I got more flavored coffee.... I'm in love with them

I had to buy cookies OFC!!!

I asked to Mike to try that kind of butter they always use for sandwichs on the movies... here it is

Mike got the only beer that so far I like, and some beer for him. I really love American drinks and food

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I arrived at Lima Airport, Peru. The flight was fine, the plain moved more than the last time because the weather.
I didnt like the breakfast so I had a latte.
It is cloudy and foggy so I slept since I couldnt see nice clouds. Everything was grey.
This is the hard part of the trip. I have 8 hours flighting and the plane isnt very comfortable. I hope dont get annoying people in the seat next to me.
Before took the first plane Mike messaged me that something was wrong with his car. 30 min later he told me he was driving again. I dont get any message after it, I hope he be ok in the hotel.

There are some pics of Lima Airport that I took, some militar airplanes and the view of the city

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 I'm going to the gate. On my way is a flag they made with Legos. I didn't read the sign but I took a pic.

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 I got the airport 1 hour ago and did the check-in. There are a lot of people today but anyway the line was fast. My flight will leave from gate 4.
I'm drinking a latte in Mc Donalds and reading Sherlock Holmes while I wait to 3.30 am to go to the gate. 
First flight is from Buenos Aires to Lima (Perú), then I have to wait 1 hour to take the next flight from Lima to Orlando. I will arrive at 4pm. Michael will get Orlando in few hours and go to the hotel to do the check-in and sleep before go for me.
I want take a pill for the bloody headache but since it is because muscles I don't have any kind of pills for this. So when I get the flight to Orlando I will take alprazolam, maybe this will make my muscles relax. 

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 Latelly the weather here is like the weather in Florida. Hot (104ºF), wet weather, sunny then rainy then sunny again. Nice to be in the beach but not to work. Yesterday a lot of clouds covered the sky, white clouds first then they turned to black, and there were lightning strikes, but no rain this time. 
I took some photos, I love the color of the clouds.

When I got home from work, I did my workout, finally I started to sweat lol. After it I took a shower, watched some episodes of Dexter while eating a chicken sandwich, then I slept.

Btw, Mike and I watched Nasa channel to hear the news. There found 7 habitable-zone earth-size planets around a single star. We had fun choosing what planet will take each one and imagining that now man will continue ruining this planet since there are 7 more to live. We are predators. 


Feb. 19th, 2017 03:02 pm
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 Yesterday I felt bad all day long. Tired, headache, arms hurting. I worked till 1pm then I came back home, I finished the newsletter for a client then I lied down for hours. I watched maybe 4 or 5 episodes of Dexter then I feel asleep 3 am although I took half pill. I hate being so lazy but sometimes I need relax.
Today I woke up 2pm. Arms still hurt so I want do bike then stretching, this always help. There are a lot of things I have to do: workout, a new website, the courses for improve my webmaster skills, study English, beauty routine, build my magic card deck... but with this pain on my arms is so hard stay at the computer working 

It's hot and sunny. My babies are blooming

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Today moon is beautiful. We can see penumbral eclipse and snowmoon. found_world I think you should go out and take awesomes pics to share with me!
I tried to take pics but I just have my phone, it isn't great 

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 This weekend I did almost nothing... I cleaned the house after a long nap then cooked pasta and I got a drink... yes I was in mood to drink. I watched the serie "The OA" on Netflix until chapter 6. The story was interesting and I wasn't tired but 3am I went to bed. 
On Sunday I went to the weekend house with mom, Flor and her friend. I couldn't swim because it was still raining so I made coffee and I watched more episodes of The OA. Mom acted like a normal human so it wasn't so bad  

I didn't go for a walk this time because the weather

I was so tired and lazy that I didn't cook dinner, but I got delicious fruits 

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 Today I was walking to work when 2 kittens started to follow me! It was raining and their mom wasn't around, maybe because in that place are a lot of cats living in the vacant lands, then I took the kittens to my work. I looked for their mom but no cats around.  

I took they in a box, I gave them milk to drink because I didn't have any food for cats, and since my boss wasn't there I let them stay inside. The black cat, male, couldn't stay quiet for long. The gray cat, female, is very quiet and  look at him like "omg, boys so retard". She just wants sleep and caress, but him wanna run from here to there, climb, jump, bite things (including my fingers) etc.
I think they are just 2 or 3 weeks old. The black one tried to leave the box for a while then they took a nap... this is like they sleep, so lovely!

I took they to my office after lunch to play with them a little, this helped me to relax. Gray cat slept on me but the black couldn't stay quiet! he climb to my desk and started to walk over the keyboard and the papers. He also climb on me..... boys!!!!

She is so cute!!!

I'm trying to find owner to the cats but I had to take them to my house today, I won't let them in the street again! Flor will care the kittens till we get new owner for them.

I really want keep they with me, but landlord doesn't let me have pets in the flat 

These babies made my day 
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 Finally Friday!!!! this week I worked so hard. I'm dealing with a lot of issues at work and trying to fix it with my boss. I had a meeting with her today and I told her almost all I think and all we have to care and pay attention. I also spoke to her about my coworker attitude, we need work like a team and i won't let anyone fuck my work up. But I try to bring to her solutions instead keep focus in the mistakes company did.

At night I went to the mall to have some fun. It is some Christmas tree and crappy decoration I found there

I bought a book for Martu and my mom got a book for Flor, then we went to eat something there. Girls ate in Burguer King, mom got some sausage with fries and I got chicken sandwich.

Then we went to Starbucks to drink Frapuccinos

Mine was raspberry with green tea :)

New Year

Jan. 1st, 2017 11:28 pm
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 Nothing memorable about the first day of 2017. Hot day, swimming pool closed, bored as hell. As usual when we together my sister got jealous nonstop then she made argument and complained about everything. I went for a walk and was sitting outside most of the time. At night mom decided she was not coming back home then she called a taxy for we come back, so basically I stay all day long there for nothing 
This is why I don't like spending time with my small family, they mostly care about themselves and argue all the time, I don't like them but no point talk shit here. 
The best of this weekend: the swimming pool and the kitty, I had nice time playing with it.

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It's hot but I chose jeans and shirt to wear because here is full moskitos CpqUpRrXYAAu3jr.jpg
I did a natural make up and Flor combed my hair Just_Cuz_13.gif

We eat outside with candle lights. Mom cooked so much food: vitel toné, chicken, some meat with sauce, salads, potatos... but I didn't eat so much. After dinner we took stupid pics with my sister and kids till midnight when we had toast. There was not much people burning fireworks because it's a private place but the sky was full of lightning  bolts for at least 1 hour, then it started to rain. I had fun looking at the sky.


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