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The Hotel: Vacation Village at Parkway. I love this hotel really. This is the room we booked this time, very comfortable and nice.

This time I didn't let Mike buy so much junkfood but anyway he got some. I got more flavored coffee.... I'm in love with them

I had to buy cookies OFC!!!

I asked to Mike to try that kind of butter they always use for sandwichs on the movies... here it is

Mike got the only beer that so far I like, and some beer for him. I really love American drinks and food

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 I got the airport 1 hour ago and did the check-in. There are a lot of people today but anyway the line was fast. My flight will leave from gate 4.
I'm drinking a latte in Mc Donalds and reading Sherlock Holmes while I wait to 3.30 am to go to the gate. 
First flight is from Buenos Aires to Lima (Perú), then I have to wait 1 hour to take the next flight from Lima to Orlando. I will arrive at 4pm. Michael will get Orlando in few hours and go to the hotel to do the check-in and sleep before go for me.
I want take a pill for the bloody headache but since it is because muscles I don't have any kind of pills for this. So when I get the flight to Orlando I will take alprazolam, maybe this will make my muscles relax. 

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I slept 7 hours and still feel sleepy wallbash.gif
This is very annoying because I have too much to do and I just can think about sleep, coffee, sleep, coffee.... argggggg
Coffee and vitamins aren't working, Michael is quiet latelly, if I listen to the music can't think in all that I need to do... how can I get energy to do the things???
Mike often says "I don't know how you do all that you do!!!!" I don't know too, because I'm always doing 736475 things but fighting with my tiredness. And it's dark and raining today, that doesn't help I WANT SLEEP.... well, time to get another coffee coffeebath.gif
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The plan about quit coffee will not be possible after i got this cup... coffeebath.gif

I already drank 2 cup of coffee in this cup today


Oct. 12th, 2016 11:58 am
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I'm failing bad trying to quit coffee. I just can't stop drinking it. There is always any reason for I make coffee. And I'm always sleepy so this doesn't help at all.

So far I'm allone in the office, reading random shits on internet and chatiing with Mike. And ofc right now I'm drinking coffee because even when last night I slept 6 hours, pill makes  me feel sleepy. That is why I stopped taking this shit pills. I have 2 different pills, and both make me very sleepy and it also make my heart beast more slow that it already beats. I'm usually at 55-60 BPM and when I take pills it beats at 52-54, then I feel I will pass out.
The cardiologist says that my heart works fine just slow. They did a test and when I do workout my heart works perfect. Still need run a test to see if when I sleep it become more slow than usual. Many times when I'm falling asleep I felt I pass out, not like the typical feeling that I fall into the void. Nope.. it is a reall sensation that I'm passing out. 
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Somethinng I like about American ppl is they have a National Day for everything. Each day of each month has a "National day of..." This is very funny to have an excuse to celebrate always something different if you want. In my country we just have national holidays (18 at year) and many "name-day" that I think nobody celebrate at all.
So today in U.S. they celebrate the National Coffee Day and even when I'm not from U.S. I will celebrate it! This is a perfect excuse to a coffee addict to drink more coffee coffeebath.gif

There some coffee I bought in Orlando with Mike


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