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I don't know what is going on with me. I'm overactive but I feel tired. I have no idea where my energy comes from because I'm not having good eating and I'm sleeping 4 or 5 hours but I always find a way to force myself to do workout or stay awake till late. I wonder if I'm having hormonal issues or it is just stress. Or maybe I lost the control of my mind.. who knows?
Yesterday I did workout then I took a shower. Dinner last week is tea, fruit, chesse, oatmeal. My body was ready to sleep since I got home but my mind didn't want. At 3am I fell asleep.
Today I went for a walk in my lunch time. Almost 4 km and 5k steps in 35 minutes. I didn't rush. To relax my mind and for cheking how much steps my app miss I count the steps. The app missed almost 600 steps.
Im at the office now, a little sleepy but I have to work.
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Since days I have insomnia. My body is very tired, my mind keep me awake till 2 or 3am then I sleep 4 hours and wake up to work. More tired I feel every day more hard to sleep it's. Although it's hot I forget drinking water. My lips was getting dry because dehydration. I lost the control of my body.. it hurts. And I feel that all these issues are because stress... my mind is fucking me up.
Mike is worried about me and he feels fault. He knows all that I'm holding.. he's a good support and every day he showes to me how much he love me.
I will star taking pills again until I get another way to relax and sleep. bbg.jpg
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Yesterday was a waste of day. I did nothing after work, just watch series and sleep. I took a "nap" 7pm then I woke up 4 hours later. And I didn't feel like gettin up so I stayed in the bed talking with Mike about some attitude his has and I don't like. He got offended of course. 1 am I fell asleep again and I woke up today 11.30 am.
It was raining, perfect for sleep all day long but I got like 14 hours of sleep so I forced myself to leave the bed. Despite I slept so much I feel tired and I want do nothing.
I'm cleaning the house but I still need get rid of more things to can organize all in this house. 
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Again I stay till 2 am watching series, and ofc now I'm sleepy at work. Plus.. today I get home late because I have English class after work.  I like watching series but I'm not a person who can do it for long. I feel is a waste of my time...
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Again was very hard to get up this morning because yesterday I fuck my plans to go to bed early.
I was so tired and ready to sleep but I got distracted as usual... first doing beauty routine, then I went to bed and ofc I had to check twitter, then write some nonsense entry here, then check my village in Clash of Clans, then play Candy Crush... when I finally was falling asleep ( around 1am) Mike messaged me and it wake me up again ermm.gif and guess what I did? animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif
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I slept 7 hours and still feel sleepy wallbash.gif
This is very annoying because I have too much to do and I just can think about sleep, coffee, sleep, coffee.... argggggg
Coffee and vitamins aren't working, Michael is quiet latelly, if I listen to the music can't think in all that I need to do... how can I get energy to do the things???
Mike often says "I don't know how you do all that you do!!!!" I don't know too, because I'm always doing 736475 things but fighting with my tiredness. And it's dark and raining today, that doesn't help I WANT SLEEP.... well, time to get another coffee coffeebath.gif
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Finally I got some rest. Yesterday after work I got home but I didn't went to English class because teacher told me I was the only who was going to class, so I stay at home and I went to bed 9pm . I was chatting with Mike when I fell asleep. I woke up 2am and obviously I fell asleep again till 6.30am. Was so hard to wake up!
I feel still tired and sleepy. Drank 2 coffee, early today, and I don't want start my work.. I'm lazy and there is a lot of things I have to do today grrrrrrrrrrrrr
I had some weird dreams, with other ppl that we were in a pub or something like this, and there in the dream was my mother and her ex husband also, like if we still living together but in the present... a nightmare! And there was also some singer flirting to me but trying to mess with me... fucker.

BBG week 7

Oct. 4th, 2016 09:41 am
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Yesterday I started the week 7 of Bikini Body Guide! My legs was still tired because the workout of Friday but I could do it. I had to take few minutes of break between the 2 rounds because there was so many jumps and the muscles of my legs get exhauted but with few minutes of rest I'm able to do all the exercises.
I lost 2.2 lb I don't know how, I dodn't think I can lose more weight. I'm working now in eating but still can't fix resting. Yesterday I had just 1 coffee, then I replaced the other 2 coffee with a small yogurth with fruits an cereals.
Even drinking less coffee at night I could not be able to sleep early. I stayed chatting with Mike till 2 am then I played Candy Crush in the bed for 40 min until feel sleepy. And the night before yesterday was the same... we chatting until 2 or 3 am. I can't help, he is being so sweet that he makes hard to sleep early. About the bruxism I'm worse latelly, grinding my teeth so much. It makes me sleep very bad. I need to find a way to relax. After I move to a new flat I will start going to the weekend house again, and in 2 months I can start going to the pool. Maybe it will helps cool.gif

That is how I look now, BBG week 7

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Definitely tomorrow my body will hurts. Today was Arms & Legs day, I did as much as I can but my arms are weak and I'm fine with it. I have broad shoulders and my collar bones protude out a lil, something i thing is sexy, I don't want big muscles in my arms. So I modify some exercises to tone my arms. And I have to care it doesn't hurt my back. On the other hand I can't fix that stupid position i sleep, over my arms, wich makes me wake up too sore. I tried hard to sleeping on my back but nope, 2 min after I'm in my side again. I will research, maybe there is any technique to help me to fix it.

I like spring because the weather but it's the allergy month. I got allergic pharyngitis and also some allergy on my skin that I heal with aloe vera. I want get a tattoo but now I wonder if do it on September can be a bad idea.
There is a new goal I want to achieve... waking up early to have a decent breakfast, like yogurth, cereals, fruit, etc. instead the poor latte with some cookies. I really need more energy to can hold the workout. But for wake up early I have to go to bed early.... there is where I fail. Even days like today when Mike and me don't stay in the computer playing something together I stay awake till late losing time. Im drinking tea instead coffee at night, it supposed that has theanine wich help to feel relaxed... well it doesn't work on me, maybe I can try drinking warm nonfat milk. CpqUpRrXYAAu3jr.jpg
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I went to work and a coworker was waiting for me with a chocolate jurassic-park.jpg

Busy day but I was alone in the office most of the day. I'm happy about all the new skills I'm getting, this will help me a lot on my own project. I checked my bank account and Surprise! I got some extra money that I dind't know I was going to get, that was very nice.

I feel the muscles of my legs tired but it doesn't hurt as i expected, another nice sourprise!. As usual last night I didn't have much sleep and went I got home today I was very sleepy. Anyway I went to English Institute because I don't want miss any lesson... my pronunciation still sucks but I'm getting better to hear.

I had 3 coffees again during the day, but at night i drank tea. Let's see if I fall asleep more early today. I'll stop writing now and go to bed
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I knew it will happens. I slept around 12 hours last night and was hard to get up today. And now, even when I took half pill I couldn't sleep. Isn't like I did nothing today, i cleaned the house, I did the washing, cook, shower, etc. I just was sitting a short time to do English homework. I wanted do workout but today is the rest day and tomorrow I start the week 5 of BBG and it seems will kill my legs

After dinner, I did the washing up and I did my nails. Then i came to bed even when I'm not sleepy. I read The Last Battle for 30-40 minutes. I found that if you select a word in the book, Kindle show you differents options like translate or wikipedia. Love it!
I stopped reading now and I will forced myself to sleep, I want get up in 6 hours. Let's see if it happens 😞


Sep. 17th, 2016 12:57 am
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Third night that I can't sleep. Even when I'm tired because workout, even when today I just drank 2 coffee instead 3. I also took half pill but nothing... tired but can't sleep. I will go to bed anyway, maybe read something but reading keep me awake instead make me sleepy. And tomorrow I have to work, 4 hours. bbg.jpg

So close!

Aug. 11th, 2016 01:57 pm
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Finally I slept a lil more... 6:30 hours but still I didn't pack. I'm going to do the check-in today, I'm getting anxious!!

Im testing the ultra matte lipstick of Colourpop in some nude color, so far 9 hours usint it and it still stay on. I put vaseline on my lips before apply the lipstick because it will make my lips get very dry. This is a good tip and works fine. I could not take any decent pic of my lips with this stupid cell phone 97.gif

Just few hours left to be on vacations, I can't wait! 146fs495919.gif


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